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Default College students

Just want to see if there are any people in collage that plan to do anything when this thing(s) goes down.

I would like to set up checkpoints but not over electronic channels because of the goverment agencies that spy on any network ('key-phrase' servers.)

I am in collage right now and I have to say that the information on what might happen has not been varified in academia (research-funding control probably.) However, the information is there, in many pieces, very hard to find, and very loose (not creditable.) Military speaking, this information is very creditable and should not be taken lightly. (Information pretaining to banking, UFO's, leaders and faimlies...)

I am in NC and will post a more specific thread there for College student networking. If there are any persons that are insiders in academia, please come forward...your information would be very valuable to all of humankind.

Also, to project avalon: Can you create a specal section in the ground crew area for Collage students? If this thread is not enough...

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Default Re: College students

Hey Tonyotag, I'm also a college student (well close to finishing a Ph.D.) at a local university in Ohio. I've talked to a few of my close college friends about some of this and I was surprised that instead of ridicule, they showed an incredible amount of interest toward the subject. If you get a college network going, let me know, I can tell you there IS interest in such a network, at least here.

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Default Re: College students

I have an Idea.

Post fliers across campus with arbitrary "dates to remember" that when things could happen that are discussed on this form. May be it would generate awareness the size larger then the 800 prizons acorss this country that could hold people. Here is a possible flyer example:

[Start of flyer]

Remeber these dates:

October, 2008

October 6-7, 2008 (early morning hours)

October 14-17, 2008 (watch the skies)

Watch the news, watch the world...

Google this

[End of flyer]

Depending on where you live, maybe the words in the parentices can or cannot be placed up. People would google these dates and have a possibility to see the possible truth/ideas.

Just for kicks, google each line seperatly; if opressive authorities say something just pass it as a holloween thing.

Do you plan to do the same?

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Default Re: College students

let me know if you get a network going it sounds interesting
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Default Re: College students

Hey all, Im a college student as well...private college in Ohio.
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Exclamation Re: College students

An update:

Hello fellow college students,

We are nearing and maybe approaching a new era of hope and fear of different kinds that our history textbooks cannot fully teach. Our ancestors were just as practical as the days they were born within. It is our gift that this internet that has been bestowed upon us, that we can connect to each other, to gather information more distinctly and discretely than our forefathers. We must take the time and the urgency in stride, information and due diligence to discrete what is fact and false, curious and credence, and prudent and tactful. It is the knowledge that leads us to a new era of tactics that we must adapt as collegial students. We have explored our fields of interest, but now outside forces are taking more precedence than what our passions of information wish to ignore anymore.

I hear by call us to duty! We must rise to the occasion! In silence to the watchers of our money and grants, in silence to the managers of our information and law (crime and punishment,) and nonetheless our academic prestige (even if it is only as little as an associate’s degree); for it is our moment to shine a laser of precision. A scalpel to cut the liars and manipulators of truth from the fat and pork they have given them. We must find a way to communicate to each other without the civilian (or military) laws interfering with us. We must find ways to communicate in a black market of communication, or look up to the same moon that circumnavigates the earth and hope that someone else does the job for us. WAKE UP!!! We must have an ego not heard by the government, but by the people who wish to listen. Use tactics that may be unethical, but so are the enemies that are rumored to be there. We must become shadows in the night, to gain our power by the moon light! To fight without identities and chess like tactics that allow us to win every battle, for it may be our last!

This game of chess with those who are rumor to be there taking over the world or rumored to be hovering (literally and figuratively) over our heads. Talk, but do not share; conspire but do no crime. Our brains are our tools, and we must think out of this situation and create more backup plans than how they can trap us. Connect with locals, but do not connect the locals to each other (unless the team is vital to their own survival.) Great leaders coming from hurting societies knew the hidden markets and crimes before they happened to take their own lives, least you fall to death! Go, seek out the crime barons of your local municipalities, seek out the lawyers that can data-mine for you (hopefully for pro-bono), seek out the ones who have connections to the governors and state militias and complete with the academic and corrupt political coup d’état (but not the current American constitution.)

These are our objectives:
• Find a way to communicate without letting other people see our letters. It cannot be electronic; the government already has most or all the codes to break. It cannot be with interstate letter carriers (more than 50-mile radius,) we must have faster ways to communicate than that.
• Have multiple resource banks, don’t put all your eggs in one basket
• Have a survival kit for any circumstance (an analog car would also be nice.)
• If you are alone in this fight, it will only take you longer to dig yourself out of the crater of their plans. An emergency set of friends can come in handy (salesman ship skills apply)
• Know thy enemies (close and far)
• Shake up the political world with down to earth commonsense (only do this one if you have calculated your risks to becoming a martyr if you have too.) (a trail of contacts can become your trail of blood, be careful!)

Now you know what we must do. Become independent leaders and if we meet each other, only how lucky we can be.

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