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Default blood groups, dna and its relation to 'now'

blessings to all

my reason for starting this thread is one regarding whether or not specific blood groupings have any relation, directly or indirectly, to what some call the waking up process, the consciousness shift, the change, ascension, a new way of living and being....the name is not important...but it is how people in general are all of a sudden finding themselves within a world of change on a progressively rapid scale. on every level. that is happening now and affecting the way they think and behave...like it or not.

could our blood grouping have an effect on the way we individually make our choices in our respective situations.
does our blood group affect the disposition of our dna for instance, and what differing effects could this have or not have on us.
we know vibration has a big part to play re the structure of our dna (cymatics)...then could the cellular structure of our blood contribute in any way also.
there is a lot of material for instance pertaining to the sudden emergence of the rhesus O negative group which can not be explained and by most accounts points towards an unearthly origin and an awkwardly scientifically unexplanation.
would be interested to know of peoples views on it if any.

here are some links re that info -


i dont like this era of labels we are accustomed to if im honest, whether someone is black or white, indigo or crystal, o negative or ab positive....it doesnt matter imo, we just are...here, now.
this topic is not really up my street either in all honesty with regards to reptilians and gods etc...however it does interest me on a level somewhere so i thought i'd put it our there.

much love and peace always, mike (bananaman)

ps. please read only and leave the believing up to yourselves, if it doesnt resonate...please leave and move on.
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