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Default The Illuminated Playbook

I started waking blindly into the Illuminated hornets nest almost a decade ago. I was doing some high end earth magic to the golf courses that I was managing. I was assuming that no one would be the wiser that I was doing this. I was wrong to assume that. Skipping a whole bunch of time.....

I ended up at the last job that I had as a golf course superintendent. There also I encountered minions of the Illuminati. They are all not full fledged members. Believe it or not the actual full fledged members are kind of like rich people where they do not actually do any of the dirty work themselves. Instead they train many groups of people under them. They will train one type of group to actually wield negative magic. Then they will train another group to be almost like covert in field representatives of the organization.

Here is the basic train of events that I have seen in the past when it comes to the in field representative group. You have to watch the activities of someone very closely to pick up on this. Either that or they will shove it down your throat. The more intelligent ones will be subtle about it.

1. First, act normal and earn trust by contributing to the cause at hand. This could be a business by working hard, or this could be an internet forum where you give some helpful information. It could really be anything, you get the idea.

2. Second, identify individuals in the environment at hand that are going to be obstacles to your final goal which is as much control as possible. Once these individuals are identified do your best to shift perceptions about that person. Now the intelligent illuminated field rep will be very strategic about this and will only go after those who he knows are not clever enough to figure out the game. The less intelligent ones will actually just come barreling through like a teenager in a race car.

3. In the third stage of the play book, the subject in question will go for the kill and try to begin to take control of the environment in question. This is usually a carefully planned event with many happenings at the same time. However, if the illuminated field agent is less intelligent or has no patience there will be less organization and more chaos.

4. Stage III can go either way. It can go in favor of the operative, or it can all back fire in that persons face. If it backfires in that persons face then they will walk away and play the guilt card. The guilt card is played when the illuminated operative goes back to the things he / she accomplished back in stage one and points them out to everyone. This is done so that people allow their emotions of impathy override what they have just seen take place.

If Stage III goes the way of the illuminated operative then the next step is to identify the key leaders in the organization that have the least amount of intuitive discernment. They will then manipulate these key people and allow the perceptions of them to filter down through the rest of the target individuals. This would be Stage 4.

Layered on top of all 4 stages of this process is the manipulative magic. The goal of the magic wielder is to wear down the consciousness of the target individuals so that they are more compliant.

In the case of an internet forum the layering of negative magic can not be nearly as successful as when done in a business environment. This is because you need to be able to know all of the actual identities of the target subjects in order to wear them down with the manipulative magic.

I hope that this helps some people to discern when they are up to their old tricks so that they are not herded like sheep to the slaughter.

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