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Default The Underground Nazi Invasion of America

Hello everyone, this post is the most comprehensive common sense free E-book I have ever read. This about explains "everything" we need to know, that is, in my opinion. This even discusses "George Adamski" being in on the beginning of the illuminati's contactee beginnings. Even Barney and Betty Hill were saying that they saw Nazi's, and the grays sounded German. This has so much info that makes sense, I was just shaking my head thinkin, my lord, look what people have taken in as truth when it is a lie, including myself.

This even explains all of the factions and who is over who, and who is really ruling the alphabet agencies all over the world, and it is the British Intelligence over the FBI, CIA, KGB, Nazi's, Communists etc. An excerpt: quote: The British Intelligence is an operation of British and European Royalty and Aristocracy. Former British Intelligence agent, John Coleman: "Intelligence is linked with the Rothchilds-Wicca Masonic World network......one of the three world manipulating force which operated under the Bavarian Empire or the Bavarian Thule/Vril/Illuminati/Skull & Bones/Rosicrucian/OTO/Babylonian Mystery Society etc., serpent cults which trace back to ancient Egypt and Babylon; the other two world manilpulating forces being the Black Nobility and the Maltese Jesuites. unquote.

Anyway, there is so much info in this ebook that I cannot put everything here. So, take your time, and please, read this, very, very enlightening. Enjoy.

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