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Default N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE"

can you guess which one? ...STARWARS

ive been flabbergasted by mr george lucas's parable of whats happening today
in addition he's produced/written etc movies concerning Nazi's/occult (indiana jones raiders of the lost ark) mayan temples/ufo/crystal skulls ( IJ and the kingdom of the crystal skulls) he even produced a movie concerning interdimensional experiments and negative presences emerging (bad movie howard the duck-good subject though) one of my favorites of his is one concerning a future underground society police state with regulated emotions (the future of us on our way to being "greys") in THX-1138 (great movie)
heres the trailer


but take a look at the starwars story

the story of a republic manipulated by a cloaked dark figure (illuminati-ish) masquaerading as a benevolent politicion.
he manipulates the republic using trade and banking clans to produce artificial WAR and conflict , meanwhile he's breeding and army of mindcontrolled CLONES (that appear to be on the "good" side) until they implement the new world order which they do when he gives them order 66 (add another six, you get the idea)
in the end the people clamor for CONTROL out of CHAOS and freedoms are erased in place of a dictatorship.

also ill mention that credo mutwa has said the reptillians (if you believe in them, not sure i do) look alot like darth maul. indeed the emporor darth maul and eventually anakin when he goes to the darkside all have those yellow reptile eyes.

fast forward 20-30 years--luke skywalker defeats the emperor despite him trying to feed off his "anger and hatred" by using the meditative techniques taught by both physical and spirit guides using "love" for lack of a better word, and throws down his light saber and refuses to give into fear anger or agression, by doing so his father saves him and balance is restored to society and they go celebrate on a green moon with a tribal race that lives in balance with nature.

its basically the story of spirituality (balance,love light,energy) vs materialism (greed,power,control)

granted its mythology from lots of sources and historical tales but i think its a great mirror to whats happening today,kudos to Mr Lucas for a powerful message...all in a "kids movie"
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Default Re: N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE

Great thread and so true, but is he showing us what he thinks, or knows?! I believe there is a bigger mystery to Mr. Lucas than meets the eye! Did he also have something to do with close encounters of the third kind?
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Default Re: N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE

I completely agree with you.....being also that on the outside all his intentions have shone thru throughout the years in all his movies and that being in the upper echelon of the media giants, could be two-fold, could be letting the awakened in on all the "secrets" and also desensitizing the audience for future, "if all will be exposed". From what I've researched on his movies and subject matter......all are mixed with fact and fiction. But of course, most movies are. Either way, he has gathered our attention.
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Default Re: N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE

Don't use the computer Luke... use the force!

Intuition is the force... life force energy. Chi, prana, reiki etc inner knowing.

Just watched The last Mimsy this evening. So many hidden messages to the kids about the control and elite! cool movie.
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Default Re: N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE

i would say that he's a "good guy" being that he came up with this material before and during his first foray into hollywood and IMMEDIATELY left as soon as starwars blew up, he moved to the bay area and financed the movies himself-if there are illuminati at the hollywood studios he certainly wasnt working with them, he hated the studios.

i would also say that the inherent message in his movies is a positive spiritual one. again at the end of starwars spiritual balance is celebrated with a tribal people when an oppressive materialistic tyranny is finished.

why would someone make art with that message if he wasnt a believer in that message? as opposed to say "fight club" where secret violent meetings set up by someone with a fractured mind and recruits violent thugs that mindlessly repeat the rules of "fight club" and that violence somehow sets you free?

i would say that message is a dark one where you could argue that david fincher is espousing beliefs that are more towards the illuminati way of life.
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Default Re: N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE

In David Wilcock's last interview withPC he thought that the movie 'Daredevil' with Ben Affleck was kind of the Illuminatti hand book, I've never seen it but the movie description doesn't sound like it. Any thoughts or has anybody seen it?
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Default Re: N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE

i copied and pasted this from an interview from svali (an ex illuminati) this is from her interviewer though i think. (daredevil's at the end)

Illuminati Mass Indoctrination Through Popular Hollywood Movies

Ready to watch some movies? If you’ve made it this far, then you can see that Svali’s words are a lot to take in. The one major area that has not been covered so far is the heavy Illuminist indoctrination of Hollywood. We know of only one movie that was directly intended to expose this Hollywood indoctrination – Mulholland Drive by David Lynch.

