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Citizen Zeitgeist
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Default Universal Freedom

In the beginning, there was consciousness. A single thought, acting within and of itself, was then manifested into energy, which joyfully transformed into dancing light and sound of endless colour, out of which creation sprang forth, with a resplendent cocophony of infinite expansion and grace, in the mirror image of the purest thoughts made manifest in the third dimension.

Many eons of sequential time later, the source of all energy and matter spontaneously thought into existence a framework within which tiny fragments of Prime Creator consciousness, more commonly known as the Human Race, would each be granted the sacred gift of Free Will, as well as unlimited potential for transcendence to the very highest dimensions of conscious experience.

This metaphysical framework, through which all energy should be filtered for the best and highest benefit of the entire cosmos, is considered to be the divine blueprint for the blissfull, spiritual fulfillment of humanity. It is also known as the Four Fundamental Laws of the Universe: attraction, intent, alowance and balance.

Attaining this harmonious state would have been an organic progression for all humanity, were it not for the fact that the physical being most genetically predisposed to unconditional love and creative achievment, has exhanged its god-given Free Will for material bondage and devolution.

Freudian analysis has only exacerbated our problems by encouraging us to pay people to lead us into naval-gazing narcissism, which wll never pose any kind of threat to the power of the controllers. How beautifully ironic that the only being in the universe with the capacity to ascend to full Prime Creator consciousness has such a debilitating inferiority complex. This really is why it is so important to laugh at oursleves, lest we disappear up the anus of our collective insecurity.

The knowledge of the fundamental laws, along with endlessly surpressed technological advancements, the true story of humanity has been deliberately hidden from view to keep the mass population of the planet in a permanent state of confusion. Nevertheless, right across the galaxy, there is unconditional faith in humanity’s potential to free itself from its metaphysical incarceration, before we destroy the beautiful, bountiful Earth and its myriad of life forms.

If the Human Race only knew a fraction of its power to create its own experience, it would never have thought into existence so much chaotic suffering for itself to endure. Almost impossible though it may be for many people to accept, we have been genetically engineered to be enslaved by debt and fear. In spite of this, within our unique DNA is the key to unlocking freedom, peace and prosperity for our entire species.

A template for a new social paradigm has already been projected into the mass consciousness, lighting up the universe with an eternal gift of unconditional love and boundless joy.

We can choose to completely opt out of the system that enslaves us by localising and protecting all forms of trade, and developing the free energy technologies that have been surpressed by the controllers. We should implement these new paradigms with the goal of becoming self sufficient, sustainable communities of sovereign human beings.

This will reverse the ill effects of globalisation and peacefully take back the power that we have passively granted our oppressors for millennia of sequential time. To bring this universe back into harmonious balance, we must become the freedom, peace and love we want to see in the World, ushering in the dawn of the Golden Age of Humanity.

Together, united by our similarities, rather than divided by our differences, the Human Race can free itself from genocide, torture, famine, disease, fear and debt. Localisation is the catalyst for our unity and mutual cooperation, since it is also the ultimate eradicator of social inequality. It will also enable us to eradicate our chemical pollution of the planet we were born to collectively inherit.

From a spiritual perspective, irrespective of conflicting religious conviction, the ancient art of meditation can heal all humanity's emotional wounds and facilitate our ascension to higher levels of conscious experience, while daily yoga sessions can release the stress and anxiety that seizes our minds and bodies, as we engage in futile, material struggles, without end, spiritual purpose or fulfillment.

No armed revolution will be ever be successful. As Gandhi taught us, victory attained by violence is always shortlived. The corrupt system will fall on its own sword when the police and the military are invited to protect the people and their new paradigms, rather than criminal governments and their corporate interests.

The Illuminati Empire is already crumbling around their feet, as humanity begins to choose the path of love, rather than the path of fear. We must render their power impotent by removing all negattive thoughts about their actions, lies and agenda from our vibarational frequency, which will be raised sufficiently to lift the planet out of negative polarity. The Mayan calender suggests this is due to happen on or around December 21st 2012, while Alex Collier has aid that the Andromedans believe that it will happen 12 months later. Either way, know in your hearts that there is nothing to fear.

Despite the huge risks that bestride the entire universe, we are now entering the most exciting phase of human evolution, as we begin to reawaken to our infinite potential and ascend from the victim consciousness into Prime Creator's pillar beam of light. We should keep that thought very firmly in focus, placing our faith in the fundamental laws and following the path we know is right in our hearts, no matter how much organised chaos ensues around us.

Everywhere on the planet, people are waking up to their innate ability to imagine better lives for themselves. Many have gradually become aware that the socially acceptable path to 'success' in a globalised economy almost always necessitates acts of institutionalised corruption, for the benefit of a self-appointed elite, to the detriment of the vast majority. A feeling inside knows that there just has to be a better way.

My Soul Purpose on this planet, the reason I volunteered to incarnate on Earth at this chaotic and exciting time, is to think into physical existence an enlightened Community Template, before experiencing it into wisdom for the highest benefit of the entire universe. I am grateful to Prime Creator for the opportunity to co-create this leap in human consciousness and place my trust in the unconditional love of my highest self. Individual responsibility and mutual co-operation will set us free.

Peace, freedom, love and light,

Citizen Zeitgeist
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Default Re: Universal Freedom

very well put...all in a nutshell...
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Frank Samuel
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Default Re: Universal Freedom

You are on the money my friend, for me this journey of life before returning home to the prime creator is to help liberate the concious mind of as many souls as possible. My children those under my care will pick up the baton and continue the race, we may trip and fall along the way but it is clear we are not alone.Imagine if Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others have worry only about their petty self what a waste of space. Yes like magnets we are attracted across the milky way, just close your eyes and listen, feel the wind,Gaia is alive and it is she who has embrace this planet . Wars, famine, injustices,global warming is all there it cannot be ignore and call it a figment of my imagination. My spirit says enough is time to act. The field of concious Light energy emanatting from our hearts and minds will change this reality.We are stronger than any nuclear bomb. I have a dream where the words utter by a man 40 yrs. ago. The universal dream of freedom.
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Citizen Zeitgeist
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Default Re: Universal Freedom

Many thanks for your positive affirmation. Feel free to visit the link below to continue the nurturing of the new paradigms in the mass consciousness of humanity.

It is time to turn our backs on the fear of truth, so that we are able to embrace the unconditional love of freedom.

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community, paradigms, template

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