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Default Re: CONTACTEES! a place for anyone who has been affected!

Originally Posted by Sickscent View Post
I have conscious recollection of contact. Seeing the Grays by my bed, etc., but I don't have any memory of what when on during the contact. It was 3 nights of this. It occurred Dec. 21, 23 - 2007 and Jan 13, 2008. Still trying to find out what exactly happened...
have you had past life regression done to find out ,I have had the same but a little scared of what i might find out .
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Default Re: CONTACTEES! a place for anyone who has been affected!

Originally Posted by zaina View Post
another time i was at my friends house i had lying on her bed with a headache and starting feeling hands pull me through the matress

Thank you for sharing zaina. I too have been what felt like being pulled down through the bed and when returned pushed up through the bed. These were different from the others because I was most often pulled up through the roof of the house. Do you ever remember being returned back to bed and if you do, do you have an uncontrollable urge to sleep but wake up some time later in the night remembering the whole episode but role back over realizing there is nothing you can do but to get some sleep before work?

Please share more with us.

Take care friend,

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Default Re: CONTACTEES! a place for anyone who has been affected!

sorry ,un sure how to work this forum so it takes me a while to get back to answers .
I have some sort of thing every night or every other I stopped going to sleep before 3 am as most happens before then ..
After what it is they do with me I am exhausted and drained of energy and flop out .i do remember when i wait exactly what has happened ,you get to a stage where you know you cant do anything .
last week was a strange one this [thing
was little and lying on my chest very heavy ,I woke up and called jesus 3 times and felt this thing fly off me ,god knows what it was doing i can only guess [disgusting ]
when i was on holiday i was just lying on the bed and this noise can in my head so loud ,any louder and my head would of burst .i heard like what souded like an alarm .then i felt a plug in sensation in the back of my neck to the side ,i was totially paralized at the time .after the plug in the alarm stopped and i came back to normalcy ..i have gone through the ceiling on 2 ocassions one was towards the light and the other was i went through the roof of my house ,straight through all the floors .the one going to the light i was in water and being lifted to the top that was 5 years ago.there is so many many i try to remember all i may repeat my self in places ..
the end of time events are always the same ..flooded waste land calm sea but whilte sulfar looking covered everywhere no buildings just rocks and water ..even the sea has this white foam sulfar like substances all over it could be linked to past or present i dont know ..

as a child i saw a reptillian in a mirror in a dream he scrached my hand as i woke up long stcratches were on my hands and i bite my nails in those days so wasnt me ...
as i said on a other forum i do have nice gifts of reading people etc
my friend describes me as light coming in to the room when i arrive ..which is so comforting ater my experiences ....i have many more and will post soon
thank you for responding ....and i know om not alone in this brings me comfort ,love and light .
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Default Re: CONTACTEES! a place for anyone who has been affected!

Originally Posted by EYES WIDE OPEN View Post
I am getting flack regarding my opinions on this forum. I was just about ready to open up regarding my experinces but it seems people would rather not hear what I have to say. I have been told that if I dont share the same opinion as others on a subject, I should not voice them. It seems there are lots of members with heads in sand / fingers in ears. I would rather not participate at all rather than have to edit myself beacuse I say what I think. It would be great if contact happend on the 14th. I would be happy to be wrong. But as a CONTACTEE, that is not what I am getting.
Seach my other posts if you want to know what I am on about.

Love & light.
i would love to hear what you have to say ...
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Default Re: CONTACTEES! a place for anyone who has been affected!

I do have a story, though I am apprehensive about sharing it. *deep breath* Here it goes:

For a very long time I had dismissed it as a dream. As a small child I had this dream. It wasn't like any dream I had had...boy I had some whoppers.

The dreams starts out where I am suddenly awake and floating above my bed. I do not know how I got above the covers. (due to how I will report this story there will be a lot of repetitive "I's" used.) I am floating above the bed, stiff as a board, face up. I couldn't move any limbs or speak. However, I was also a very quiet child...I didn't even try to speak. It was dark, middle of the night. I started to float out my bedroom, which I shared with my sister, head first down the stairs. I remember seeing shadows on the wall of the stairway as I descended down. There was a small window that bright light came through.

