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Default Nourishing Traditions

This is a post about the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Alot of good information about diets, food testing, commercial propaganda, ect. has been synthesized there.

Starting with a common myth that fat / high cholesterol is bad. After researching this more deeply it is clear that high quality saturated fat is great for you. Polyunsaturated oils and pretty much every vegetable oil on the market is actually rather toxic for you when heated at high temperatures( unheated olive oil is ok). Not to be fanatical however because cooking with butter/olive oil is ok at times. The oils help digest and utilize the food although using RAW pasture fed dairy will help us recieve the full benefits of that substance.

Making beef stock and other traditional stocks provides TONS of valuable nutrients that are easily assimilated. We need to eat food we can conquer if we wish to use it for building and maintaining our bodies. Modern grain products are incredibly hard to digest and should almost always be avoided because they dont soak the flour or sprout the grains inorder to transmute the phytic acid. Our ancestors knew that grains were sacred and required special treatment in order for them to be digestable however now days the typical loaf of bread is made in 5 minutes.

Another valuable tool is to increase beneficial bacteria in your body making food assimilated easily the whole way down. We do this by eating naturally fermented foods like sauerkraut(unpasturized)/kimchi/miso/sourcream(preferably RAWmilk)/yogurt ect. These help break down the food making nutrients available immediately also making our bodies use much less energy doing it.

Also we should have at least some percent of our diet as raw vegetables and if your healthy fruit. However what is a wonderful medicine for one person may be like a poison to another. So learning to slow down and be conscious of ourselves will help us reconnect with our instinctive ability to select food.

Besides variety and balance in the diet what is most important is having positive mental states. Hate, anger, fear and all the rest of the negative emotions disturbs our bodily, mental, emotional, ect. processes. Heart attacks, strokes and all the other problems people are facing these days are mainly due to an inability to positively transform the impressions of life not just our food. These inner tensions need to be removed through meditation and self understanding not just diet.

For the inward problems the Dalai Lama does a good job of being a universal source of ailments.

For the concerns about diet visit this site.

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Default Re: Nourishing Traditions

I have had the book for a couple of years now and love it.
Thanks for bringing it to everyones attention.
It is a must have in your collection.
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Default Re: Nourishing Traditions

I do not have this particular book, but am familiar with the author and the Weston A. Price website. It has a wealth of nutritional information and some of it is quite enlightening when contrasted with the prevailing 'low-fat, low-protein, high-carb' diets touted by the Heart Disease associations of the world, etc.

I think websites like this are important to point out some of the weak spots in the vegetarian world, I won't say either 'side' has it totally right, but we need to consider all information before we go promoting something as superior.

Having researched and experienced both a meatless and meat-based diet, I have to say moderation in all areas has provided me the best health. Great website to check out, good viewpoints to consider.
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Default Re: Nourishing Traditions

This book is great and has been a catalyst for me to learn how to do a lot of things from scratch. Also check out Preserving food without freezing or canning by the Gardeners & Farmers of Terre Vivante, Wild Fermentation by Sandor Elix Katz, and Root Cellaring by Mike and Nancy Bubel. Also Bread by Jeffrey Hamelmann if you want to learn how to make good bread.
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