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Default No Raise for S.S.I. this year

I got a letter at the end of December stating the my son will not be getting his annual raise this year for his S.S.I. checks. They are claiming that the cost of living did not go up this past year. He only gets 654$ a month..

I would love to know where these folks are doing there shopping?
Sorry but we have been feeling a major pinch.

Gas = Housing and car

For the most part we have taken to going to the Dollar stores to get side dishes and Sam's Club for meets, but even Sam's Club is starting to get expensive.

The ground here is like clay and we can't grow a proper garden, and we can't afford to move.

My husband JUST got a raise from work after waiting 1 1/2 yrs to get it

The bank bought out a house from across the street in January, booted the tenets out and have yet to get new tenets, usually it only takes a few days to get new renters in this neighborhood, But they are not renting it out, no signs put out and such. this is like the 3rd house on the block that is empty and not being filled , my neighborhood is slowing turning into a ghost town, unlike when I first moved here about 5 yrs ago. back then no house went without a tenet past the 3 day mark, but at the same time the rent is selfe what jacked up by 100$ each time.
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