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Default Triangle (SciFi drama) Bermuda Triangle (timelines. Deagle visions etc)

In relation to timelines, wormholes, stargates etc. Alternative realties etc

In relation to Steve Fosset I think this topis is relveant. That guy that apparently channelled fosset with his speech software was a good read. Id love it to be true.

If anyone brought this up (bermuda) in Camleot interviews then i really cant remember.

My mother was watching part 2 of a 3 part drama called Triangle which was great (tonight on UK sci fi channel), i wish i had caught the 1st one. Apparently she said it is paranormal month. I said well theyve certainly picked the right month.

People going mad because they thougt they had more kids than they did, certain people that died on a boat sinking incident but then being alive later. all seems like not only timelines crossing but conciousness crossing timelines too.

Theres also a psychic bloke who draws in a trance like some can do. He also says he suffers pretty badly at some of the visions he sees. This brought the Deagle stuff back to mind and what kerry or Bill said. Its perfectly reasonable to believe theres a chance he could be linked much more to close alternate timelines/realities than other 'prophets' or mediums etc.

I dont really want to talk about him much again apart from I do want to say one more time than I believe his experiences are real, he has absolutely nothing to gain from making it up, quite the opposite. I would like a little more open mindedness when it comes to people criticizing here.

So next week I may look up some good Bermuda docu. unless anyone knows of some I would like. I dont like mainstream documentaries on the subject unless they are serious
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