I got the the end of the stair and leveled. Still on my back I turned and floated across the dinning room, into the kitchen and straight out the back of the house. The backdoor was black. Like a cartoon tunnel.

outside the house I saw a white wash of light on the house. I can recall thinking it was a bright moon. During this entire trip I felt no fear. No temp change. I heard no noise at all. It was actually very soothing. I floated across the back yard and into some sort of black space or opening.

I then recall waking up again. This time on a grate floor. The material of the floor wasn't metal, it looked like Teflon. it was room temperature but felt more like a type of plastic. I could see down through the grate floor to the bottom of the room.

Beneath the floor was a area that resembled more like the inside of a ship. It had large pipes running the side of the walls. It was painted white. There were also black cables running along the pipes. The area was cast in red light.

As my eyes followed the wall up I saw a large access space between the grate and the wall. The grate floor was attached to the wall with studs. As I continued to look up I spotted the underside of a bench that went down the entire wall length. The room curves like a circle. The bench curved as well. The seat of the bench was a brown padded material. Like vinyl.

A man calls my name from behind where I am laying. I push my self up and roll onto my rear. I look around and realize the room is actually pretty small. It's round, a grate floor and bench. The ceiling is dark. there are lights above but dim.

There is another child in the room with me. A small boy about 5 years old. He is wearing blue pajamas with little feet. The pajamas had a cloud pattern on them. His hair is straight and dark. He is sitting in the middle of the room playing with some sort of device.

A walk over to the boy and kneel down next to him. I knew his name but we didn't speak. I think his name was timmy or tommy. I can't recall anymore. The box he played with was silver. The center peaked like the top of a pyramid. Beams of colors came from it. It played musical notes with the colors.

I heard my name called again. I look back to the man sitting on the bench. He had short red hair. He was thin and not very tall. He wore a brown sweater with a red accent. His pants were tan and his shoes were like brown loafers. His legs were cross, with his hands on his knee.

I got up and walked over to him. I placed my hand on his leg said "What is it grandfather." (I only have one grandpa and I never called him grandfather and he looked nothing like this man.)

He said, "It's time to go home now."

I said, "I want to stay here and play some more."

He said, "You have to go."

next thing I remember I feel like I am falling. I open my eyes and I'm in my bed, in my room. I look over and see my sister is still sound asleep. It's very dark.

I told myself then it was a strange dream. I do recall other times of having a feeling of floating above my bed and falling into bed. That stopped when I was a teenager.

I never bothered to think about this dream till recently. Now I think about it all the time. I'm sure it was some type of abduction.

Now for the freaky part.....

My parents had 3 kids. Out of the 3 of us only I have ESP. My Mother has ESP as well. It's not perfect, but it does work.

My mother never knew her father. Her mother never spoke of him. She died bitter. My grandmother's sister raised my mother as her daughter. She said she thought she might know who my mother's father was but wasn't sure. She thought he was a boy that her sister went out with ONCE.

My grandmother and her sister were twins. My sister and I are twins. Twins runs every other generation in that side of the family.

My daughter is handicapped. She has williams syndrome which is a gene deletion. My sister's son is normal. My daughter also has some ESP. She says she sees spirits.

I have seen spirits, experienced empathic abilities, can tell when someone I know is going to die, lose their job,get married, have a baby, ect. I have had premonitions come true, seen things happen exactly as I dreamed, I have also had symbolic dreams before and event. Usually I have 3 month warnings on major events. I can tell who is on the phone before I look. I can comprehend some quantum theory but not balance a check book, keep track of time and days and have trouble with finances. My sister and brother are both physically different from me. They are both thin, my brother very tall. My mother and I both have been diagnoses with fibromalasyia.