After reading a healthy dose of Svali, the bizarre, frightening Mulholland Drive makes perfect sense – mafia / Illuminist control of Hollywood movie production, the frightening blackmail character known as "the Cowboy," (probably indicative of Bush Administration and cronies,) mind-controlled attractive blonde females preferentially given movie roles by Mafia honchos despite lack of talent, a demon that actually manifests at the end of the movie and is holding a blue box and key symbolic of mind control techniques, the betrayal of friends at the hands of others, hidden assassinations, Luciferian nighttime rituals featuring an opera singer and magician with supernatural evil events, et cetera. Most people say they do not understand this movie.

Also, the Stanley Kubrick movie Eyes Wide Shut was another major whistle-blower on the Illuminati, designed to raise public awareness. Cruise is a doctor who gains access to a cult ritual at a very high-class mansion where its participants are all wearing black robes and masks. There is a ceremonial section followed by group-orgy sections, all the while with the participants still wearing their masks. Cruise is discovered and caught, summoned before the red-robed leader and is ominously told to "remove his clothes," probably leading to group ritual death. Then a female he previously knew and recognized at the party dramatically announces from a balcony that she will "offer herself for him."

Cruise is then set free, and warned that if he tells anyone what he saw here tonight, "there will be the most dire consequences – for you and your family." Both the girl, who he had met before the event and recognized, as well as his piano-playing friend who got him in, end up dying under very suspicious circumstances. A prominent friend of Cruise’s, played by Sidney Gottlieb, comes clean at having seen him at the event, and says, "If I told you who was there – and I’m not going to tell you, but if I did tell you – you wouldn’t sleep so well." He tells his wife about the whole thing and they decide to forget it ever happened, thus living life with their "Eyes Wide Shut."

Kubrick kept the content of the movie extremely secret, selling it only as being heavily sexual in nature. However, on the day before it premiered, Kubrick was found dead in his sleep. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman both express extreme signs of tension on the DVD when interviewed about Kubrick’s death, Kidman actually crying.

Kubrick installed two different backwards-running chanted messages in the main scene where mask-wearing Illuminati are gathering in a hall, with women ritualistically disrobing and going off with male participants one at a time. Anyone can record this off of the DVD and use freely downloadable software such as GoldWave to reverse the lyrics. There is a shorter, slower phrase and a longer phrase, and this is their exact translation when played backwards. The repetitive syllables of the longer sequence are designed to give it a chanting, rapid fashion when heard backwards:

Short, low-pitched unison of voices:

He is Our Lord, and we will do what he pleases today.

You’ll rule evermore… Our Lord.

Long, higher-pitched single voice:

Oh, and if a little girl fancies me, god Cheops

And if God's just, and if God help me freedom

And if God ask, and if God asks me, and if God, and if God, we will lo, we will do what he says

And we will Lord, we will Lord, if she be dead with them Lord

I praise to the Gods today, I praise to yoooou...

Low-pitched unison of voices (repeat from beginning

He is our Lord, and we will do what he pleases today.
You’ll rule evermore… Our Lord.

We can see from this that Kubrick is one of only a few prominent individuals to have literally sacrificed his life to make a Hollywood movie that attempted to alert society to the truth. He intended the music to be played backwards, the lyrics to be decoded and the deeper hidden message to be understood – namely an Egyptian god that is worshipped as "Lord," who gives "freedom" and for whom the group will "do what he pleases," including pedophilia with "little girls" and the murder of the victims. Anyone can rent this movie and perform such an analysis, which tells us a lot more than anything overtly presented in the movie itself.

