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THE eXchanger
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Default THE eXchanger's THREAD - iNSiDER iNFO without THE HiDDEN HAND

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The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

A copy from the ethers...
back by popular request


anyway---we are all here to make things happen

i can NOT make things happen...
on 1000's OF threads,
so, since, i am most closely aligned with ST.Clair,

(this is where, i believe, it should be parked)

if ST.Clair, has trouble with this

(we will move it)

otherwise, i will NEED to leave and go elsewhere

i can NOT be everywhere, but, i can be here

9/18/2008 -- 9/9/10

it time, for all of us, to truly awaken,
and, in the process
create both,
the altering, and, the shifting
that is required

many will have ears, and, will not hear
many will have eyes, and, they will not see
and, yet, it is possible,
to will them both into action

sure there is runway ahead,
we either use it,
or, lose it,
we can NOT allow that to happen

On the topic of 10/14/2008
here is what we have to say:

We are all far too wise,
and, we are all far too smart,
all one has to do, is listen,
to these low vibrational calls, to know,
that this is NOT how an ascended master,
speaks to anyone,
still these people,
are NOT low lives,
these are awakened people,
trying to do their tasks,
to the best of their abilities,
and, they do good work

oft times, they do strike others with arrows,
that cause, these people, to go on a trip,
to eXplore, to search, for something,
that is of a higher vibration,
something, that can truly bend an ear,
or, catch an eye

and, in doing so,
they do move forward, and, do it faster ...

celebrate all, who are creating an awakening
for eventually, they too, will hear,
the higher words, that are being spoken,
and, realiSe, they come from men/and, from women,
who are perhaps NOT that much different,
than you, or "i"
both are very necessary,
if we ever want to combine forces/and, power
and, become a real "us"

we are in times,
were we must learn,
how it is, to listen, and, to talk
how it is, to take in, and, put out
how it is, to gather, and,
to create a force/or, a power,
that has NOT been on this earth
for a very long time

we are all, the parts of it

The Parts of The eXchange,
coming back again,
to re_gather, to re_group,
to help one another, to re_member...
that old magic of Avalon,
and, that old magic of Camelot,

it is already here, in this NOW !!!

You will NOT have to sit long to ponder it,
or, to discern it, if it that time,
for you to touch into that magic,
you will feel it,
create a spark,
that will shock you,
to the very core of your "Original Spark",
(original spark-a word given to me in 1966)
it is your right, it is probably why you are here,
for, those of us, who did live in Avalon,
we have never truly forgotten,
for, it is road, that is buried deeply inside each of us,
it is the one, we need to get back on ...

for, those of us,
who can still remember the magic of Camelot
it is time, for us,
to share it all, with all the others

for, NEVER before, in the history of this world,
has there ever been a time, like this one ...
if you keep holding your tongue,
surely it will die a death ...

2008--it is
The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings,
in this wheel, we are all, the spokes,
maybe, it is time,
more of us "spoke up"
(pardon the pun)

Brightest blessings of energy, light 'n love to all

the eXchanger


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