And out of all of this what pisses me off the most is the lotto. I can get the numbers from a different drawing. I can pick numbers one below or one above the drawing. But never get my numbers.

I do not know what it all means but I do know something is about to happen. Look up to the sky.
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Default Re: CONTACTEES! a place for anyone who has been affected!

isnt it strange how things do run in familys ,
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Default Re: CONTACTEES! a place for anyone who has been affected!

Syncronicities, Circles & 7`s


By Tim Radford AKA RayneboWolf

Right up until September 2008, i was an avid Crop Circle researcher with the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group (W.C.C.S.G) and was also involved with Ufology, having had a number of “experiences” relating to “Off world” visitations before during and i believe after my research into Crop Formations, though these experiences, apart from the physical sightings have remained unseen to the eye. On one occasion that was actually around the same time frame as the “Black Triangle” sightings that occurred over two consecutive nights back in 1997, i was resting on the sofa and suddenly found myself leaving my body ( this has happened on a number of occasions and in different locations). On this occasion however , as i was leaving my body i heard what sounded like someone running up or down metal steps. The footfall was rapid and sounded as if whoever was running up or down those steps did not have cushioned footwear as the rapid footfall clearly echoed “metallically”. i recall that at the time i had the distinct impression that whoever it was ,was in a great and urgent hurry . That is what it felt like to me ,though i say “up or down the steps”, as they could have been leaving in a hurry or arriving in a hurry ,i had no way of telling at the time. As i heard these metallic footfalls i was actually “floating” towards the window. Rationality here suggests then, that i was hearing the footfalls of some one arriving yet totally unseen to me, even within the astral state. It was at this point upon hearing the footfalls that i immediately started moving back from the window that i had found myself “floating” towards ,i was actually very close to the window by this time. Then i found myself back within my body within an instant. Until now i have never really thought too much about this beyond a vague recollection now and again, neither can i say whether this experience occurred prior to or after the “Black Triangle” sightings. Here i would also like to add that whilst living in the same apartment (top floor of an old two story building so approximately 40 feet from ground level), i had a similar experience i would just like to mention before i tell you about the “Black Triangle “. again i cannot recollect whether this experience occurred before or after the first one, that i have recounted to you ,nor again, can I say whether it occurred prior to or after the “Black triangle” sighting. On this occasion i was resting ,this time on my bed, when i sensed 4 figures standing two each side of my bed but not right up close to it. i heard laughter from one of them and it was high pitched and again metallic sounding. To me it sounded mocking and intimidating. That is all i recall from that experience. Now i should tell you about the “Black Triangle”. It was October 1997 and i was sitting on the sofa reading the latest edition of “UFO Magazine”, the article that i was reading was on the “Black Triangle” and as i was studying a hand sketched rendition of one persons sighting of the “Black Triangle” i casually glanced out the window. Now this is where the “ I can`t believe this” factor comes in. It was getting dark outside, so it was late evening, sometime after 9 pm. I saw a very dark flat and except for the slight hum as it passed directly overhead ,silent object that at first i thought must be a stealth bomber but what on Earth was it doing here? ,coming directly towards my apartment at a level that took it approximately within 20 feet above my apartment roof, so I would estimate it`s size to be comparrative to that of a Stealth bomber, but I am no expert and it could have been much bigger but certainly not smaller than . I saw extremely bright white lights at the front point of the craft as it slowly approached. As the craft passed overhead i noticed that it was a “Black Triangle”, with bright red circular lights in each corner and in the center of it`s undercarriage there was a bank of bright white lights in a boxed grid kind of formation. It was identical to the drawing that i had just been looking at in “UFO Magazine” “Who” i thought to myself, “would ever believe this !“. That was the first time that i saw the craft and the second time was the next evening. This time i saw it around 4.55 pm, i recall this more accurately simply because i was with my then, girlfiend and i was walking her to work via the newsagents located on the market square. We had just left the newsagents and i looked up to see a black craft approaching towards the direction of my apartment. So the craft was heading West from East and we were observing it firstly looking to the South East of us. As we stood and watched the craft it came to a standstill exactly over the Town hall building, situated to the left of us. As the craft was set on the exact same course as the night before i could estimate that it was at the same altitude as well this time. So approximately 60 feet from ground, making the Town hall building approximately ,say 35 feet in height. As the craft became stationary it`s lights shone extremely brightly for a few seconds then it just sat there for what seemed like 10 minutes or so, though it could have easily been longer, it did however make my girlfriend slightly late for work though. This was right in the middle of “rush hour” on a very busy A road ,the A5, an old Roman Road and a link to many different regions in the U.K. old Roman Road and a link to many different regions in the U.K and no one else seemed to be paying it any attention whatsoever, which leads me to believe that no one else except us could actually see it. There was lots of traffic passing