Such movies as direct as these are very few in number, another being "The Skulls," which exposed the Skull and Bones society. In a more symbolic, less literal sense, the three-part Lord of the Rings series is a direct prophecy of the defeat of the Illuminati, which Tolkien never publicly admitted though the connections are obvious. George Lucas’ Star Wars series, largely based on Lord of the Rings and a study of Joseph Campbell’s archetypes, also presents the same conclusion at the end of Episode VI, Return of the Jedi, where Darth Vader betrays the evil Emperor and regains his former identity as the Jedi Anakin Skywalker.

Outside of these specific examples and a few others, a vastly larger number of well-funded movies feed directly into the Illuminati agenda. Indeed, this appears to be perhaps the primary way in which Illuminati philosophies are being taught to people, especially the younger generation, through movies that specifically target them.

As one political example, it is very interesting that the Disney-based 2001 movie Pearl Harbor was, for its time of release, the most expensive movie ever made, at an estimated budget of over 135 million dollars. This was bragged about as part of a multiple-choice Q&A in the opening slides at Lowe’s Cinemas for about one year thereafter. It was released just months before the September 11th event – effectively rewriting history to remove all evidence of foreknowledge that such an event would strike. Svali indicates elsewhere that the Illuminati are very heavily involved with the production of Hollywood movies, and have more than enough money to fund the most expensive projects.

After reading and studying the data within Svali’s online articles, many movies can be seen to present the Illuminati agenda very directly. She only mentions Fight Club, Starship Troopers and Matrix on her website, but over an extended time we have observed that there is always at least one movie in the theaters that has some degree of Illuminati agenda within it. Outside of an immense number of horror movies, including heavily disturbing horror classics Rosemary’s Baby, The Devils, The Amityville Horror Series, The Omen Series, The Exorcist Series, Friday the 13th / Jason Series, Nightmare on Elm St. / Freddy Krueger Series, The Seventh Seal with Demi Moore and recently Stigmata, the movies that most prominently display Illuminist teachings would include:

The Lawnmower Man:

Direct computer-generated Illuminati symbols, including geometry, throughout the movie
the idea of personal "gnosis" where an initially very ignorant man can use drugs and VR to gain esoteric knowledge and "become God"
Catholic father of main character viewed as totally evil, given a horrible Crucifixion-style flaming death
"Illuminated" anti-hero then takes over the whole world via its computer systems, even though he had apparently been defeated
Independence Day:

Star power of Will Smith
Extraterrestrials are evil and the government will save us for our own good
Starship Troopers:

Very specific Illuminati images and themes including All-Seeing Eye, again including "evil aliens" – Svali indicates it is "loaded" with Illuminati "inside jokes"
soldiers placed into impossibly desperate situations with little or no emotion
Total Recall:

Star power of Arnold Schwarzenegger
mind control / alternate compartmentalized identities created in Arnold through drugs and advanced technology
Arnold becomes a problem for his trainers when he achieves "total recall," realizing that his memories are falsely implanted and that his wife is simply an agent assigned to keep him in check – he later shoots her in the head, saying "Consider this a divorce"
after Arnold has made significant progress, an overweight ‘trainer’ tries to convince him that he is delusional and really is nothing more than his "screen self." Arnold almost believes him, until he sees sweat roll down the man’s face
near the end of the movie, Arnold discovers that his former self was evil and working in cahoots with the government villains, specifically intending to betray the newer self that he would become if / when he achieved "Total Recall"
he is also betrayed by the African-American man who initially seems to be one of his two closest allies
a pyramid is found on Mars that contains very ancient advanced technology that terra-forms the planet, but it is never clearly or obviously shown from the outside
Illuminist "New World Order" is created as new Martian atmosphere erupts from the top of "Pyramid Mountain," like the Illuminist Eye and Pyramid symbol, caused by Arnold’s activation of the giant machine inside – again, the pyramid is indistinct enough that many movie viewers would not consciously think of it as a pyramid

