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Humble Janitor
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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

I also want to add that we need to be able to balance our feelings of hope and fear.

Too much hope and we are blindsided.

Too much fear and we are afraid to live.

Balance is necessary. My birthsign is Libra, which implies balance. Therefore, I must seek out balance in my life. We should always keep the worst possiblities in the back of our mind so that if a situation arises where serious actions are necessary, we will still be prepared.
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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

I'm not going to worry about it

I can't just run off and hide and buy tons of food or water

I will just have to stay where I am and go with whatever

If its your time.............it's you time

I want to dream of a real solution but I see no hope

obama and mccain will not help even if they wanted to, so I won't try to kid myself.

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Thumbs up Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

I'm glad that someone was thoughtful enough to start this thread.

I have a very big issue with the whole 'running for cover' attitude.
To my mind, 3D events themselves aren't the core issue at all.

Nukes, pestilence, wars... they're but triggers, experiences, challenges for growth. How you relate to them is what the core issue is.

I don't believe, for one second, that the illuminati, as scary as they may *look like* from our earthly, temporal, perspective alone, are really The 'Masters of the Universe'.

"The Masters of The Universe"???


The statement itself is ludicrous! Laughable.

The Other is just playing chess games. Whilst the black pieces move in seemingly advantage and test our skills, our capacity to feel compassion & love and challenge our inner strenght to hover above fear, The Other traps them in a beautiful check mate. I'd not be 'taking cover' alongside with them, in that moment in time, if I were you.

I'd not be 'taking cover' anywhere, actually, if wherever I go, I take my heaven and my hell within me and...

.... I can't escape myself.

I tried. But I can't.

Inside or outside my protective arks.


I don't even quite know what kind of apocalypse we're really talking about here. The total anihilation of human race? The partial anihilation of human race? Nukes in NY, London or Hong Kong? You and me alone without our most precious cash? No pretty gold coins shaking in our little pockets? Mass disruption of communication systems? Starvation, famine, pestilence?

Is there a scale to measure doom?

But isn't the apocalypse already a ride for Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Africans, New Orleans and everyone else on Earth whose every new day means surviving (or not) doom?

Is doom only doom when I catch Avian Flu?
To me, it'd be.

You and I may perish tomorrow, it doesn't matter how, we all will one day.

The only thing that counts now is not how safe you and I could or should be.

It's how we answer to doom.

The Ark is neither the subject nor the object of this whole methalinguistic survival game. It's the adjective. We qualify it.

Just IMO.
We are the mystics, the scientists, the artists, the cybernauts, the
explorers, the dreamers, the magicians, the visionaries, the shaman, the
mapmakers, the lovers, and the healers, stepping out from the fringe, and
coming together to redefine the possible.

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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

Where we gonna run...and When??


Ill be peaceful..Hope I dont make the wrong entities angry.And check back here on a regular basis.
It does'nt look like these guys are messing around.

A little intimidating if you ask me.I dont think those weapons are loaded with flowers. sigh
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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

I guess if one planned on relocating now would be the time to do it but the rest of us we are just hunkering down and digging in. I mean for someone like us, who live on an island, where would we go. I suppose we could buy a boat and set up an aquaponics system there.. now that would be novel. A barge would be even better.. but how would one get the barge anywhere without a tug boat.

Believe me, I've thought of a barge as a bug out area given that we are surrounded by 2,500 to 3,000 miles of water in all directions. In fact, one of our team from Europe just looked at the world map and asked who it that person who lives out in the middle of the Pacific? Hah! Now you know - there is no place to bug out to other then a ship or down a lava tube.

So as to running for cover.. most likely it will be the root cellar.
Aloha, thank you, do jeh, toda, arigato, merci, grazie, salamat po, gracias, tack, sukria, danke schoen, kiitos, dank u, mahalo nui loa
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777 The Great Work
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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

To be human is to choose and i don't choose to be a dark seeker zombie. :mfr_lol

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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

most days i say turn up the music and dance !
and then some one signs a deal with poland to install a missile shield.
Now i'm thinking where would i catch a boat heading south ! and where can i get a compass.
2 things to consider
1) if it's sudden then, as they say "put your head between your legs a kiss your a**s goobye" sorry about the langauge
2) if it's a long draw out break down of infrastructer, goverment and services
then you will have time to prepare.

all things being relative
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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

Originally Posted by Ampgod View Post
No offense to anyone but...

I can't help but think running for some magical safe "Ark of the world" to hide is built off sheer paranoia and feelings of terror.
I, personally, believe this to be the exact wrong thing to do for my soul.

If anyone has an opinion I'd like to hear it.

i share your opinion on that matter. I'll be where I'm supposed to be....
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pineal-pilot-in merkabah
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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

Originally Posted by BeaTnik-BandiT View Post
'' There is no safe places, only safe people ''

-Stewart Swerdlow
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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

When TSHTF most of us will get splattered. If one has the resources to relocate or otherwise prepare for what we think will happen, that's fine. Most of us don't.

I'm in a dangerous location according to all the conventional wisdom, but until I learn otherwise, this is where I'm spoze to be.
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Worlds Beyond 2
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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.


