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Default my 1982 close ufo crafy encounters

hi,im a new member here, but thought this would be an appropriate place
to put thismaybe some others here have had similar experiences?

encounter1 with ufo /early september 1982.joseph locke park/barnsley.uk

it was a wednesday night,the sky was clear and it was getting dark.
i left my mates house at 9.00pm,i was on my grifter bicycle,no sooner than i had left his house
i noticed a bright light in the sky,it was moving slowly and looked like a star but closer,,
at the end of the road just before i got to a local park i stopped to look at it again,
i got a distinct impression it was watching me somehow.,it was moving slowly then faster
then slowing down then reversing,doing unusual manouvres.i was looking at it for a good 10 mins or more,
.as i got to the back entrance of the local park i stopped to
look again, it was still moving around slowly,,i normally wouldnt have gone through the park at this time
as it was dark and i was 10 years old ,and its not really that much of a short cut,
but i somehow felt like i was manipulated to go through the park ,as if some sort of mind persuasion
was taking place from this ufo,,almost like it knew i was watching it and it knew i was watching them.
so i went through the park and this ufo craft is starting to follow me,still in the sky at this point,
as im going through the park its getting slowly lower,by now im starting to get a litle scared,
so i peddle a bit faster,just as i come to the other entrance of the park the ufo/craft comes down quite fast to stop
and hovver a few feet from the ground.i am as close to the exit of the park as i am the ufo at this point,maybe about 30 feet from either,
but i feel compelled to go look at this amazing thing,i am sitting on my bike staionary with my feet on the floor
watching it in awe..
i then got off my bike and walked closer to it,i got a real good look at it and must have been looking at it for 3 to 4 minuites
from about 20 to 25 feet away.
it was bright metallic silver, had no windows and seemingly no entrance although i didnt see the far side of it,
it was roughly 40 feet at its widest piont and 50 feet at its highest,
as a 10 year old kid i equated it to the size of a big house.it had lights all around its widest circumference,
4 red , 4 blue , 4 green , 4 yellow , 4 clear or silver ,then it repeated the pattern.
there was a light breeze,i couldnt tell if it was just the wind or if the ufo was creating a little,
i was close enough to hear a low humming sound,very low volume and i would say low in oscillations,
ie like a turbine or similar in very low rpm,maybe it was the energy source starting up,shortly after hearing this sound
i was hit full on by a very bright light blue beam,it started at my feet and went right up to my head,
i was looking directly into it,not sure quite how to explain it it seemed to have blue dots or rays that
speeded into lines towards me,then like a kaliedascope of yellow and purple swirls,i could still see
through it at the grass and ufo.i was seemingly frozen and couldnt move at this point.
all i can remember after this was lying on my back,getting up and picking my bike up to get on it,
i didnt even look back,i felt some heat on the back of my neck,i presumed it was the light from the beam still on my back and neck.
i rode away as fast as i could,skidding out of the park nearly into an oncoming car,,
i still remember how scared i was,,it was an old x registration volvo,in that late 70s brown colour..
i got home and told my family about what had happened,obviously they werent going to believe a 10 year od kid.
i was in the kitchen,the kitchen clock had 10.10pm on it,i didnt think to question this at the time ,but it only takes 10 minuites maximum
from my friends house where i left,,i was watching the ufo for about 15 minuites in total maybe, and maybe another 10 minuites in journey,
this would leave 45 minuites where i was either unconscious by the beam or 45 minuites unaccounted for,,
i still had a pain in my neck,maybe from the heat of the beam,,,or possibly from something that had happened
obviously as a 10year old kid who didnt know anything about ufos or abductions.
not saying i was abducted ,i simply cant remember after the beam hit me.but it was most definately deliberate,
and an experience that happened in 1995 confirms that it wasnt military..
besides the fact that even the military arnt crazy enough to spend billions on black projects,and keeping them secret,
then flying them into heavily populated areas just to freak a kid out.
nope this was definately not military ,and although highly intrusive,i feel they were not hostile or malicious.

another strange coincidence to this is that my friend whos house i had left
was born on exactly the same day within a few minuites ,on the same hospital ward.
porobably not connected at all, but seems coincidental.

regards a.
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Default Re: my 1982 close ufo crafy encounters

ufo craft encounter 2/st johns road /barnsley

these happened a week apart (ist incident and this one,again on a wednesday night ,it was about 8.30 pm
me and my brother were on the way back from my nan,s house, which was about
five minuites walk from our house at the time. as we were walking up the hill
(st johns road,in barnsley,v close to the park where the other incident happened.)
i must have had the urge to be looking skyward.there was a ufo craft high up in the sky
, it was as though it was deliberately performing manouvres for me to see,moving eratically and then slowly,
doing some crazy moves which normal craft at the time
would not have been able to pull off,so fast then so slow to stop., then reversing,up and down ,left and right,
90 degree turns ...its a wonder whatever was piloting it wasnt crushed by the gforce.
me and my brother were both watching this spectacle for what seemed like a long while maybe 5 minuites or more.
it was similar to the first time,i felt it watching us again,and felt it knew were were watching it,
it gradually came closer and closer after staying high for a while.at one point we were directly under it,
it had a bright orange/reddish glow at its centre underneath,and it seemed to look darker than the silver look of the front of it,
more of a grey colour.it seemed to create a shadow when we were under it.
it came to within a few feet of the apex roof of a house
a local dog was right next to us,it was usually very calm and friendly,it went crazy for some reason,
it was barking and running round in a circle chasing its own tail,maybe it sensed something?
.at this point my brother got scared and ran off home.
i cant remember anything else about this incident other than walking home feeling good.
i recently spoke to my brother about this encounter,he still remembers it,he also said he was waiting in the front window for
20 to 25 minuites,i was only 2 minuites from home when we both saw it,so i cant account for the lost 20 mins or so,
and cant remember anything at all .
bear in mind this was a very built up area as well, and it came extremely low considering
at one point when the dog was going crazy the centre orange/red glow was actually slightly lower than the house roof apex
,in line with the road.
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Default Re: my 1982 close ufo crafy encounters

Wow what an incredible experience.Thanks for sharing and welcome.
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Default Re: my 1982 close ufo crafy encounters

Originally Posted by LucidJia View Post
Wow what an incredible experience.Thanks for sharing and welcome.
thanx for the welcome

im posting my bieng encounter in the contactee section if you wish to read it.its almost certainly connected to these craft encounters.
there are some parts i wont post,but theres enough in what i will post
for people to make up their own minds,,in my opinion these encounters
were certainly not military and would not have been condoned by the military,
regarding any co-operation.

it would be nice if people who had had similar experiences could cross reference any similar points,im very interested in any similar accounts from around the same time period late 70s/early 80s.

regards adrian..
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