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Default Deus ex game - illuminati info guide ?

HI ! I have found my very old game for pc called deus ex its great game. I found that there are a very big illuminati based scenario, hmm lets say that there are many if not all ideollogic believes they are using. I was wathing allmost all Project Camelot interviews and i can tell that its very similar. Somone know something abaut this game ? it was made near 2000 year. I will try to find some more info. Actually i give only info that this game is soo maby somone have somethink to tell abaut it. I have made a links to endings from first part and one from second.




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Default Re: Deus ex game - illuminati info guide ?

I know a lot about this game, it has 3 endings based on your actions in the game. It also has 4th which is nothing more than a test map of lighting and animations.

The first game has interesting past, it had maps (levels) based on White house which where removed, though many of the WH resources are still in the code/objects however the maps are not. These can be accessed through downloading the game's SDK (software development kit).

From what I remember the rumour was the WH parts where removed on basis of National Security, the game maps of WH where too close to the true layout WH. Also there was meant to be parts based on the moon again small remnants can still be accessed through (SDK), I’m not sure as to why these maps where left out.

The second game has 4 endings as well again based on your choices. However no SDK was made available so none of it secrets where found out.

I have to say the first game is one of the best games ever made with really good and well thought out story line which has been well researched and should be played. The game will run on pretty much anything including pcs with integrated graphics card.

Good news a third is on its way but my hope's are not high as the general dumbing down of games has been a steady one. Also I believe many of the original team are not working on it.

Btw deler I like the Vault Boy Avatar, looking forward to Fallout 3, I found it highly amusing that newspapers where reporting fallout 3 artwork as terrorist propaganda and apparently this information was provided by a top security agency.

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Default Re: Deus ex game - illuminati info guide ?

yeh deus ex 1 atleast is a extremely trippy game so is the fall out serie's but vault boy scare's Me =O

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