For me personally, I see no logic/benefit of 'running for cover'.. that's just my view on what I think might be the future event.... as I shared on here in another thread or two... I have a growing feeling it is somehow linked to the re: Red Water/Red Land recurring 'vision' I get... but not necessarily... I'm no prophet!

...all I do know (my own 'knowing' anyhow).. there won't be any safe places, in a geographical sense, the only safe place/cover will be inside our own hearts/souls.. I feel at peace about the "final" event, whatever it actually turns out to be.. or when...

peaceful blessings
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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

“Ampgod”, “Anchor”, “Harper” others, … I’ve often wondered about those that go underground, as you mentioned, “not the nice guys,” from a B&K interview. And then adding into the mix “more stuff” from every which way; pertaining to information available, and to generalize for a sec., three branches of ET’s: Rept’s, Greys, and Nordics; Rept’s are overcooked, Greys are undercooked and Nordics are just right (no offense to any of them). So, I couldn’t help but associate the Sun in all this and the “Convection Oven” of Earth as the perfect “Rotisserie” for life and that the DNA adapts to the environment it finds itself in over a period of time (I’m keeping this simple).

If one were to go underground for a long period of time wouldn’t that impact the direction of the unfolding DNA by not being able to have the stimulation of the Sun (and whatever else is in store) and therefore become undercooked? Perhaps those that came back after thousands of years were trying to maybe have an impact in changing that course, or even in preventing the current tamperings in the name of science to save and rescue some humans by going underground or flying elsewhere? To me if the future of humanity looked like what they have shown pic’s of (EBE), and that condition is a potential outcome due to certain factors, then I think that would be a noble (maybe kamikaze) purpose in an interception of or of violating Time constraints. And if scientists and the “not the nice guys” are falling right back into that very cycle of running somewhere, within the fear mode, in order to save themselves based on scientific conjecture (oh wait scientific studies are facts), and to have wasted all our money and time on deceptive secret programs for over 50 years based on that assumption, may be all for naught!

Are they creating the very thing that those from the future came back to try and prevent?

Having spent many years on the beaches and in the Ocean along the East, West and Panhandle coastlines of Florida doing environmental stuff, basically every day all day long, I did experience my own observation of changes taking place based on exposure to the Sun. And those that globbed on the Sunscreen paid the worst price ironically, but without knowing some other factors had no choice in order to protect from getting cooked, or turning into a hide of leather. And worse yet was their state of mind, the fear mode that “something bad may happen to them if they don’t do something to prevent it,” and that prevented them from understanding perhaps a different viewpoint of what is actually causing the damage that may have made their life easier while exposed to the Sun. Oh the Sun is intense there’s no doubt about that, but it was my own accidental observations and then further personal experimentations that changed my physical reaction to that intensity.

Why all this info.? Because we all are getting so much information about what may happen in the future and preparations get underway which is probably wise (others effect our surroundings by sheer volume of mass thought towards a direction or path), but also if we follow what others say may happen instead of what each individual stands on within their own conviction of creating their reality a continuous time warp plays over and over again and we repeat what we were preventing in the first place.

I appreciate the infinite timelines and parallel realities info., and maybe I have it wrong, but if each individual is responsible for their own reality (yet in the midst of co-dominion) and the future unfolds by the thoughts that march toward it, then, there is no such thing as a reality or timeline already in existence and all you have to do is just shift over to that? Isn’t that victimhood (a belief that someone else controls your choices) of predestination according to what someone else wants you to be? For me I see it as the coagulated make up of all that you are has an effect on, “Attraction”, in creating circumstances, situations, synchronicity’s and events which ‘moves’ ‘unfolds’ towards that vibration or frequency that you emit and yes that entire path’s potential can be seen in the future by whatever means are at your disposal to see into that paths future. And when you change your understanding or develop a purposeful focus towards an intention of a visual or outcome for what you want the future to be like than ‘things’ change in order to bring that about. Which I suppose could be translated into infinite timelines or parallel realities, but I think certain phrases make it confusing. It’s like going to a psychic (an irresponsible one) or an LG, or reading into a Crystal Ball, etc. (can be a long list), and having them tell you what your future is going to be, they are reading your current energy path that was to be unfolding but now that you have knowledge of that future actually unfolding one could actually ruin it by relaxing because they think now as if by magic that future will unfold for them, or if one did not like that future path that is unfolding then purposeful focus could be interjected into what one does actually want, and of course ‘tuning-in’ to the highest and best good.

This porage is too hot, this porage is too cold, and this porage is just right! I would certainly conclude though that there is somewhere a master gardner or a master winemaker-alchemist whom knows the perfect recipe for making the porage to turn out just right. And of course ‘flowing with’ that overall intention would be beneficial, that is yet another piece of the labyrinth.

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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

I know I am meant to be exactly where I am at the present time. If my presence here brings comfort to just one person or aids in some way then I will have accomplished my pupose on this earth.
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Default Re: Just a thought about running for cover.

SHHhhhh My 17 rear old daughter just said goodbye to 1 of her friends that enrolled in the MARINES!!!!
She asked me if he'll be safe..he needs the money.(Tahoe Hippy)((Bless Him))
I played "Symphony of the Devil"
I played "4 Dead in Ohio"
I played "Teach Your Children Well"
I played pharoah sanders "Love Is Everywhere"

I hugged her and said "Dunno"

I Hope he remembers me.
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