straight through the little Roman Town of Towcester and many people on foot entering and leaving the newsagents, yet not one stopped and looked at what we were seeing in the sky very low and extremely obvious. The craft started to move in the direction that it was on prior to stopping and now as it crossed the early evening sky ,we could see that it had a bright light at the back end and again a bright light at the front end. I pondered this, as that is where you would usually find the cockpit and given the intense brightness ,no one would be able to see to navigate the craft. The craft slowly continued over the roof of my apartment and i never saw it again. I have other accounts of extremely unusual , obviously intelligently controlled craft but the year 1997 saw for me some but not all, of the most close and graphic experiences that i have encountered to date. I have seen craft of varying proportions , dimensions and luminosity, a dough nut shaped craft and the “typical” saucer shaped craft. This particular craft was witnessed by myself and two friends (at that time). Again from the same apartment window, myself and two witnesses saw a saucer shaped object at approximately the same altitude to us, remember that is the top floor of the building being approximately 40 feet from ground level. It was hard to gauge its actual size but it must have been around 50 feet or so from us, making it appear to the naked eye to be 3 to 3 and a half inches, to give you an idea. My then ,friends could not believe there eyes, though they both were UFO enthusiasts. The craft had a circular band of rotating lights around it`s central axis, that shone, Red, Blue, Green and White. The craft had a dome on the top and a slightly convex undercarriage and appeared to be completely metallic. i cannot again recall how long it was there for, maybe 10 to 15 minutes. It did not move and it did not make a sound and just “blinked out” within the twitch of an eye. In 2002 i noticed that there was a hard small lump at the back of my neck, just over the spinal column. It bothered me not knowing what is was, so went to see my G.P and whilst i was there i also showed him a red circular mark on my leg that i was also slightly concerned about. So i asked him to take a look at both for me. He said to me that the small hard lump on the back of my neck was just a bit of fatty tissue and nothing to be concerned about. When he looked at the red circular mark on my right shin he said that we all get marks appearing on our bodies sometimes and that he was pretty certain it was benign, whatever it was. I never really felt reassured and to this day , i just feel that the red circular mark on my shin and the small hard lump( that moves independently under the skin when touched ) has something to do with my experiences. i have no memory of anything that could account for the marking on my shin or the small lump on my neck. i understand that we all bang our shins into things, or them into us and that small lumps appear just out of the blue but i really and honestly don`t feel that any prosaic explanation would prove to be the correct one ,especially given my experiences.
Just to briefly mention something here that occurred within a month of me moving over to America from England. I was taking pictures on an October evening, last year ,2008. When i looked on the camera i saw that i had captured an image that i thought might be an “orb”, i get pictures of those commonly enough for me to just say “oh another orb”. this image was very different however, for it was a clear bubble with an alien looking head inside of it. I was at the time in the back yard taking pictures of my new family around a nice big fire. One of my step daughters dubbed the face in the bubble “Bubble Dude”. so naturally i took another 4 pictures of that area of the back yard and “Bubble Dude’, was in each one but slightly in a different location each time. The image was clear in each but some are slightly better than others and you can clearly see that it is a head of unknown origin and to me does not look at al human ,though humanoid would fit the description better.
What follows is my account of events relating to Crop Formations. Forgive me for what at first may seem to be digressions, as i believe that they are really a big part of the picture.
As a teenager aged 16, i had spent the best part of a year living in a small village called Southam in Warwickshire, England. As this village was approximately 7 miles from the town of Leamington Spa and me being young and outgoing ( i was a punk ), i walked the distance from the village of Southam to the much bigger town of (Royal ) Leamington Spa in order to be with like minded individuals with whom i had recently made friends with.
This small marathon of a journey took me straight through the village of Radford Semele and then down Radford hill to meet and cross the Fosse way ( Roman Road ). I often smiled to myself when within the vicinity of this village, simply because of the place name given to it being Radford Semele and my surname being that of Radford. So i would go wandering down my own hill upon my journey often pondering the origin of the place name. In fact i did discover it`s origin : Radford means :“Red - ford”,Rede,Red and Rad are synonymous with each other in Old English and refer to the colour of the local soil making the river water there appear reddish. The manorial affix is derived from the Simely family from Saint-Pierre-de-Semilly from Normandy who were lords of the manor in around 1120 C.E.
That was my second and final digression but i enjoyed it.
At this juncture in my life ( 16 ) i was more interested in the alternative music scene than anything else and had all but forgotten ( or so it seemed ) that from very young i had a curious fascination with UFO`s. I say curious because as far as i am aware there was no external impetus that could have sparked this. Anyway back to the story at hand.
The year is now 2009 and somewhat missing the “direct” involvement that I had been enjoying for several years researching Crop Formations within the field ( pun intended ), i began searching for the latest Crop Formations using Google.2009 a year of amazing formations, grand in design and proportions, still for me personally the best was yet to come. Many of the formations of the 2009 season eluded to Solar/Lunar activity intermingled with the now prominent Mayan calendar symbology - utterly mind - blowing !
