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Default Future Political Campaign

Hello everyone!

I have been mulling an idea around for a few months and have discussed it with one or two people.

I think that if we (truth seekers) want to be taken more seriously by the masses of sleep walking people in society then WE need to get serious ourselves.

Websites and forums such as this are excellent for us to gain and share knowledge with each other but how many sheeple are you going to wake up by posting on here? On sites such as this we are talking to fellow truth seekers who are, essentially, already awake. We need to take the truth movement to the next level, and soon!

We must get out from in front of our computer screens in our offices and bedrooms and onto a stage. A stage where the masses will look up and take notice would be the political stage.

I am not talking about forming a political party (as you will see below) as any such party would only be infiltrated and taken over by the ‘powers that be’ and a political party is fundamentally against one of the principals for which I stand, anyway.
I am, however, talking about forming a political movement. I think that by putting up 10 or 20 INDEPENDENT political candidates for every Parliamentary seat in the UK, all of whom are giving the same basic message, then the media would be unable to ignore it and so the people would be exposed to it, en masse.

The idea is not to get yourself elected! If anyone makes the mistake of being elected they should refuse the seat, lest he or she becomes a pawn of the system (or inert, i.e. a pawn of the system)!


This requires no special co-ordination between individuals or groups across the country. You will know what to do. You simply have to make your voice and your truth heard. WAKE PEOPLE UP!

When you are a conspiracy theorist / truth seeker / light worker in front of the computer screen your affect is going to be confined to the four walls of the room you are in. You will always be thought of as a weird, little, conspiracy nut by the sheeple around you unless you take a leap and put yourself ‘out there’ onto a serious stage with other serious people. The stage that you climb onto needs to be considered by the masses as a serious stage where only serious people would dare to go. The political stage is probably the one that most ‘normal’ people would consider to be the most serious. The vast majority of the public would never even consider running for election. They will generally think they are too insignificant a person to run for election and conversely they regard the people who do run as ‘special’ in some way.
We know it is a farce but most ‘normal’ people do not. Despite politics / elections being a farce it is one of the main places that ‘normal’ people look to for guidance on their overall view of the world. The people need to see you and a dozen or so fellow truth seekers up there – all saying the same thing. Only then would the television-addled minds of the masses take you and WHAT YOU SAY seriously.
The messenger is not important, the message is what is important. However, a 9/11 truther shouting from a street corner is a mad man. A 9/11 truther standing for election to their local seat in Parliament and being interviewed on television is someone to take notice of. And when there are 10 or 20 independent candidates on each and every political stage, the length and breadth of the country, the people will no longer be able to turn a blind eye to what is being presented. When it is in their DAILY lives they WILL deal with it.

This political movement would also up the stakes with the ‘powers that be’. It would send a message to those currently in power that we are ready to take them on – ON THEIR TURF! The political arena has always been where they lord their power over us.
Government should be there to serve the people and administer to the people’s needs. As most people know (truth seeker and sheeple alike) it is currently set up as a protection racket by a bunch of GANGSTERS.
Mounting this action would send a message loud and clear to these gangster thugs that we no longer tolerate their behaviour; we are drawing a line in the sand and we are shining the spotlight of publicity on THEM, for all to see.
A successful campaign means there will be no need to ‘take over’ government by winning seats (nor by any violent means) because the current status of government will be over-taken by the people.

The political action may also serve as a protective sheath for truth seekers such as your selves. The government (and police and military) would be very reluctant (I hope) to start rounding up and arresting political candidates all over the country. Also, if they did start doing that I think it would wake the sheeple up faster and more resoundingly than anything we could ever do!
The ‘powers that be’ could, however, retaliate financially. Be aware of this. If something bad does happen to you, like the loss of your job, you could use your presence in the political arena to kick up a fuss about it in the media.

In the UK it is surprisingly simple (I thought there would be more to it) to stand as a candidate for election to a seat in Parliament.
You need to go to the local town hall and pick up the registration form. Fill in your details. Get the signatures and details of ten people who will support your candidacy. Return the form along with a £500 deposit to the town hall. The £500 deposit is refunded if you get above a certain percentage of the votes but be prepared to spend it. Maybe each candidate could split the cost with their ten supporters.
See the website www.ElectoralCommission.org.uk for more information.

Anyway, I have drawn up a list of what I consider to be important goals and stances on various issues. Of course, each candidate could present their own issues as they saw fit – I do not expect everyone to agree word for word about the message they give.

Abolition of the Bank of England

Abolition of the monarchy

Abolition of the party political system

Outlawing of ‘Common Purpose’ and arrest of all members for treason

Immediate and COMPLETE withdrawal from the European (Soviet) Union

Immediate and COMPLETE withdrawal from the United Nations

Immediate and COMPLETE withdrawal from the World Trade Organisation

Immediate and COMPLETE withdrawal from all international banking organisations

Severing of all relations with the Vatican

Severing of all relations with Israel

Outlawing of all secret societies

Arrest, for treason, of all British attendees of the Bilderberg Group

Break-up of all corporations

Outlawing of eugenics and arrest of all involved for crimes against humanity

Outlawing of microchip implants for human beings

Outlawing of the fluoridation of water supplies

Complete exposure and outlawing of all mind control programs & techniques and arrest of all involved

Immediate cessation of ‘chemtrail’ activity over British air space (and the world)

Investigation of the H.A.A.R.P. project, based in Alaska, and the demand for it to be shut down, along with other similar sites around the world

Restoration of individual citizens’ sovereignty from the State

Repeal of all recent ‘anti-terror’ legislation

De-militarisation of the police

Removal of CCTV cameras from British streets

Withdrawal of our armed forces to within the nation’s borders

Independent investigation of the events of 11th September 2001

Independent investigation of the events in London on 7th July 2005, 21st July 2005 & 22nd July 2005

Outlawing of all ‘directed energy’ weapons (electromagnetic and sonic)

Prevention, by treaty or otherwise, of the proliferation of weapons in space

Full disclosure of the extra-terrestrial presence interacting with earth & advanced energy technology

Re-introduction of regulations for the mass media

Re-nationalisation of all public services

Complete and final destruction of the New World Order

Well, there’s my ‘manifesto’. All we need now is an election! Perhaps people in America could try this out, if the election in November does go ahead, and let us know how well it goes.

Constructive criticism of this idea is welcome.

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