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Default Private P2P Network for Sharing Information

I've been wanting to set up a private P2P (peer-to-peer) network for sharing information/files with trusted friends and i think i found a decent application to do it. I invite all to take a look and post back if interested. let's start an Avalon P2P community where we can share resources!

My criteria for an application was:

(! = required) (* = optional)

! serverless - NO central server
! not web-based - application installs on your PC
! all traffic encrypted
! ability to share specific files with specific people
! FREE with no ad/malware
! connect automatically to other members when app runs
! basic text chat
* voice conferencing
* multi-platform (NT, *nix, etc.)
* open source

what i came up with is "Transporter P2P", which meets most of my criteria:

http://www.brooksyounce.com/ - click the software link

It is incredibly SMALL in size, yet packs a decent punch. Missing is voice conferencing, but i emailed the dev to see if he'd be willing to update and integrate another app he wrote, "TinyTalk", with Transporter.Of course this can always be done with a separate app as well. It's not open source or multi-platform either, but one could always try running it on WINE if you're a Linux fan.

The one i really liked was "qNext", but 1) it's ad supported and 2) like many others, they require you to create an account with them. Serverless is very important to me -- i don't want to rely on a 3rd party to be able to network with friends. It's also a privacy issue.

Post back if you're interested!
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Default Re: Private P2P Network for Sharing Information

alternatively, you could create a free account at http://tracker.conspiracycentral.net/

it's a bitorrent community, and a great one. i recommend using utorrent.

then you would have access to thousands of already-seeded files

i like your idea, but then again there's no need to reinvent the wheel when a pretty round one already is out there for us to use!


edit: i understand one of the criteria is to have a serverless and private exchange medium... but honestly, any sufficiently motivated group of people with access to the right technologies can literally get into anything they want, so going overboard with security is not really that necessary if you are just exchanging information. what are you gonna be peer-to-peer'ing anyway? unless it's bank account information or your medical history, a file sharing service is much easier, much more widely available, and offers more access to the types of peers who are ready, willing and able to exchange information like you.

nothing against the community here, but not many of avalon's members are techie nerds that need or even want a service like the one you are setting up (not that it isn't understood and appreciated by some of us!)

i hope this post was of some value to ya. take care bud.

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Default Re: Private P2P Network for Sharing Information

I would be quite interested but I would have to rely on others for the technical know how. If you want to try a test run you can try a link with me.

.....if I can understand enough of the instructions.
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Exclamation Re: Private P2P Network for Sharing Information

forget my idea!!!

check zotero out:

http://www.zotero.org/videos/tour/zotero_tour.htm - video tour

this is a very sweet looking extension for Firefox 3.*. they are planning network capability for the 2.* release. i just installed it and can't wait to get started organizing all my **** in such a way as to actually make sense. and the fact that it's accessible right from my browser is wonderful since the www is where i do the vast majority of research.

@omnicentricity - now you see what i had in mind. it's not about warez
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