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Arrow Kerry's New Post in Announcements!

Thank you Kerry, many have been hoping to hear from you, a much appreciated post. All I can
offer is the research on what the bible and some other ancient texts have to offer. There is quite a
bit that the bible has to say about our future and much of it came in visions.

The role of Intuitives and future visions

18 October 2008 06:34 PM

• Regarding Bill Deagle and other intuitives sharing their visions of the future: Many people have contacted us voicing their confusion and frutstration over our recent audio interviews with both David Wilcock and Bill Deagle. As we all begin to activate our telepathic and psychic abilities, visions and dreams of the future are becoming more common. This is an important key that cannot be ignored as we move into the years prior to and beyond 2012. Project Camelot will continue to share those dreams and visions from highly gifted intuitives that we feel are crucial to understanding the yin and yang of possible futures.

The greatest question is at what point do we contribute to making a negative vision become a reality? Should one simply speak and reveal only the positive?

In our view, balancing the positive and negative is an important step in moving into the future without blinding ourselves to all aspects of what it means to be human. Manifesting our true potential within a Universe that allows for free choice without which true growth is impossible is paramount. Choosing to create a positive future is what we are most dedicated to and working every day to make a reality. However, that does not mean that we ignore what has been created that may be well on its way to manifestation and must be revealed and then transformed by the act of witnessing.

We can and will change the current paradigm with its negatively oriented agenda into a more positive and life giving future. The act of seeing and revealing the plans of certain negatively oriented groups is part of the process. This is a war for the minds and hearts of humanity. It is being waged by the light and the dark entities within and without the known Universe. It is our own war within ourselves manifesting in the outter reality and therefore it is within our power to change it.

We do not consider revealing the plans or possible impending manifestations of the future to be anything other than absolutely vital in these times where great numbers of humanity are currently sleeping and by their lack of awareness often unconsciously contribute to the negative side.

There is no doubt that the powers-that-be are loosing power and influence during this time. This creates a wonderful opportunity to turn around possible negative events into positive ones. Sharing our inner knowledge is therefore vital in contributing to the building of a more positive future for humanity and changing the current paradigm.

..."if you build it they will come"
Field of Dreams
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master yowe
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Default Re: Kerry's New Post in Announcements!

Thankyou Norval for this thread , and thankyou Kerry love you heaps.

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Default Re: Kerry's New Post in Announcements!

The bible says that there will be dreams and visions given to many from all walks of life in these last days.
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bible, ufo, visions, et's

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