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Default the dark side of new age and religious teachings


The Ultimate Hubris: Essence of the Dark Forces
By Alex Kochkin

Hidden at the core of the most terrible of falsehoods is the deliberate separation of connection to original Creator/true Source. On Earth falsehood masquerades as truth and even adopts the verbiage and symbolism of peace, love, Christ, global awakening, oneness, Jesus, etc. A few very clever representatives of the dark forces will even acknowledge much of the situation. Ultimately, it is about the dark (and its human representatives) as intermediaries to connection with Source. Projected far enough into the future, no one will even remember there was any Creator other than the false ones.

This article is an attempt to concisely explain the basis for the dark forces and to explain their core patterning. Following this article are two additional articles that explain some of this from a different perspective. One from esoteric researcher and mathematician, Charles Muses and another by John Crane that also serves to introduce Muses‚€™ work.

Main body copy:

There is a vital and mysterious partnership between original Source Creator and the Great Unmanifest. This could be regarded as a very high level counterpart to the concept of Divine Mother and Divine Father principles. Rather than rely upon the sacred relationship that original Creator/Source has with the great Unmanifest, a ‚€œnotion‚€Ě was expressed at a very high level of Creator Beings to encapsulate the totality of the creation process into a new ‚€œwhole separateness‚€Ě. This new separateness eventually grew to challenge creation and sought to take control over the energies of existing creation.

Somewhere in the process of original Creation (original Source, etc.) there was an outward projection of the ‚€œnotion‚€Ě of giving birth to a possible high level co-Creator. In this process, a ‚€œflaw‚€Ě occurred, how exactly this came to be, we cannot say in any meaningful way. One could be generous and simply say that some ‚€œwires got crossed‚€Ě. Perhaps this occurred in the process of trying to separate or project out a portion of ‚€œIts-Self‚€Ě ‚€“ like a type of mitosis -- so that it could experience more of Itself from a new and unique perspective and more. Somehow in this process there came to be the ‚€œnotion‚€Ě that the entirety of the creation process could be encapsulated and controlled from within this new creation entity.

It was this that gave rise to what we term the ‚€œdark forces‚€Ě, a distortion of the creation process that implicitly and explicitly carried within it an impetus to identify itself as the center of creation. Implicitly and explicitly it was separate from and even opposed to Original Creation. This was especially so since Original Creation or true Source sought to ‚€œrecall‚€Ě and ‚€œcorrect‚€Ě its mis-creation. As a high level Creation Being, this new dark force ‚€œthought‚€Ě gave rise to rapid process of projecting out an entire creation hierarchy to implement its initial impulse ‚€“ and continued to develop variations on this theme.

While the mistake was recognized as such, and the initial beings involved ceased their creation process, the damage had been done as something was set loose that only now is being corrected, cleared and Creation gradually being inoculated against this from arising again. However since the creation process has holographic-fractal-like qualities, the basic impulses were conveyed to myriad worlds and levels of existence, and a fallen sector of creation began to consolidate these tendencies ‚€“ and Earth is in that sector. At the simple 3-d human level, this resulted in a severe infection of the basic ‚€œoperating system‚€Ě of most humans and became like an out-of-control cancer.

One hallmark is that the Dark promotes itself as the center of creation and thus translates itself directly to the primacy of the individual, individuality, freedom of the individual, and emphasis on serving self. This then gets reflected back to the dark source by a collective of individuals who, in the case of humanity, then extol the primacy of humanity over all life on earth and eventually tries to project itself to the stars with itself and its representatives as central. Eventually those living under its dominance lose all memory of true Source or Original Creation and even lose their ‚€œcall home‚€Ě internal ‚€œlocator beacon‚€Ě. Eventually all that is known is the false creation of the Dark. This pattern is at the root of the distortions of much of contemporary society as well as embedded in the new age/integral culture tendencies that are dominate most of the ‚€œalternative‚€Ě spectrum.

The concern and regard of Creator for the situation in the fallen realms has been such that with much persistence, it became possible to reconnect with those residing on Earth and in similar situations. The transformational process described in this issue is one measure in correcting the situation that developed here over such a long period of time. (These topics are explored further in Part Five of this issue on ‚€œOrigins‚€Ě.)

This also applies to the notion of 7 billion people ‚€œcreating their own reality‚€Ě. That is where the dark nature of this can be seen more clearly. The perspective of the false light often makes popular sounding appeals for new converts by advocating individual freedom from oppression (on Earth) and advocating that everyone is equal to ‚€œgod‚€Ě or is a mini-god in their own right. Ascension , oneness, global awakening, world peace, Christ consciousness, etc., all are fair game for the dark as they co-opt and turn everything they can to their advantage. The goal of course is to win ‚€œvotes‚€Ě and converts to false creation. This is a false reality where everyone is ‚€œfree‚€Ě. The catch is they are ultimately dead-ended by a vast control matrix that siphons off their energy. This is the dark control matrix.

One key to understanding this is that it is presented as individuals as sacred, individuals as central, individuals in separation from the light of True Creation. Separate from direct knowing and re-connection to their true Source.

Amidst all this is another falsehood, that of voluntarism, which misleads people into thinking the individual can triumph with enough effort. Further extended to humanity, this leads to a greater hubris and falsehood that on its own humanity can solve its problems and eventually reach the stars and beyond. The mixture of miasms that define the parameters of social beliefs and ideas serves one purpose only: to reinforce the prison of illusion used by ‚€œthe powers that be‚€Ě as a key social control mechanism.

Certain forces would like nothing better than a planet of 7 billion inhabitants worshipping false gods and false creation and all the while celebrating how free they are. Such an environment could even be relatively free of pollution and everyone would be ‚€œhappy‚€Ě. Devoid of connection to original Source of creation, true Creation, people would be participating, happily, of course, in re-building new prisons within prisons that they would happily maintain. This is an important goal of the powers that be (TPTB) and an outcome of its ongoing twisted social meme-engineering.

Liberation of the spiritual beings who are presently overly self-identified as humanity involves a major sorting out and that implies major bifurcations and different vibrational reality streams. Out of these bifurcations, the experiment of humanity may develop a durable stream that continues on to give birth to a new stage of evolution that can set the adventure of spirit and matter on a new course. Evidence for this is here on earth now.

The breakdown of human society based on fear, arrogance, and collective self-centeredness over countless generations and the breakdown of the manipulations by dark forces on earth and in higher dimensions, will make it easier for more people to open to a new way of being.
As humanity discovers that creating a new reality can only be done through humility and gratitude in concert with the ultimate ‚€œhigher power‚€Ě ‚€“ that being original Creator ‚€“ it will then come into its true power as spiritual beings. This will also mark the return to true Oneness.

END ~~~

‚€œTime and the Origins of Our Cosmos‚€Ě Commentary & IntroductionBy John Crane

Note: This article is a companion piece to a following article, ‚€œThe Big Picture:Time and the Origins of Our Cosmos‚€Ě by Musaios.

Two further articles extrapolating on this topic, located HERE:
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