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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

This thread is to X pose the DECEPTICONS Ncryption of the forked tongue. I will insert day to day updates ,uneveiling the cryptic messages ,that involve the letter X ,and as much cryptonite news as possible. Please feel free to add images, comments, and propaganda from the dictators using dictation, to keep us from becomming Super Men, and Women. Together we will Xpose the cryptonite that we're being fed.

First i would like to xpose a cryptic word known as disclosure. We are able to dis cover truth,but not disclose. To disclose is to give the info i want you to have ,while closeing off the the other half.
To Dis cover is it uncover 1111 the whole. D =4-closure
The letter D can be used to D - cieve or D-evelope.

This means a Dis-closure project is based on D- ception
No one gives you truth.

Truth is dis -covered ,or unveiled,not Dis-closed.
In a court of law ,we file motions of Discovery or a motion to compell evidence, when we seek hidden information.

Our first unveiling will be the CNN X conference Coverage.

This Xopolitics group went from XO - XO = (66)politics , to plain X,which was the subtle agenda from the beginning. O=6 in Hebrew Gematria


Cover - ag is to cover the light. A&G = 8

This is some really Xplosive information from the X conference ,seeking Dis -closure in May. Things are not always what they seem. We got our May Palm
Our C4 xplosives, i mean CE4 C4 comes in 12 inch Subs
Through the shadows, shines ever the perfect light.

I think we're ready for Dis-closure

N CouNter of the 4th kind = CouNt

N to get 4

] See 4 See NN


IC-E 32 degrees freezing

MUST SEE PI CLS-O = Revelation through Omtion

Through the shadows, shines ever the perfect light.

Aldeberan ,the RED EYE in the forehead of Taurus

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