Now when i searched and researched upon a certain formation eluding to a cosmic / Lunar event ,that occurred on the 7/7/09, i felt drawn to the interpretations that were being given and had a sense that there was something in what people on the internet had been discussing. I concluded from the data that we were being sent “ascension Keys” that coincided with the majour Lunar events of that year namely the partial and full eclipses of the Moon. With 7 actually being a number that i have long favoured ( i even wear a Heptangle pendant on a silver chain around my neck), i decided to be awake for the Lunar eclipse of the 7/7/09 and allow whatever “energies” to enter my being, if any. So i retired to bed early in order to arise on time for the moment of this event .I had a restless nights sleep and it was not long ,it seemed before i was awake again but what had awoken me was something truly magical. The time was around 5 a.m and i was awoken by what i can only describe as angelic music, heavenly and so beautiful, it seemed like more than music, it was like something being “given” to me. This awe inspiring musical creation was enimating from just outside our open window, the bed is up close to the wall just below that window and this music ? Was in the very air yet somehow it`s origin seemed beyond our dimension. I heard it for maybe 30 seconds or so ( i awoke my wife in excitement but as she was still trying to become lucid it faded and she missed it ).
It faded out gracefully as the dawn chorus of birdsong rapidly increased in pitch and intensity and multi diversity of song. It was like it did not wish to encroach on the birds who were singing in the dawn. Well as if that was not enough of a WOW! ( and i am forever humbled by it), i soon discovered that a formation had appeared in a certain location that had previously never seen a Crop Formation. It was way off the from the usual haunts ,such as Wiltshire or even Hertfordshire ( to a lesser degree ). That place was ,yes you`ve guessed it. Radford Semele and it apparently appeared on the 7/7/09 at approximately 5 am. The approximate time that i was awoken by the angelic music ( Ascension Keys ? ). So you can see how this is personal to me in a very profound way indeed. Not only did i actually hear ( not in my head ) the musical creation that was the Ascension Keys , what else could it be ? But a first time for any Crop Formation to appear in a village ( known to me from my youth - 16) that is over 200 miles ( easily ) from the usual Crop Formation haunts and bares my name and is said to have appeared at the approximate time of my angelic morning Lunar eclipse call .There was another two Crop Formations reported around on the 9th July and within the vicinity of the Radford Semele Crop Formation, which makes me wonder when they actually were formed. One of them is a multifaceted diamond and the other is a simple key design . I say simple but given the synchronicities that I have so far presented you with, one can hardly say “simple”, it is a key and it is a Key to Ascension. Now the multifaceted diamond formation is within the same field as the key formation and what could be clearer in it`s message than that ? ( rhetorical question ). That we are being given Ascension Keys at certain points of the year, namely the partial and full eclipses of the Moon and the two Solstices of each coming year. The diamond represents the multifaceted true nature of who we are and what we can become. It`s now up to us to receive the incoming vibrational frequencies with open hearts knowing that we are pure consciousness and therefore multidimensional beings. We are being reborn and our DNA is being reconnected. The diamond formation also represents our pineal gland (third eye). Around the pineal gland is a white coating of calcium deposits ( thought at first to be due to the high content of fluoride in our water supplies). These calcified deposits of calcium contain calcite crystals known to have “piezoelectric” properties, meaning that they can send and receive radio signals ( just like the old crystal set radios).
This is an integral part of our evolution that is facilitating the change in our DNA via the pineal gland. I actually work with the “Third Eye” and have been doing so for a few years now . When i focus upon the “third Eye,” i can feel a great bliss right at the center of my brain and sometimes i find it hard to come away from that exquisite sensation, so i can be in that state of bliss for hours on end, if i so choose to be. My next account though, is something that i have not experienced with such an audible and physical effect before. I have heard frequencies on a number of occasions but these are usually only heard by myself, in my actual brain but never externally and with such an impact as that which i shall recount to you next. On Dec 20th 2009 at approximately 9.55.pm whilst i was working on the computer , i was distracted by a strong and clearly audible frequency in the air around the immediate vicinity of my head . I stood up to investigate whether it was actually emanating from somewhere else, either in the room that i was in or the next room which is the lounge, but it was not. This very clear frequency stayed at the level of my head when i stood up and was slightly uncomfortable in pitch . After around 30 seconds or so it just stopped dead, just like it had been switched off .
I have lived a life of syncronicities and high strangeness , i have seen up close within at least 20 feet, craft that in no way conceivably can come from here. All this is about being ready and aware ,being ready and doing whatever adjustments are necessary for us to receive with hearts of compassion the Keys to Ascension. Sometimes it has felt like someone has had to keep knocking on my psyche saying firstly “ KNOW it`s real ” then later saying “ now you know ! what are you going to do about it ?” and then it`s like “good, you have got the picture, your now acting on it and doing what you must within free will to be of the mind to evolve”.

