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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default Water Power & Free Energy Ancient knowledge - new discovery? No,old suppressed knowl

Old suppressed knowledge...

I recieve emails from Michael Tellinger, (author of slave species of god) ..
and this weeks was really good, so I wanted to share..

This week we deal with the subject of energy. Something that the Sumerian tablets describe very clearly, when they talk about the Anunnaki settlers on Earth using water as fuel. For decades we have ignored the information captured by scribes some 4000 years ago but the latest discoveries in science are forcing us to reconsider the ancient message.

Water Power & Free Energy

Ancient knowledge - new discovery?

The more research I do on alternative energy sources, the more horrified I become at the emerging evidence of some kind of very powerful clandestine movement to suppress new discoveries in this area. There are reports of a diverse number of free energy sources that have been presented by scientists and ordinary men over the past 150 years, and yet, the world is trapped in an energy crisis that is very quickly affecting all our lives and our evolutionary ability.

But the effect goes well beyond the social well-being of people of the world. The consequences of the greedy manipulation and control of energy is rapidly affecting global climate and the planet as a whole. On a spiritual level this kind of manipulation has invisible but tangible effects on humankind as it quietly and cunningly keeps us enslaved to an invisible group of individuals who wield power in ways that the majority of us cannot understand.

So why is the control of energy so important? Because everything around us today requires energy. Progress and evolution requires energy. Our homes, cars, water, coffee, hair salons, phones, industry, space explorations, and the list goes on.

Therefore, access to free energy would give people the freedom to become self sufficient to a large extent and live wherever they want and pretty much be able to do what they want. Energy is the ether of the universe. It exists everywhere and it cannot be destroyed. I am not the only one who believes that the global petroleum giants have been keeping new forms of energy well wrapped up until such time that they have exhausted the financial benefits from fossil fuels.

We have to ask ourselves, are they somehow linked or answerable to the original creators of the Homo sapiens? Are they now performing the role of slave master over humankind? Doing everything in their power to prevent humans from achieving this major step in evolution that would possibly enable us to rapidly conquer space exploration and start asking more challenging questions about our status on this planet?

Nikola Tesla 1856 – 1943 was possibly one of the most important inventors and scientists ever, but his name was taken out of school books in the early fifties and most of us have never heard of him. He has about 200 patents in his name. He invented the radio, the telephone, the TV, AC poly phase, 60 cycle electricity, fluorescent and neon lights, the brushless motor, wireless communications, the Tesla coil and all coils we use today, transformers and just about everything you will find at a power plant.

Hydro-generators, Laser beams, particle beams, helicopters, robotics and many more inventions. But just like most great thinkers he died a poor man. But his main obsession was free energy for all. He had developed a system where everyone could tap into a free energy source that could be distributed through the air, with power towers scattered around the world. It could power cars, trains and airplanes, boats, buses, etc. A totally clean and safe power source.

During the summer of 1931, Tesla demonstrated the first car that drove on free energy or electricity if you want. It was a Pierce Arrow, one of the luxury cars of the period. The petrol engine had been replaced with a round and completely enclosed electric motor of approximately 1m in length and 65cm in diameter, with a cooling fan in front. It retained a clutch, gearbox and transmission to the rear wheels. The "energy receiver" or gravitational energy converter was built by Tesla himself. It was installed in front of the dashboard. A heavy antenna of approximately 1.8 metres came out of the converter. Two thick rods protruded approximately 10cm from the converter housing. Tesla pushed them in saying "Now we have power". The motor achieved a maximum of 1800rpm and Tesla said there was enough power in the converter to illuminate an entire house, besides running the car engine. The car was tested for a week, reaching a top speed of 90 miles per hour effortlessly drawing its power from Tesla's Tower.

But for inexplicable reasons the funding was stopped by JP Morgan and Tesla's free energy tower on Long Island was taken down. Who got to JP Morga n? While the US government took control of the generators designed by Tesla at Niagara Falls, they knew that they could never control cars running on free energy. What happened to the car and the technology? No one seems to know. It is however highly suspicious that when Tesla died penniless at the age of 86, all his documents were confiscated by the authorities.

Today we now know that even at absolute zero temperature of -273 Celsius elementary particles continue to demonstrate energetic behaviour. This is called ZPE or Zero Point Energy and has created much excitement in scientific circles. Scientists believe that it is possible to tap into this universal pool of energy to allow the possibility of space travel. But ZPE theories also suggest new ways to understand inertia and gravity and thus potentially controlling these forces. It goes much further however, as we start to talk about far-out possibilities such as "warp-drive" space propulsion systems.

