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Arrow 9/11 Saudi, UK, Bush Alliance - Financing /BAE, Bandar-Thatcher oil-arms deal

Following the money...

How Bush suppressed evidence of Saudi intelligence funding hijackers, UK support for preparation and execution in 9/11 attacks in the 9-11 Omission Report - partially declassified

- From LaRouche (Executive Intelligence Review) who from the start called 9/11 a "Reichstag Fire" plot
- Formal diplomatic protests to the City of London by 2000 for aiding and abetting terrorists - Egypt Israel France Algeria Peru Turkey Germany Libya Nigeria Yemen India
- Check Wikipedia - lots of editing today for LaRouche

LPACTV: 9/11 Cover is Blown (13:50)

NEW Bombshell Supports 9/11 as Inside Job 1/3 (7:18)

The truth, which is clearly revealed in newly declassified documents, available through the National Archives, is that two leading presumed U.S. allies - Saudi Arabia and Great Britain - were up to their eyeballs in the attacks on New York City and Washington. The United States was betrayed by leading elements within the Saudi Arabian Royal Family and intelligence services, in league with the British Empire. And top officials of the Bush-Cheney White House, the Justice Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were both aware of, and fully complicit in the coverup of the crime of the century. This interview is with Counterintelligence Chief Jeffrey Steinberg.
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THE eXchanger
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Default Re: 9/11 Saudi, UK, Bush Alliance - Financing /BAE, Bandar-Thatcher oil-arms deal

Chuck Boldwyn
November 19, 2008 @ 11:44 am
The following is the Equation that proves that the 911 Twin Towers could not possibly have collapsed due to exploding plane crashes and extremely widespread and intense fires.

CL(95) = 20*LL(95)
= 20*[5*DL(95)]
= 100*DL(95)
= 100*(95/15)DL(15)
= 633 Force Units of upward support

CL = Collapse Load for 100% & Total Collapse
LL = Live Load = Occupied & Furnished Weight
DL = Dead Load = Unoccupied, Unfurnished
110 = 110 Floor Steel WTC
95 = 95 Floor Steel Block (Lower Block)
15 = 15 Floor Steel Block (Top Block)
20 = Collapse Load Factor of John Skilling
5 = Live Load Factor of Ronald Hamburger

Therefore, it required the Force of Weight of 633 15-Floor-Blocks pressing down on one 95-Floor-Steel-Block before the possibility of total collapse could possibly occur.

I am using the NIST and Mass Medias own published and or announced at 911 tour presentations data to make this scientific proof that one 15-Floor-Block could not, even in one’s wildest dreams totally collapse the 95-Floor-Steel-Block below.
The same application of this data will show that the other Twin Tower could not possibly collapse.

I have prepared a MS Word document with photos, data tables, graphs and other evidence aplenty to conclusively prove my assertions. If you are interested in receiving it for your own evaluation and can help me distribute it to the world, please email me at
and I will send you a copy at your email address.

I am also in the process of preparing a narrated PowerPoint slide show to put on the Internet. It is not complete yet.

This site is an eye-opener for me and I was not aware that it existed. I have been blined from the Truth for all of my life due to extreme censorship of school textbooks, publishers, video documentaries, movies, newpapers, magazines, etc…. I am extremely angry about this censorship. I see it all very clearly now, starting only a few years ago, starting when I read the book “Jewish Supremicism”. I have a lot more reading to do on this site, and learning to add to my disgust about be lifelong duped and deceived.
The American Free Press web site also has a lot of current and good related information for the discerning researcher.

Endless thanks to the originator of this website for exposing this otherwise extraordinarily censored history and current events. Keep up the incredible work, but you need, somehow, to get it to all of the people of the USA and the World….

How could I have been deceived, fooled, duped, defrauded for so, so, so long???

Chuck Boldwyn
Retired Physics & Chemistry Instructor
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9/11, bush, great britain, saudi, thatcher

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