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Default mkultra alert

Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, i tryed to post on the camelot site but wasnt able to. I have met and talked to Duncan in person a while back for a few hours. I believe i was either in the same group or one very close to the same as Duncan O'finnion was. Right down to the hardware store experiance.We only had the chance to compare a few notes on memories and things we have found out about our past and the meeting left me with a lot of unanswered questions. Since our meeting it has been very hard to get back in contact with him. Also it seems i have been punished in a round about way for meeting him, it seems our handlers were not pleased about it at all.What i am getting to is i have felt a strong need to get a heads up to both Duncan and any others that may come here that were involved in the same program.I know for myself and from others that i have talked to that we all wonder what was so important a need to totally destroy a persons life, from early childhood and continue to make our lives a living hell, was it really just an experiment? Were we really just used as guenie pigs and thrown away? I think most everyone that comes here is aware that a lot of earth shaking things are taking place right now. It looks as though the NWO is about to uncloak.As much as i would like to say, and believe that my handlers no longer have control over me, i fear that is not the case.Could the events that are now unfolding in front of our eyes be the real reason we were created for? I hope with all my heart that it is not but i cant shake a strong feeling that has a grip on me. I feel like i am on alert, waiting for my orders whatever that may be.I strongly urge others like myself to be on guard.My only hope is that the idea of human beings givin a free will that no one can take away from us holds true. While i know what my normal personality would do, im not at all sure about some of the others that are held in the background. I once read an article about mkultra where the author refered to our split personalities as a scientific demon possesion. While i resent being thought of as demon possesed i do have to admit that this persons idea does make since. I know for myself that in my normal personality i am about as harmless a person as you would ever come across, but at the same time i also know that i am among the most dangerous people you could ever meet.I am a very careing,person and well know for that. At the same time i have broken memories of the other personality,or one of them, while doing jobs that my handler had sent me to do, that i was totally evil, unfeeling, and lacking emotions. I did in fact , do gut wrenching things that make me sick thinking about now, but at the time i remember laughing . None of my personalities have a normal fear of death either,those of us that went through the program have already met death, we have been there and a good bit of the time almost welcome it.Thats not to say we do not have survival instincts, we do, but death is an excepted thing for us.I am not at all a religous person but i am a very spiritial person. I do hang on the hope that we are all givin free will and that good will overcome evil.The creator has a way of taking the very things the dark side creates and uses them to bring about good. It is my hope that i and others like myself can and will do this. Do not let anger or bitterness take control, lets keep an open eye and hope in our hearts.Let us make sure in the comeing times that we react with a pure heart and if and when we are called on by our handlers that we can be used by the creator to bring light, not the darkness that we were intended for.
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Default Re: mkultra alert

Thanks fot that.

Now that Camelot is open maybe a mod will move this over for others to see
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Default Re: mkultra alert

Clinton apologizes for and stops CIA's MKULTRA Prg:

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