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Default Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

I had a vision in the early hours of Thursday, September 4th (Approximately 5 a.m. Pacific Standard time- I live near Seattle, WA USA). Usually my visions occur as a "movie behind my eyelids" while I am awake and conscious, as was the case with this one. In this vision I could see an Old World map. The North, South, East, West directions on the map were pointing in unnatural directions. As this caught my attention, the Old World Map superimposed underneath the directions started to shake violently and would not stop. It kept shaking even as my vision ended. I asked when this would occur and was psychically told "October/November".
Here is my interpretation: At first I wondered if a pole shift or earthquake of world wide magnitude would occur. I have since intuited that the real meaning is there will be an "earth shaking event" taking place. After searching more, I see others feel (through many sources) that an event may occur during October 2008. The Old World map signified the world as we knew it ending, and hopefully creating a new one.
Has anyone else had visions, dreams, or intuitions regarding this next month? I listened to Bill and Kerry's paranexus radio interview and Kerry mentioned she had a dream (?) about October but didn't specify details. I would love to hear about it as well as your experience.....

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Default Re: Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

Hi Kristo and welcome.

I had one dream in my teens of everyone being in their homes worrying. We where all glued to the TV awaiting news on some unknown(to me) event.

A dream i recall from 3 years ago(one of those that makes you think - where did that all come from) was of driving to the supermarket with a sense of dread. Inside the supermarket everyone felt the same but carried on. It was so painful, the feeling of no hope. I got my stuff and left the supermarket and then saw(didnt hear) 2 mushroom clouds in the distance. In the end before i woke up - i was near a shack with 4 or 5 others. The bombs hadnt killed everything and the sun still shined??????

My most recent(that made me think) AND now worrying dream(from 2006) involves events around the experiment that could cause black holes. In the dream i look out of my window and witness parked vehicles being dragged in one direction. People are yelling,screaming and i stand there in shock. The TV dies as does all power and then it all goes black! The dream then moves to a image of a large coin shaped object in a field surrounded by military

As with all dreams, you never get a clear picture but are lefting wondering with so many questions.

Hope this has been interesting
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Default Re: Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

about a year ago I had a regular dreams about mushroom clouds, paramilitary in the streets and fighter jets flying around. The feeling wasn't good.

I haven't had those dreams in many months, but I have had very positive ET dreams, in which they are initating contact and we can see them flying around.

In one dream they landed a saucer and came out, about 12 of them. They looked JUST LIKE US! Grandmas, kids, adults, men and women. The only difference is that they were VERY loving and all had the clearest blue eyes.

They told me they were our "family" and were just like us, and loved us very much and were helping us to awaken. It was a very positive dream. I have felt absolutely zero fear about ET's since then.

I am a channeler and commuincate with representatives from the Galactic Federation (at least thats what they tell me) and they have shown me SEVERAL Times that in 2011 the sun will go through a huge dimensional shift (from 3D to 4D) and that will send massive magnetic ripples through the solar system and lots of upheaval on Earth. I was shown certain areas hit worst, although, the entire world will be affected. At that point, centrist control structures will begin to completely fall apart. Its the beginning of the new age on this planet-it is a very, very beautiful and amazing shift we will have. I am not in any state of fear at all whatsoever since these visions and understandings.

I am told repeatedly that humanity, each person individually, must choose to ascend by being willing to become absolutely responsible that they are the creator of ALL of their experience, especially their inner experience (emotions, beliefs, reactions). This is the key to making the shift with the Earth, and the SUn and our solar system, as well as the rest of the universe, from 3D to 4D.

Thanks for letting me share!!

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Default Re: Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

well, i dont really talk about this much but two or so times i have seen things in a dream that was slightly different in a noticeable but not drastic way then a normal dream that happened about year later once and 4weeks another in which if i didnt see & prepare for in advance i dont think i would have been able to handle them.

My real concern is about 2months ago i had one of these dream things in which NYC had been hit by a nuclear attack and my family friends i & towns ppl had gotten out of the blast radius to the point where we weren't directly killed but in order 2 escape we had 2 travel through radiation, i felt i knew we'd suffer "consequences" later.. kinda distinctly sickening recalling it. Iv been preparing for a little now & do believe thats a likely outcome.
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Default Re: Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

Not discounting your visions - this might all come to pass, but you might be bringing your worries - subconscious to the conscious levels. I would still like to think that the Federation of Light will stop any nuclear events taking place as they said they could do. October dose seem the time when all this is going to kick off just going my alternative media and the mainstream news.