There is caveat to this story : When i was 18 i was the vocalist in a band from Northampton called Sedition. Now whilst with that band i wrote a song entitled “Sword of Justice” and one line of lyrics to that song went as follows “Rivers of blood run from the mouths of wicked men”. Please recall that in the story that i have presented you with above, you will find a reference to the river running reddish through Radford Semele because of the local colour of the soil being red that washes into it. I have found a site on the internet called www.ourplanet.cc/ .The sites emphasis is to seek the answers in the crop formations, this is a proactive research by scientists. The interpretations of the Crop Formations are provided by Mariana Vezneva. They state and i qoute : “It is the beginning of a journey to save the life of our planet,”unqoute. Here is the interpretation made for the Radford Semele Crop Formation of 2009 and i qoute :”The gene’s reserve kept in the Himalaya can be used to restore the human race in the events of total disaster. The present human race will last three years after the environmental catastrophe. The human population will be drastically reduced, but not distinguished. We will help to preserve the best samples of your race.” unqoute.
Now here is my interpretation of that Crop Formation : We are ever expanding pure consciousness evolving exponentially towards our next manifestation of existence within a new paradigm of awareness.

As an analogy that quantifies this process we can look to the butterfly emerging from it`s cacoon, once it was a caterpiller but then it built itself a chrysalis and only after a very short time it metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly, transcendent and now able to fly.

