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Default Re: Marijuana Reform

Originally Posted by Orion11 View Post

How about spice? the elfspice? DiMiTri!!

want to meet other beings? want full on contact?
in a matter of minutes?
Yes DMT sounds like a very interesting experience. I'd definitely like to try it sometime.
I actually had the chance to drink some iowasca in Belize, but sh*t, I was 18 and there for my senior project, it didn't feel like the best situation, especially since they told us that at first it would make us "explode from all holes" (literal translation btw).
I'm kinda glad we didn't do it though because we were allowed to just hang out w/ our hosts after they had drank the drink. They had apparently built up an immunity to the harsh initial stages they had warned us about, and as such they were fairly lucid and in a very aware/zen state. They conversed a bit w/ us at first, but very quickly one by one made their individual egress (from from the big bonfire we were around) leaving just the (semi) sober gringos.
So I'm just glad I didn't make a huge ass of myself in front of our gracious hosts.

If I had the chance again though at a (perhaps) slightly wiser age, I'd definitely check out the experience.

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Default Re: Marijuana Reform


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