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Default Avalon Reconnections at YahooGroups

Avalon Ground Crew Reconnections at YahooGroups:

I am doing this because:
I have two reports that my email address karen@projectavalon.net is giving some bounce messages. Now that just frosts my cookie to the point I have icicles hanging off my eyelashes today, but they are starting to melt now. I decided since I have run indigo discussion groups for over 15 years at yahoo, this would be the quickest way to help with the subscription lock out at the Avalon Forum. I have set this up as an open group where anyone can post. To begin with, all messages will be moderated before they appear on the list.

Be polite and respectful. No potty mouth. Use it for it's intended purpose. I'm not taking complaints about Avalon going subscription. I've read most them in their thousands of permutations, up, down, sideways, diagonal, inside out, etc. ... as have Bill and Kerry. People have presented some good ways to avoid subscription and I have noted them and possibly something can change down the road. But for now I'm choosing to support Bill and Kerry's decision for this to provide them with an immediate basic monthly income. The vast majority of Avalon participants do not need this warning, but a few do: Do not abuse this group, or I can set up several layers of lock-down, including the ultimate, nuking it into oblivion.

This group is to help you reconnect with your lost friends from the Project Avalon forum, and brainstorm ways to get them back into Avalon. We could do some fund-raising to buy more $12/yr passes for your friends that would like to return to posting mode. The only ones that we cannot help are those that object based on the "principle of the matter." Some of those could try a "brain shift" and for those that can't I respect their right to leave.

You can use this group to ask for a free pass. As long as the numbers remain reasonable we can currently do student passes, low income passes, witness passes ... Got Problems? Solutions R Us.

Readers can also report technical problems with the forum, report posts, brainstorm, ask for access to download your private messages - any thing solution based.

What this is NOT:
This is not a place to complain or belittle others. This is not an attempt to pull Avalon discussion into this group. That will not be allowed. Meet up, chat a bit and then be on your way back to the forum or real world connections.

If you are a member of a yahoo group or want to set up a yahoo profile you can post from the internet here:

Or anyone can send a message to:

Since I have been a YahooGroups member for so long - let me know if there are any edits I need to do with the two connection instructions above.


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