We have choices and please remember that NOTHING is set in stone. I see that it`s within our preparedness of all and any outcomes, with the sense that we shall ride the changes to see beyond the crest of the wave that is fast upon us, by simply being within a place of unconditional love and compassion within our hearts and service to others.
It`s all about our continuation and the imminent evolution for us and our planet and indeed the entire Cosmos. My focus is NOT on the scenarios that are abounding left right and center which speak of much loss, My focus is elevated to the Cosmic plan. It does seem inevitable however, that there shall be trauma in the transition, as in all birth there is a degree of pain and this birthing process that we are aligned with, is one of such monumental proportions that we would be wise to accept that fact.
At present the world is like a drunken ship of fools steering into destiny, lets hope then, that more of the crew shall soon start to awaken from their drunken slumber and assist those of us that are already awake. The unified field of consciousness, that we are, only needs to see a minimum of 51% to tip the scales towards “Planetary Ascension” .In German the word "Ganzfeld" means whole field. Now in order to affect the whole field it takes only just over half of the population of humanity upon this planet, be them working from a place of unconditional love, compassion and service to others or from a place of ego, greed and duality ( *my definition here of duality being one of opposing sides, set against each other ).

* Not as in Duality as a Dichotomy ( being twofold ).

Free Will & Intuition

As we have free will, we choose what we shall allow to happen to ourselves.
Intuition, which is our inner guidance system, tells us what is right for us ( and it should be trusted, as it never fails us, when we do ).
Through free will we can choose to ignore that inner guide of intuition and let things happen to us that intuition clearly tells us that we should not do. We cannot blame others for things as a result of that choice for we are the ones who made it.
If we do things that intuition says we should not, then that is free will, being misused.
If however we use our free will in accordance with what our inner guide of intuition is telling us, then we walk with the "knowing" that we have chosen to listen to our intuition and that misusing our free will is only a result of ignoring that inner guidance system.
The reason i say "misusing" our free will, is because free will should be balanced with intuition in order to affect harmony in ones life and environment to achieve contentment within that balance in order to be in a place of true compassion for others.
So it becomes a positive force, when we work with free will coupled with intuition and it becomes a negative force, when we work only with free will, that our inner guidance system ( tells us in no uncertain terms), will lead us into imbalance and dis-harm-ony.
That`s the Yin and Yang of it.
Today the corporate media news, radio and TV stations have become our main informers of "consensus reality", tell us what is true and what is right and good for us. Intuition, never being wrong, often tells us that what we are ( sometimes) told is not how it really is. Those that choose to follow that media, will at times become confused as there is a direct conflict between their intuition and that which is presented before them. We have been told not to trust in our intuition ,that "it`s just our imagination running riot", so not surprisingly due to that fact, confusion over trusting the inner guidance system versus the "consensus reality" presented, shall manifest itself.
Existing now in the 3rd Density, we are seeing more conflict both in terms of inter relationships and on a grander scale, between nations, acting out of free will misused and disbelieving in our inner guidance system of intuition.

On Dec 20th 2009 at approximately 9.55.pm whilst I was working on the computer , i was distracted by a strong and clearly audible frequency in the air around the immediate vicinity of my head . I stood up to investigate whether it was actually emanating from somewhere else, either in the room that I was in or the next room which is the lounge, but it was not. This very clear frequency stayed at the level of my head when I stood up and was slightly uncomfortable in pitch . After around 30 seconds or so it just stopped dead, just like it had been switched off .

The diamond formation also represents our pineal gland (third eye). Around the pineal gland is a white coating of calcium deposits ( thought at first to be due to the high content of fluoride in our water supplies). These calcified deposits of calcium contain calcite crystals known to have “piezoelectric” properties, meaning that they can send and receive radio signals ( just like the old crystal set radios).
This is an integral part of our evolution that is facilitating the change in our DNA via the pineal gland.

