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Exclamation The Swedish Lodge

The Swedish rite is part of Scandinavian Freemasonry a Christian fundamentalist Fraternity secretly linked with the Vatican and the Jesuits.
The system is grouped into three divisions as follows:

St. John's (Craft) degrees:
I Apprentice<
II Fellow Craft
III Master Mason

St. Andrew's (Scottish) degrees:
IV-V Apprentice-Companion of St. Andrew VI Master of St. Andrew

Chapter degrees:
VII Very Illustrious Brother
VIII Most Illustrious Brother
IX Enlightened Brother
X Very Enlightened Brother (Very Vatican

In a satanic illuminati cult in Sweden 50 members indulge in an orgy called THE RUSSIAN ROULETTE ORGY were 3 of them have AIDS and the rest of the players know about it and deliberately expose themselves and their families obviously to the AIDS VIRUS.

Sweden was the place were the first commercial porno movies were made by the sick illuminati to promote Satanism and decadence.

In Norway the sects and all the various cults are so powerful that the government as even created a special society to deal with the victims of the many abuses that take place. But nobody does anything to stop these perverts and in Oslo like in Stockholm the catholic clergy is dealing openly and directly with the Satanist of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Temple of Set of Lt.Col. Michael Aquino and the various sects that are involved in ritual child abuse and the likes because the mass is completely brainwashed and under their demonic control.

The Scandinavian illuminati community and the Swedish Rite of Freemasonry practiced in Scandinavia are also very influential in the United States and they considered an example to follow by the illuminati scum bags that want complete control over their citizens...over the sheep. The Scandinavian are a living experiment of the illuminati since the time of the Nazi occupation and soon the Americans will feel the same sense of oppression from the State but the only difference is a willing participant of the game because the people over here are already under the full control of the Nazi-Fascist State.

The burning of th Churches was the biggest signal the Jesuits and the Vatican ever gave to the world of the true believers , after that the Satanic millennium could take off even more then after the 'Rising Forth' ritual of Anton LaVey to terminate the Hippie movement (created also by the Vatican illuminati and their so called communist agents..).

We have now the living prove of what is evil in the world we have George W. Bush ruling from the White House by the stick as we use to say in the the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - Masonic Executive Committee (MEC) of Monte Carlo but soon him and his Satanic Father George H. Bush will move to protect their interest when this evil theatre is finally unveiled in front of mankind. Yes to protect their evil MK-ULTRA agents and their pedophilia rings the Bush family is planning for total Nazi control and no possibility of knowing were your children are when they disappear in the hands of one of these black magicians and servants of Satan.

So we all know now their evil plans and its time to react and unite against these Fascist perverts and their Nazi dictatorships Made in Rome home of all perversions and true abominations .If we come together now and start a real Movement dear Greg we can save the future of our children .
So please don't hesitate and spread the word as I'm putting together an army of true believers to fight the living Satan in Washington, Rome and Jerusalem as we talk, maybe I'm a dreamer but I'm not willing to give up the fight otherwise we are gonna be left with nothing at the end of this evil show. And don't ever trust communism is just another form of Satanism created and promoted by the Jesuits and their evil boys like Stalin.


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