I asked for contact with Fed of Light the other night and in my dream I was two sides fighting each other - one side - classically - was good and the other really bad. I don't know for sure that this dream maeant, bit I do know that there is a war on for our minds on every level.

Good thoughts are needed to prevent these actions manifesting themselves.

Love, peace and light - the only way to fly...
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Default Re: Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

So not kool theirs a mushroom cloud patterning/theme going on in the collective subconcious..

This seems to be fitting a pattern though check it out. http://www.arlingtoninstitute.org/ta...ng-event-alert it was up a little before but now its breaking news on google search. Any thoughts?

If im right & Pleadians claimed to be from the federation of light in the Myers(sp?)case that does add a lot more credibility IMO.

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Exclamation Re: Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

Hi!, I will start with saying I my own self have been working very hard at just staying centered in the NOW. Keeping busy with the doing of things at hand that need to be done. ( We had our first killing frost last night and I knew that was coming, in fact one night late I got up out of bed took my little flashlight to the garden and picked all the tomatoes ripe or green they all got picked and all the summer squach and cukes, this week it is plums and applese). All of those tasks keep my body busy they are getting done. The real energy is in keeping my spirit at rest. After the phone call of Bill Deacon, then the counter calls supporting and then against. My head was spinning.. Last night on the Coast to Coast A.M. one caller put up a point that Kerry touched on when speaking with Mr. Green on the last phone call up from him in Sept. She said there seem to be Good and Bad E.T.'s.... Folks I am holding up my hand high asking to be heard... Think about the very first part of the Bible. (Daughters of man were so good looking that the son's of god came to have sex).. Then there was the whole long time known and repeated over and over that one of the angels had taken about one third of the angles in heaven and what did (God) do? Cast them to the earth...

What is gonig on??? I will tell you what I am getting (My own idea which may or maynot be from my own mind I honestly cannot say I only know that I am at a point of peace with this thinking).. What is happening is one wild ride we have just started it. This is the fimal count down in the demention of time of humans on earth.. I know this has been said for ever, time and again over hundreds of years, I really do feel that is the cause of all these events.
OUR SOUL is on the line here folks.. It is time to let go of our fear about money, and worry only about our whole humankinds future. To balance out this post to a thread I picked for a reason... HERE is a statement to a photo taken that anyone can look on coast to coast am and look at.

I Quote from off that site.

I was shooting the mountain (Mount Moran In the Grand Tetons Wyoming) at sunset and positioned myself to catch the sun just as it was going down at the tip of the mountain. I suddenly got this vivid premonition of the Yellowstone super volcano blowing up (the caldera is very near by). Interestingly, I shot a number of clouds where it is raining but the rain does not reach the ground (I believe the name is virga)... they looked incredibly like thermonuclear mushroom clouds. The experience was like a premonition.


Here is the link so you can see his photo..


I close with messages of two of the most powerful dreams I have had.

1. Life is a gift!! (may this give you the peace I have in being told these four words. With them came the following understanding. Our soul was given a gift to be here in this place, at this time in the history of time on this earth. Each of us; we are all here for a reason; and it is a great gift to have recived a chance to be here now.)

2. You cannot give up!! (I have a major health issue. A whole other subject; which in the past few years has just gotten worse. I prayed to the creator to please let me give a raincheck for any of the tasks I need to do in this life and just let me cross over out of this very sick body. The message #2 was given to me by one of the very best friends I have ever had who has crossed over. I guess creator knew I would listen to her... I did recover and I am not at all what anyone can call healthy but I am alive and doing all I can to stay here for the duration. ).... May you have some joy in your life today.
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Default Re: Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

I had a dream back in September about October. In my dream, my friend was warning me that October 12th would be a big day and that things would completely change after that day. Well, I looked at the calendar after that dream and realized it's a Sunday (and it's coming up this weekend...) George Green has stated before that a controlled economic collapse would occur on or around a three day weekend/bank holiday. Monday is Columbus Day.

I live in NYC and I have a go bag and an escape route out. Anyone in a big city should have an escape route. Just in case.

When a force majeur is announced on the TV, that means the U.S. is effectively bankrupt. Immediately, the banks would close. No one would be able to get money out of the ATM's or banks. This wouldn't be a pretty sight in a big city within two or three days.

However, I am not expecting any of this to happen. I hope my dream was just a projection of my overall anxiety about the economic situation right now. I believe strongly that if we stay calm and spirit-centered, we can be safe and know what to do in the event of an emergency and we are protected by our higher spirits and angels all the time. So we should be alert, but not fearful.
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dream, october 2008, precognition, vision

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