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Question Dreams.

I had 2 dreams that made a deep impression on me that I can share with you all.
One was in color, the other one in black and white.

I think it was about the times we find us in at this very moment.

For what they are worth to the reader (They were published on the web before.):

Dream 1:

I find myself hanging from a helicopter with the rope holding me tied to my arms,
and my arms are tied behind my back.
I have no choice but to go along with the ride,
who wants to fight the rope that keeps one in relative safety up here, not?

Then in the distance some industrial area comes in sight with one gigantic big smoke stack,
and the helicopter is flying in that direction.

When we get closer, the helicopter lowers above it, and I can see the top edge,
that has a strange sunlight reflective area going all around on top.

When we lower more, I see that that reflective area is one big knife edge
going around on top..

The helicopter lowers more, and I have to put my feel in wide stand on top of the knife edge. Then the rope is lowered and my arms get free...

So here I find myself standing on a knife on the top of a gigantic smoke stack.
On the outside it is a long way down, and on the inside of the
smokestack there is assumingly in the dark, waiting a long way down also.

Did I mention that at this moment I feel the knife edge slicing into my feet
and pain starts... I have the choice to bear the pain, or move my feet,
so at least I have some more time before the pain gets unbearable...

I stand here for a while, the helicopter is gone, and in the inside or on
the outside of the smokestack, there is NO ladder down...
This gives me time to ponder about my situation. I have 3 choices...

1 Jump outside the smokestack to what looks a certain death.
2 Jump inside the smokestack to what is assumed to be a certain death.
3. Wait until by the blood loss by the cuts in my feet, the decision to
jump is taken away from me together with my consciousness...

Pondering this dilemma for a save solution I woke up...
My best guess is that the lesson of that dream is that my feed are bleeding something unknown to me while I am alive.

Dream 2:

I find myself in a dark area in between what looks 2 big round lines
that prolong into the far far distance,
One of the lines is red, the other one is blue.
I don't trust the situation, so I try to stay away from either one as
far as possible... And thus in the exact middle inbetween them.
The situation doesn't change, so I start moving forward, since I
conclude what ever got me into this situation is behind me, and why go
back to something that is already definite.
I start moving forward, and in the distance it looks like the 2 lines
connect in the middle.. Also, the lines come closer together.
While I am moving forward, sparks start emitting from both lines towards me.
At a certain moment in time, the sparks become lightning that keeps
hitting me.
Stubborn as I am, I KEEP moving forward, until the lightning discharges
to me from both sides becomes unbearable and full continuous.


Any thoughts about this last one?
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Default Re: Dreams.


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dream, future, life

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