Fight Club:

Star power of Brad Pitt
opening moments of DVD contain "special message" from anarchist lead character Tyler Durdon, framed to look like standard Interpol copyright warning, encouraging viewer to adopt Durdon’s tactics and "break free"
mind control / alternate compartmentalized identities created in lead character through sleep deprivation and substance abuse
extremely distressing scenes of shock violence throughout movie, including beating one’s own self to a bloodied state
betrayal of waking self by "alter" within self known as Tyler Durdon, hallucinated as a separate person who the lead character is interacting with
soap is made from human flesh as Durdon’s front organization for deeper conspiracies
"alter" played by Brad Pitt leads secret societies to gather together, originally to fight each other but ultimately with intent of overthrowing government
Durdon: "Rule number one – Do not talk about Fight Club. Rule number two – Do not talk about Fight Club!"
by end of movie, entire urban police force has been compromised into Fight Club
the movie presents blueprints for inspiring the public to form similar groups, which could then be infiltrated by Illuminati and used as "assets"
suicide seen as final, non-lethal solution to personal problems – bullet goes through neck and character is "fine"
final image remarkably like Twin Tower collapse well before it actually happened – two towers collapse with male and female characters watching, knowing that the lead character’s dissociated ‘alter’ self had set it up and he did not have time to stop it
The Cell:

Horrific scenes of violence, barbarism and cruelty
star power of Jennifer Lopez as person who enters the mind of rapist/murderer played by Vincent D’Onofrio
symbolic connection between murderer and Jesus via "horizontal crucifixion" image through hanging himself in crucifixion position via chains attached to hooks within his arms, legs and back
murderer literally "bleaches" his victims white as symbol of disagreed-with Christian virtue draining people of life
D’Onofrio watches woman drowning in water tank via remote video while pleasuring himself sexually in horizontal crucifixion position hovering over "bleached" body of previous victim – symbol of intense hatred of Jesus and his apparent joy in causing others to suffer through "repressive moral dictates"
Lopez takes on direct image of Isis (female aspect of Lucifer) at end of film
Lopez / Isis ritualistically murders demonic-appearing D’Onofrio within his dreams through crucifixion by crossbow, arrows going through wrists and feet, indicative of severe Illuminist hatred of the ‘demon’ Jesus
child "alter" of D’Onofrio is then drowned Christian baptism-style, even though he could be forgiven or helped to change – no compassion, just murder
DVD contains special features which interview the person to see if they have the qualities necessary to participate in possible future research where they would "enter the mind of a killer," like the FBI agents in the film, and the DVD asks to upload the results to the Internet – thus sniffing out potential recruits; if the questions are answered showing high intelligence and compassion for such a murderous person, an "excellent" score is given

The Devil’s Advocate:

Star power of Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino
devil (Lucifer) is involved with law and politics, protecting pedophiles and black magic practitioners
shape-shifting demonic associates of Pacino’s create suicide-style arranged murders
Pacino / devil desires to breed an "anti-Christ"
Reeves’ wife is convinced to change her entire appearance and later raped by devil, betrayed and demeaned by demonic associates, and driven to violent suicide
Reeves himself is portrayed as half-devil in nature
Reeves’ Fundamentalist Christian mother used to be rebellious and had sex with the devil, creating human/devil baby, and then went Christian out of guilt over her own past
Pacino’s final speech is a perfect soliloquy on Illuminist doctrine – the devil rules the Earth, God has abandoned us and doesn’t care, the devil cares for us more than God, et cetera
Reeves shoots himself in the head and is then shown with his wings as Lucifer, the fallen angel, who quite literally "falls" into a swirling pit at this point, apparently having killed himself
this suicide is then portrayed as the "solution" that turns time back to the very first scene in the movie, bringing back his wife and his former life with the opportunity to make new choices that are not as evil
devil not defeated at movie’s conclusion, camouflages himself as others who Reeves interacts with in a hopeful fashion, unknowingly betrayed
The Game:

