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Default Dealing with the Negative People in our Survival Groups

Lately, I have been preparing for the future and I have been heavily considering the people I want to be with when the SHTF. Of course I want to be with as many like-minded individuals as I can. A core group of people who will remain positive and productive despite what happens to the world around us.

Here is my concern; I have family members who live close by, who of course, I want to include in my core group. They are open to the idea, but aren't really taking any of this as seriously as I am about the current events and the possibility of going into "survival mode". However, as far as they see it, they'll just follow my lead if the time comes where they actually need to take this seriously. I have accepted that, that is my responsibility as an awakened individual.....BUT....

What bothers me is that my brother's spouse is the most NEGATIVE individual on the planet. I have a very hard time tolerating her negativity. She is constantly the victim, she loves talking about how sick/hurt/in pain she is all the time, and she has ZERO confidence in herself. I know, when the time comes, when we are in a situation where we need to survive that she will be part of the group and I am DREADING it!

What do I do??!!!! I know I must accept her with love, and I do, because I understand why she is the way she is, but she has no desire to improve herself, and she doesn't listen to any good advice. NONE. I have very low tolerance for people who aren't proactive when it comes to their own development.

I don't want a person to poison my radiant zone....How do I handle this situation. She does not bring out the best in me, and if I had the choice I would let her fend for herself, but I can't do that....ARG....help!
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