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Hi Barry, i didn't know the Watcher was you untill now and that you were posting here at avalon.
I have seen all the 'Bases' vids, at least the ones I can get from UFO Hypotheses, seems there are some missing as the numbers are not sequential.

Very interesting story I must say. As always with such things I and no doubt others want to know more. In typical fashion all we get is the usual 'That's all I can say' thing. I understand this is not your fault as such and we are supposed to be grateful for the horiffying tale we have to date from you and James Casbolt.
But we the public citizens of the world natually want this thing stopped and those responsible held to account.
Despite all the typical debunking sites about this matter they are par for the course and are not persuasive for me to disbelieve you. you don't seem to want money or anything other than to educate us to the goings on of the British and American secret govt.

Do you have any info on NZ at all in this dept? That's where I am right now, Dunedin, Sth Is.
I would hope we here are as unimportant and the tin pot country we should be but somehow our geographical location makes me think otherwise being the furtherest place you can go if you want away from the UK.

So, really just a post to thank you for what you've done so far, we are interested and do care. All too easy to write people like you off as BS so they can swithch channels on the TV idiot box and have a clear conscience. ignorance is bliss untill the bliss is taken away.
Life might be easier for at least a while if I was a moron too but sadly I'm not! well so my friends say!
I hope these words of encouragement make a small difference in your day.
You ignore my digital signature now OK- It's not meant for the likes of you!
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Hi there, NZ, well not much I can say really as its a nice clean country in more than one sense, certainly no bases that require looking at, simply a very lovely location where I would not mind visiting. Sorry I'm not much help here. Regards, Barry
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