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Arrow Royal Rife: Cured Cancer and 50+ Other Fatal Diseases in the 1930's - Heres How

A new Youtube series is up on Royal Rife.

Cancer and virtually every other disease is curable....

Here the staggering discoveries and work of Roy Rife which led him to a cure for cancer (among many other diseases) in 1934.
Rife invented a microscope that is even more powerful then today's electron microscopes, and unlike the electron microscopes, it was able to view live cells without harming them.
Rife noticed that diseases such as cancer gave off there own colour or frequency, which he then was able to cancel out using an oscillator which in turn destroyed the cancer cells and thus completely cured the patients. Rife was also able to cure 50+ other fatal diseases in humans.

Still today this technology is suppressed.
Here is a video series uploaded at youtube and some links to see for yourself.

Do you still think "Health Care" is needed?


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