Contributions to this field have been done by such pioneers as Nobel laureates Ilya Prigogine, Dirac, John Wheeler, Puthoff and Julian Schwinger. There is a whole group of scientists that have conclusively shown the world new innovative ways of generating safe energy by demonstrating devises where the power output exceeds the power input. Some of these researchers include Nikola Tesla, Moray, DePalma, Newman, Boyer, Puthoff, Fleischmann, Pons, Bearden, Graneau, Patterson, Ward, and many others.

It is Pons and Fleischman that created much excitement in 1989 with their demonstration of what came to be referred to as "cold fusion" by generating energy in a laboratory without heat or any dangerous byproducts. But Patterson took the work even further by achieving significant results in both energy production and the transmutation of elements. Scholars now also believe that by means of a simplified extension of Electromagnetics and Classical Mechanics we could develop an energy system which requires no fuel of any kind, and a propulsion system which requires no propellant mass. Such an energy system need not burn, transform, or modify a fuel and thus create no waste products like pollution. The propulsion system would actually transcend so-called "anti-gravity" systems or levitation devices because the new inertial propulsion system would not require a gravity field such as the Earth in order to achieve si gnificant propulsive thrust.

But water has been the focus of attention for a long time as the primary source of energy for unlimited applications. Its components, hydrogen and oxygen, have a great potential to change the way the world operates. While we are led to believe that it is very complicated to utilize the latent energy trapped in every molecule of water, there are many individuals who have developed innovative devices and breakthrough technology to use water as an extremely effective energy source.

Sadly, none of these devices and discoveries has ever come close to reaching the global population. And while two thirds of the world is covered by water and more water arrives on Earth from space all the time in the form o f comets, water will remain the most lucrative source. And therefore also the most guarded technology by the petroleum giants that control the status quo on Earth. They are not prepared to give up the multi-trillion dollar industry and the control over their enslaved earthlings before all the fossil fuel is completely exhausted. It may cause a global economic meltdown in the process but this is obviously not their concern.

In 2004 I saw a documentary about the first "water" car made by Mercedes Benz, as they tested it on the roads of Iceland. The driver and presenter was highly impressed saying that there was no difference in its performance. It all seemed so simple and I assumed th at we would see these cars on the roads in no time. So where are they? Or did the petroleum companies get to the Merc board of directors with an offer they could not refuse? Then out of the blue an American engineer called Denny Klein shows his amazing skills by turning water into an energy source for a number of applications. From a blow torch reaching a temperature of over 5000 Celsius, to propelling his car. Should we be surprised at these discoveries? Of course not. The Sumerian tablets talk about the early settlers on Earth using water as a fuel source to propel their space ships. But this has always been too incredible for historians and scientists to swallow and stories like thes e have ignorantly been written off as mythology.

It seems that we are finally rediscovering things our pre-historic ancestors knew very well. But there is a lot more to this fantastic story which I will share in my next article. For now, let me leave you with a news clip video of Denny Klein. My prediction is that just like all other discoveries of this nature, we will probably never hear of Denny Klein again, or he will be ridiculed by the scientific media and reduced to ongoing research in some backward village. I have also included a link to a manual with instructions on how to convert your car to running on water. There are plenty more on the net.

Keep exploring
Michael Tellinger
August 2006 - www.slavespecies.com

See video of Denny Klein and his water power.
Convert your car to water power.
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Default Re: Water Power & Free Energy Ancient knowledge - new discovery? No,old suppressed kn

Reading about the suppression of this technology makes me angry in a righteous way. It makes me want to do something to help this technology get out. I'm sick and tired of a select few controlling the world. It's time that we stand up and defeat the JP Morgans and Rockefellers of the world. It's time that we take OUR world back from THEM.
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Default Re: Water Power & Free Energy Ancient knowledge - new discovery? No,old suppressed kn

you and I both, brother.

Thank you for the bump.

There are not enough of these threads at avalon, i feel.

Free, and i mean, truly FREE Energy, is very real, and very possible,
and right under our noses.

it IS time my bro.

you're not alone. thanks again.
and well said.
i feel you.
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Default Re: Water Power & Free Energy Ancient knowledge - new discovery? No,old suppressed kn

its true - in water, there are all the elements, all SEVEN of them !!!

great post !!!
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Default Re: Water Power & Free Energy Ancient knowledge - new discovery? No,old suppressed kn

thanks Susan.
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Default Re: Water Power & Free Energy Ancient knowledge - new discovery? No,old suppressed kn

It's a shame that all these things get suppressed and put on the shelf!
I don't understand why people like Richard Branson and T. Boone Pickens and anybody else with a lot of money and concerns for the environment, don't get involved with this!
If I had any money at all I would be all over this!
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electricity, free energy, tesla, water

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