Tiny Purple Points Of Light

For a number of years now i have been seeing tiny lights that pop in and out of our dimension, these are usually light purple, they always make me smile. They seem to be sending a reassuring frequency to me ,so i smile !
On occasion and more so lately, i see golden green tiny orbs with an energy field surrounding them that trails out behind them. They swim around in the air ( these are not within the retina ), as when i move my head they stay objectively where they are (not following my eye movements). I still see those “tiny purple points of light” too. I believe that we are now speeding up our vibration and becoming able to see and sense more than within our 3rd dimensional reality, which we are now leaving behind. Like the snake shedding it`s skin and the butterfly emerging from it`s chrysalis.
As we reach what the late great Terrance McKenna refered to as “Time Wave Zero”, the point of novality, named so simply because it is novel to us, everything will and is speeding up and all our senses are exponentially increasing .As we "close " in on 2012 it shall reach such a rapid "download" speed that we will be receiving information within the blink of an eye. Our DNA shall be "geared" for the new dawn of humanity.

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Default Re: CONTACTEES! a place for anyone who has been affected!

Originally Posted by zaina View Post
isnt it strange how things do run in familys ,
I am not so sure it runs in familys as much as they run familys. I say that as my tiny family has grown baby by baby to a very large group of souls here now.
Just in the past 2 years over 4 new souls. That is just in my side of the family there are others "cousins" who also have new ones.
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Default Re: CONTACTEES! a place for anyone who has been affected!

When I was a kid I saw 2 UFO's. One looked like it landed in some fields about a mile away but when we (kids) investigated it the next day there was no sign.

Another time another one, from the same direction, seemed to hover quite high over some fields at the end of our street. 2 orbs came out and hovered over a lamppost by me and my mate Terry. We were about 10 years old and going home from playing out late. The orbs were red and orange or red and green (my memory of so long ago is blurred). I remember being kind of transfixed by it. We snapped out of it and went in. The orbs stayed over the lamp post.


I have already posted part of this in contactee and would appreciate any help with regards to this type of rare Alien. Anyone else seen it? Know what it is or called etc?

I'm 12 years old and in summer break I was in a bad car accident where 3 weeks later I briefly died (written about here. Bottom of page www.barronbourme.blog.com ). It was getting very close to Christmas and I was recuperating at home in the living room. Its around 8 pm and the lights were off in the living room. Rare event in itself because me Mum hated watching TV in the dark. Anyways both me parents have fallen asleep as the 3 of us watched TV. That was also rare to see both of them crash out in the living room. I'm watching the box and something catches my eye at the back door to the garden. It's a little ugly bleeder. Half scared the shyite outta me. He was about 4 feet tall, slightly hairy, pointed ears and a very wrinkled face. The wrinkles were generic rather than old age. He was also wearing a hooded cape or gown. Brown in colour and the material looked sack like.

freaked as I was I called me parents in a low soft voice. The little fellow was trying the back door to get in. Parents stayed sleeping so I virtually shout "Look". They didn't awake. I'm like Oh **** and pull some covers over me head for about 2 seconds but I couldn't resist the urge to look again to see if it had got in.... Nothing there.... gone. I shouts me parents again but this time the wake up. Of cause they said I was dreaming but then the 10PM news came on. 2 hours had elapsed in 2 seconds.

It's this single incident that brings me to sites like this. On this link, pause it at 22 seconds, is a very crude drawing of the type of thing I saw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nqU1RYoO8A except mine wasn't so hairy but had more wrinkles. Any info on this little bugger would be well appreciated...cheers.

One last sighting I had was about 20 years ago. It could have been the stealth bomber but why on earth it would be 100ft over houses here in the UK is a different matter. Late evening about 10pm at night this thing that had odd navigation lights caught my attention and crossed the path of a car I was in. Fricken big thing and only seen it for about 30 seconds. Triangular in shape without any noise.

Not seen anything since.

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