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Default philadelphia skies

hey guys-

i've been noticing frequent visitors in the skies.

i do not claim to know from where or when they come

but- i found it interesting a lot of people saw lots of light in the sky in the area about two nights ago and they aired the footage on NBC- the explanation said something about the lights looking like northern lights but were in fact in the sky because of unfallen snow? i didn't really understand or catch the whole explanation. it could have been weather control- bleh

But I am sure what I have been seeing was not due to some reflection from unfallen snow...

I've been seeing orb type things in groups of three. there is one often outside my apartment I nickname blinky. Because he does just that, which other things in the sky seem to not fade in and out in front of my eyes.

the other nite, Blinky morphed into a big light streak- like permanant lightening frozen in the sky- Like an image of god parting the skies. that's the best way i can explain it- this streak in the sky- a sharp streak

And then the following night was the night NBC report

It's only been a few months now since I believe I saw my first orb type creation in the sky. I told myself I would will myself to see them and then they started coming around. I don't know if they are the "real thing" or not... but what isn't real?

If everything is a part of everything what isn't real?

Anyhow, Philadelphia, even though most have left this city by now... look up look up look up.

I am very new to this scene but have always had an innate understanding of many concepts discussed here and thank everyone for their courage and communication- and most of all, acceptance.

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