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Exclamation Be careful Black Dragon Society

The de facto suspension of Habeas Corpus in the context of INTERPOLís new US diplomatic status this defacto suspension of Habeas Cropus for INTERPOL is what was wanted by the Naziís in the first place to reinforce other UN laws on the books. AS NEWS OF THE USA's shenanigans with politics and fiat currency by full faith and credit of the USA economy; it must be that this family is ONLY A WORLD CLASS CHESS PIECE TO BIRNG IN NEW KINDS OF POLIECE INTO THE JURISTICTION OF THE UNITED STATES. THUS AS THE STATE OF AUTHORITY AND STAGE OF PROGRESS TO DISMANTEL THE SOVERIGINTY OF THE UNITED STATES' CONSTITUTION AND ELIMANATE FREEDOM OF SPEACH, ASSEMBLY, RELIGION, ETC... TO USSHER IN THE ANTICHRIST FOR GLOBAL DOMINATION (or like figure.) The US was only a stale-mate to this plan by Prussian (no not from Moscow or Russia; the land between Germany and Russia in the 1600's to 1800 AD.) As it is entirely possible that the Black Dragon Society may be used to close the deal for US sovereignty to end (This is a devious plot that all legal and investigative powers must be exhausted to find out if my hypothesis is true: THAT THE ANTICHRIST LIVES AND WILL USE THE CODEX ALMERTARIOUS FOR FOOD, MEDICAL, AND OTHER UN 'PEACEKEEPING' FORCES TO CREATE FACISM!!!) PLEASE HEED MY WARNING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO INITATE MORE COMMUNICATION AND INVESTIGATION THAT THIS HYPOTHESIS MAY BE TRUE (It is impossible to tell how true it is since I am an outsider to this, but if the UFO phenomena is true, then I also guess a mastermind of devilish proportions is in our midst of international manipulations of the planetary scale!)
Warning: 2010 winter Vancover, Canada games is a big hit target for FACST REGIME. Security should be high and tight as well as security on the security guards to get the terrorist before a 'big hit' is granted; (maybe a 9/11 type event) If what is suggested by: http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/st...view-exclusive is true, then the human population has a big gambit on if the Facists will strike again.
Note: I do not want to give fear but this is a real threat that needs to be watched. Especially if negative entities in the universe exist to have unwarranted influence to those of easy prey of minds. In retrospect, please be kind and peaceful (I only want to give positive vibrations for others to live.)

Estimated Deadline (Before Uranus enters Aries to lock in the attitudes of people on the aggregate scale. Lasts about 7 to 7.5 years. Date of first entry:
appx. March 11, 2011
http://alabe.com/ is used to estimate the date by using the birthday function and the city is Washington, DC)
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