Star power of Michael Douglas and Sean Penn
Illuminati image on DVD cover of Douglas’ head as puzzle pieces
company called "CRS" invites Douglas to "make his life fun"
non-stop paranoid nightmare ensues where TVs speak to him and entire world seems to be watching his every move
a number of lethal situations occur that Douglas narrowly escapes, including being shot at with obviously real bullets
all attempts to stop CRS (Illuminati) are futile
Douglas finally locates CRS building and employees and escapes to the rooftop
he is led through great fear of being cornered on roof to shoot at those sawing through a door, apparently coming to kill him
incredible shock and betrayal as he ends up shooting his own brother who is part of surprise party – it was all a "setup" all along but now his brother is bleeding to death
intense grief leads him to commit suicide by jumping off the building
staff is now watching attentively to make sure that he is not hurt
Douglas falls through breakaway glass onto padded safety mat below
CRS is revealed to have set up his suicide attempt to "free" him
all efforts to kill him by CRS, despite real bullets shooting holes in walls and destroying car tires, are presented as fake setups, in the interest of "enlightening" him through fear and trauma, similar to fear-inducing Masonic initiation rites
killing self then reinforced as the solution to all the paranoia, fear and misery as he is suddenly love-bombed and celebrated by those who had betrayed him after jumping to his apparent death
Conspiracy Theory:

Star power of Mel Gibson
public disclosure of MK-ULTRA and related mind-control programs through drugs, hypnosis and electroshock
"joking" suggestion at the beginning that technology brought up on Space Shuttle is used to create earthquakes, among other tidbits
connection to Disney-style cartoons used as mind control programming tools
portrayal of mind control victims as helpless, hyper-paranoid, unstable and dangerous
A Beautiful Mind:

Star power of Russell Crowe just after success of "Gladiator"
subliminal image of handgun in Venetian blinds on DVD cover
several visible "alters" who talk and interact with Crowe – roommate, military leader, young girl - but all turn out to be dissociative, hallucinated "alters" within his own fragmented personality
reframing of those who criticize government and look for "conspiracy theories" as being deluded nutcases who can become very dangerous to their wives and children
no resolution until he completely acknowledges that all of his ideas are "delusions"
movie was widely chastised by film critics as having little or nothing to do with the real person’s autobiography, though presented as "based on a true story" – it was concocted for the Illuminati agenda

Star power of Mel Gibson
crop formations are signs of pending alien invasion and nothing more
encounters with demonic aliens leads to renewal of his Christian faith
unexplained "Divine Intervention" stops otherwise-hopeless world-annihilating situation
X-Men I:

Star power of Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart and others
members of Government compromised or impersonated for sinister agendas
Illuminist beliefs of "gnosis" leading to "mutations" where Man Becomes God, which the Illuminati believe will occur in the future
near-invincible power of evil leader Magneto
torch of Isis (Statue of Liberty) used as launch-point for planet-wide energy wave to cause humanity to "mutate" (become Illuminati or die)
Wolverine victim of Nazi-style mind control and biological experimentation / implantation of metal skeleton, dissociative and unable to consciously remember

X-Men II:

Star power of Halle Berry and others
blue devil character who says Catholic prayers and hangs out in churches seen as "good guy"
devil character attacks and intimidates President in beginning and is nearly invincible
tells President not to mess with mutants’ (Illuminati) freedom
blue devil perches smiling next to picture of George Washington at end while "time is stopped" and President is again intimidated to support mutant agenda
military man is primary villain, architect of Wolverine’s Nazi-style torture, betrays his own son for use as mind control slave
fluid from son’s brain acts as mind-control serum, son is also very telepathic and able to remote-influence others’ actions
villain’s son has dissociated "alter" self as young boy which is used to manipulate Patrick Stewart’s mind
The Matrix:

