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Citizen Zeitgeist
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Default Localised Community Template

The survival of our species is endangered if we fail to accept and then implement two basic principles: violent acts, rather than human nature, perpetuate violence in our societies; and debt-based financial systems guarantee human suffering, crime and war, the lifeblood of Neo-Corporatism.

The process and effects of globalisation must be reversed. Almost all trade must be localised. Every community must reorganise itself outside of the globalised system. We must create our own debt-free trading networks, founded upon the principles of individual responsibility and mutual cooperation for the highest benefit of all.

We need to desert the Free Market to localise our resources, with the aim of reclaiming the sovereignty of our independent nation states, as well as our individual sovereignty as Free Humans on the Land. The highly infectious disease of materialism can easily be cured with the collective acknowledgement of our universal responsibility to each other and the planet we share. The spiritual path to self-determination requires that we learn to distinguish between what we choose for ourselves and what has been imposed upon us by the controllers.

Debt-free communities can be easily engineered through the localisation and protection of trade, enabling total provision for everybody in the community, everywhere on the planet.

The framework of the Localised Community Template is simple. Gather together a group of like-minded people from every walk of life, anywhere in the world. Replace the debt-based financial systems with a usuary-free, permanent credit system, based upon the co-operative agreement of soveriegn human beings to provide goods and services for everybody in the community, subject to mutually agreed individual needs and requirements.

Anything that can't be provided by the community can be acquired from neighbouring districts, either with pooled community resources, or within the terms and conditions of cooperative trade agreements with other communities. Everybody will have unlimited credit to acquire everything they need, as long as they offer something back to the community on a permanent basis, even if the community begins and ends with their own family.

Sovereign human beings should engage their labour as much as their community needs them to, rather than for a mandated time period, leaving the rest of our lives free for family, education, creativity, entertainment and spiritual fulfillment. The philosphical template for this new way of living will be founded on the four fundamental laws of the universe: attraction; allowance; intent; and balance.

The police and the military will be invited to become the defenders of the community and its property, although the genuine possibility of peace, freedom and prosperity for all humanity will eradicate what we now know as inequality and crime. Coercion is, by its very definition, always a destructive social policy. We must all take individual responsibility for our actions, under the protection of Common Law.

Government, as we know it, must be dissolved and replaced with an accountable administration of constitutional rights, liberties and protections, overseen by a co-operative union of citizens, free from both corporate and political affiliations or patronage. The culture of privelidge and elitism will disintegrate organically when all souls are rightfully considered equals before the Prime Creator of the universe.

Human relationships are too often founded upon perceived social or financial status, rather than genuine affection, love, empathy and respect. Lies and betrayal have tarnished all our lives, but only because we have been conditioned to consider them an inevitable consequence of being human. It is time to radically alter our thinking.

The chaotic state of the World is the result of our passive complicity in the tyranny of the elite, who have pogrammed us to blame ourselves, the victims, rather than the perpetrators of these universal crimes against humanity. It is for the highest benefit of all that we will desert their corrupt social systems and build new paradigms right across the planet, choosing to walk the path of love, leaving behind the path of fear.

By applying the four fundamental laws of the universe our success is guaranteed. Since the controllers are applying attraction and intent only, they have no chance of defeating Human Becomings who are diligently applying all four, which can never manifest any negative consequences for the planet or our species.

By investing faith in our highest selves, we will all remember our Soul Purpose here at this time of ultimate chaos; to bring peace, freedom, individual responsibility and mutual cooperation to all humanity on Planet Earth, for the highest benefit of the entire universe. Welcome to the winning side of a game with no losers.

Peace, freedom, love and light to all,

Citizen Zeitgeist
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