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Exclamation Warning to those doing more than thinking positive

The more high-tech you are the more you'll be technically harassed!

Your mobile phone will randomly call people; even when it's on your waist. (Apparently, other times when it's not.)
If you use bluetooth prepare for random disconnections; even the latest and greatest 'interference proof' version.

Your Windows based system is wide open to surveillance & file modifications, as are your webmail.

I've also experienced 'man in the middle' attacks where my wireless connection appears to have been used to access my online banking BILL-PAY transactions; this was at so-called "Bank of America".

Critical emails have disappeared from my sent folder, others never arrive; the latter in both directions. (e.g. Resumes, hellos from old friends that were offended when it appeared their email was ignored.)

- Save your documents to an offline device
- Run MD5 summer on your save-to devices and print/save a hard copy.
- After building your system with the software you need BACKUP.
- Every time you add something you need backup.
- Immediately print/file critical emails; they may disappear from your sent file; perhaps take a screen shot of your sent folder with the emails date/time properties.
- Take the time to learn Linux and use IT for the net. (You can use Puppy linux on a bootable SD/CF card and it's fairly user friendly.)

Critical documents scanned/saved on my system were modified and others vanished. *I have an Md5 checksum listing to prove this fact although, naturally I KNOW what the hard copy looked like. (Had been forewarned of this fact and now we know why Bill Gates got off on his monopoly charges.)

Above all stay calm, stay together and stay smart; recall those wise words: "Someone can only make you mad with your permission". You can and will become the duck and allow this 'water' to drop straight off your back.

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Default Re: Warning to those doing more than thinking positive

Originally Posted by taadev View Post
- Take the time to learn linux.
Couldn't agree more.
If anyone wants advice about linux feel free to ask me.

Things have moved on temendously since it's early days, you can do a lot with Linux, the only drawback is gaming. I doubt many of you are fussed about that though..
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