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Whistleblower Testimony Post anonymous messages of truth or reveal what you know.

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Default Calm Down, And Read It.

While many still attempt to twist this information back to religion, you can forget it, stop trying to
turn this into a religious argument. This is about a document, the bible, as the message from ETs.

With out the religious rhetoric and verbiage, or words, I will attempt to explain what the bible says
in simple terms about what just happened in the Open Letter thread. This concerns all of us here
at Camelot / Avalon. It is there for all to see what took place and who said what to whom. It is
the "why" that needs to be addressed to see the real picture.

With the following premise:
That of accepting that there are ETs amongst us.
That they are the bad ones that were recently kicked out of "heaven".
That the bible gives us the "picture" on the puzzle box.

The whistle blowers have provided us with much of our information about what these bad ETs are
now doing. Thank you to them. Since these bad ETs, cast down fallen angels, are real physical
beings that eat our food, and we theirs, (manna), and have done unbelievable atrocities to
mankind, are right here amongst us at this very forum, what do you think they are up to now?

When it comes to the truth about who and what these bad ETs (the demons of old) really are they
will react in exactly the way it shows in the Open Letter thread. Their tactics and methods are well
stated in the bible. First and foremost is that the head honcho of these bad ETs is also the "father
of the lie". There are lies at every level and even amongst the bad ETs. You should see the look
on their faces and hear their responses when confronted with the facts of their destruction in our
solar system. Many of these bad ETs didn't know that. Many of the bad ETs were lied to also.
Ironic is what I now find that to be. I have heard these words several times, "What? He can't
know that! How can he know that? He's not supposed to know that!" Quite shocking the first
time it happened. You know for a fact, at that time, you are talking to a bad ET and they are
asking those questions of another, obviously, bad ET present.

Now, is the time to either accept what the bible really is or not. Not from the view point of any
other book as they are not needed. Just the bible, read it for what is really is, our true path to the
stars and the good sentient intelligent beings that didn't want these bad ETs as neighbors anymore.
The enemy the good ETs defeated out there are here now, in person and in force. That is not our
problem as they will be dealt with soon enough by a few of mankind and a whole lot of good ETs.
All you have to do is to learn about that new government of the stars that is about to unfold and
the bible is the document to learn it from. Not second hand either, read it for yourselves.

As I have stated before, I don't quote scripture, as it is called, because you should be able to
recognize what I am talking about if you had read it for yourselves. There are those here that can
help ones to get started with out overwhelming them, like starting at Matthew then Galations, 1st
Corinthians, Jude, and Revelations. The last book of the old testament in most bibles is Malachi, a
good first book to read, it's just three pages long.

Any questions?

We will not respond to any questions posed in a religious way, so be advised to
use words that would be used when discussing a government document. That is all we ask.
Thank you all for your support that has been given to us. You are not alone in knowing the bible
ET connection.

Norval L. Cunningham
Gale Smart
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