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Default Big Big Cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Coming

Big Cuts in Medicare and Medicaid Coming

Catherine and News & Commentary, June 5, 2009 at 11:06 pm

As discussed in last night’s Solari Report, the top story of the week is the abrogation of the social contract in America. Bernanke alluded to it in his testimony this week, saying:

“The fundamental question that Congress, the administration and the American people face is how large a share of the nation’s economic resources to devote to federal programs, including entitlement programs.”

Translation: “Now that we have covertly and overtly shifted all the money out of the government and pension funds into our pockets, it’s time to slowly kill any real funding to medicare, medicaid and social security.”

The beauty is that hyperinflation can be offset by the deflation resulting from reduction in the value of labor and the demand destruction resulting from falling incomes in the general population. This is how the slow burn works. Slow Burn or Crash December 10, 2008 http://solari.com/blog/?p=1896

Executive Intelligence Review covered this week’s press conference on health care reform,
Obama Administration Calls for Slashes to Medicare and Medicaid To Balance the Budget! http://www.larouchepub.com/pr/2009/090602admin_cut_care$.html
the real deal having never made it to such places as the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ was too busy bemoaning Congressional expenses on the front page, including such outrages as the purchase of a video camera and Sony TVs by Congressional representatives. There was no mention of the Fed and Treasury not being able to account for trillions lent to bankers or trillions missing from the US government.

Congressional representatives can bet if they sign up to co-sponsor Ron Paul’s bill to demand transparency at the Fed, there is a good chance they will suddenly have to survive an expense scandal.

Astonishingly, Rasmussen reports that 65% of Democrats approve of the job that President Obama is doing. Looks like the globalists are getting their money’s worth and more.

I finally had a chance to watch Alex Jone’s/Infowar new video, “The Obama Deception.” It is good background to understand why we have refused to maintain proper books and records for the US government finances and we have an infinite amount of money to bail out banks and no money to meet legal obligations to citizens.

Continue reading ‘Big Cuts in Medicare and Medicaid Coming’ (Includes link to Obama Deception): http://solari.com/blog/?p=3122
Kudos to you Catherine!

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