Star power of Reeves and Fishburne
early statement of "You’re my savior, man, my own personal Jesus Christ" as foreshadowing
CIA-style ‘agents’ have super-human abilities
physical reality is a highly-controlled "Matrix", a computer-simulated "prison for your mind" that one must be "freed" from
image of "psychic surgery" by negative secret government ages through sperm-style implant placed in Reeves’ navel
computer hacker becomes "the One" through personal gnosis, prophesied to "control the Matrix as he saw fit" and free humanity
anyone not of Zion / Illuminati is "not one of us… one of them," a potential Agent and therefore easily able to be murdered as a non-person, simply recycled (reincarnated) and put back into the Matrix again
Neo becomes increasingly violent as he is "enlightened"
Morpheus drugged and shocked (mind control) by "agents" to reveal "the keys to Zion" stored within his brain "like a computer", similar to Illuminati MK-ULTRA "couriers"
Wachowski brothers refuse to give interviews and remain very secretive and distant from public view
The Matrix Reloaded:

Reeves, as the Jesus figure "the One," finds out at end that he is the sixth person to occupy this role
Neo also finds out that he has merged with the evil Agent Smith, hence he is "the One," the summary of the good and evil characters (alters) constantly warring within and controlling both the Matrix as well as the so-called ‘real world’
negative ‘alter’ of Neo as Agent Smith is capable of endlessly cloning himself, symbol of complex polyfragmented mind control victim
character named the "Merovingian" is heavily suggested to be the first incarnation of the One, but went negative and escaped "deletion" – the Illuminists believe that the "bloodline of the Holy Grail" is the secret that Jesus physically survived the Crucifixion, married Mary of Magdalene and migrated to France, thereby forming the "Merovingian" line of kings
"Merovingian" teaches that there is no free will, we do not have a choice – all is the result of "causality, cause and effect, action and reaction"
Female companion of Merovingian is obviously the "highly intuitive program" referred to by the Architect who is the "Mother" of the Matrix – symbolic of Isis (female aspect of Lucifer) keeping a watchful eye over Christianity (the Merovingian bloodline) and betraying them as necessary
"the Architect of the Matrix" is the spitting image of Sigmund Freud, who made major advances that strongly supported the rise of mind control techniques – American Psychological Association (APA) heavily Illuminati-compromised
the six generations of the One revealed by the Architect are symbolic of Illuminist belief that previous Christlike teachers such as Horus, Mithras and Zeus possess initial spiritual insights of great power and are then corrupted into a religious cult as a tool to control the masses through politics and spirituality, but with a small percentage always resisting
those who resist the old teachings are still also under Illuminist control via the city of "Zion"
in each of the six cycles of the Matrix, the resistance finally grows too great and the Architect dissolves the current Matrix (religious / political structure) and fabricates the next savior to begin the process of social control again
further Illuminist symbolism of this concept is presented when Neo fights the Merovingian’s goons in room with giant Illuminati symbol in the floor and with full-sized white statues of Greek gods crashing and falling during the fight – symbols of previous "Ones" like Neo who had fallen
Neo realizes at end of film that he controls the machines, even outside the Matrix – he IS the One… he IS the Matrix, the Illuminist idea of Man Becomes God… to kill the Matrix he will have to kill himself in the third movie – the Oracle cannot do this herself as she is a computer program, so she must get a human to do it by his own free will – again, suicide leads to resolution
Face / Off:

Star power: John Travolta and Nicholas Cage
murderous villain (Cage) is identity-switched with law officer (Travolta), symbolic of mind control / alternate personalities within one person
betrayal of Travolta’s daughter by her own father possessed by "alter" of Cage, including licking her face and saying that he wants to have sex with her
two characters are essentially the same person, battling each other, and the exchange of gunfire is said to be "fun"
final action scene takes place in Christian setting, complete with flying doves, Illuminist contortions of Christian images and zipping bullets
Tomb Raider:

Star power of Angelina Jolie
ultra-wealthy woman as female superhero
alternately cooperates with and fights against group quite literally referred to as "the Illuminati"
Illuminati are said to be "the good guys" in the deleted scenes section of the DVD, controlling and scripting world events for the good of humanity
her own father turns out to be Illuminati and was murdered for betraying the Order
movie positively loaded with Illuminati symbols, including triangle with All-Seeing Eye, from start to finish
central quest is for "the ability to control time and become God" at conclusion of "5,000-year alignment,"
(Mayan Calendar is 5,125 years in length and comes into "alignment" in 2012, only eight years before the Illuminati plan for when their "New World Order" will emerge)
leader of Illuminati is betrayed and murdered by next-in-command villain at end
Jolie and central villain both go through time portal and are then seen to be running up Illuminist Great Pyramid image, complete with brilliantly shining, rotating All-Seeing Eye at the top
Jolie captures the Eye first and uses it to travel back in time, kill villain and rescue friend / would-be lover
Jolie meets father in afterdeath state who tells her to turn back, release the power and destroy the "key", which is Illuminist triangle with Eye, but only after she has already used it to commit murder
Next installment soon to be released will obviously continue Illuminist themes, as will League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The Core:

Ever-increasingly severe earth changes can be stopped by secret government program to enter the Earth’s core and re-commence its rotation
the military / government (Illuminati) will "save us" from Earth Changes, so we need to ally with them

Star power of Ben Affleck
possibly as a response to immense popularity of non-Illuminist "Spider-Man" from Sony
casts "the Devil" (Lucifer) as the superhero, played by Affleck
opening scene shows tears of blood on stained-glass statue of Mary
blood comes from DareDevil character who is placed above all other Christian symbols on church, symbol of how Illuminists have suffered at the hands of Christians while still remaining "above" them
DareDevil’s father was boxer known as "The Devil"
son is betrayed by catching father dressed as a bum and robbing another person
son "does not want to see" the Devil’s actions in this case and is immediately blinded by toxic waste accident – symbolic of mind control programming to cause a person to dissociate and become amnesic if exposed to Illuminist negativity
son’s blindness leads to gnosis, creating Godlike powers through super-human hearing ability – also a symbol of how cult members’ waking-self blindness to their own compartmentalized ‘alters’ gives them great power
soul-less courtship with female interest through fighting and violence
DareDevil is a lawyer by day and exacts vigilante justice by night if legal process does not work, with no care for how many innocents are killed in process
DareDevil sleeps in coffin like vampire
key villain "Kingpin" as the "head of all crime in the city" says that it is "all business, never personal" at end
very distorted parody of Jesus as the villain "Bullseye"
hangs out with riff-raff in bars as Jesus had done
bears "mark of the Beast" as bullseye image on forehead, as Illuminists believe Jesus is actually evil
Bullseye / Jesus kills people by stifling their ability to speak (shooting some form of darts into their throat or peanuts into their mouth to choke them,)
Jesus / Bullseye dies in a cathedral by being shot through the hands as direct crucifixion image, making the clear connection to Jesus but without time for the viewer to put together all the clues consciously
at end, DareDevil announces himself as "guardian devil" ruler over the city as opposite of guardian angel
reinforcement of idea that we need Luciferian Illuminati to protect us, that Lucifer is our hero and savior, directly opposing the Christlike qualities of Spider-Man, which was a vastly more successful film at the box office
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Default Re: N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE

Excellent in-depth article Clark, good read
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Default Re: N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE

Wow! I agree well done.
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Default Re: N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE

interesting read
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Default Re: N.W.O-Aliens-eugenics/DNA clones/fascism/one-ness conscioussness in a "KIDS MOVIE

ya, i found the kubrick stuff to the craziest, eyes wide shut is very clealry about the illuminati, its not through metaphor or subtext, its all out in front, and he DIES before its released, so sad, he's one of my favorite directors.
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