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Default Mount Shasta, Telos and The Agharta Network (undeground societies)... Fact, Fiction?

For the past year and a half, I have been extremely intrigued with Mount Shasta (Northern CA) and the alleged city of "Telos." I have read many accounts of claims that inside the mountain lies the city of Telos which is inhabited by human descendants of ancient people (Lemurians) who went "underground" thousands of years ago. From the accounts I have read, these humans are exceptionally advanced spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, politically, etc... and they are a part of, for lack of a better term, 'The Galactic Federation.'

One account I've read is from a controversial woman named, Sharula Dux, who has given a series of interviews and lectures claiming to be a member of the 'Telosian' society, a society which she describes to be nearly Utopian (whether or not her account is the "truth" -- it sounds like an amazingly logical, responsible, joyous and refreshing way to live to me and would serve as an excellent blueprint for a functional society):

"The city is built on five different levels, the top level being the main level of the city itself. The second level down, the level of manufacturing and where many classes take place. The third level being the hydroponic gardens. The fourth level being part hydroponic gardens, part manufacturing and the nature level. And the very bottom level as being the nature level where many, many species of animals and plants exist...

Within this structure we have created a small ecosystem. In other words, we get our air by plants. We produce carbon monoxide, we and the animals, and the plants take in the carbon monoxide and create the oxygen for us. So in essence it's a small ecosystem just as it works on the surface. We also have some vents that go to the surface and brings in the air. We also have water in some areas moving at high speeds. This creates a circulation of the air, freshening it, plus it creates many negative ions...

The government of Telos is constructed on the format of a Council of Twelve. These twelve beings, for the foremost, are ascended masters. They are beings who have proved themselves of being in high wisdom and being able to hold their head cool during any sort of incident. We, always within our Council, six men and six women, so that the Council also always remains balanced, that both flames, the male flame and the female flame are equally represented. From the major Council of the Twelve, it goes down to smaller councils throughout the city, also operating on the level of twelve.

Individual areas bring in their problems to the local council, and if the local council cannot deliberate a solution that is acceptable to all concerned they then bring it to the larger councils, and then finally to the original Council of Twelve. For individual problems, these do not come before the council. Instead these come before what we call arbitrators. Arbitrators are usually priests or priestesses with very much an understanding of the human psyche and are also capable of looking into the Akashas. These arbitrators will listen to both sides of a story, if it is, for instance, a dispute civil, and will then make a decision based on what they have heard and what they have read in the Akashas on both sides...

We have a non-monetary basis of commerce in Telos. As a person is growing up, they basically watch, decide, assess their own talents. Then they decide what they want to do, and that is usually the field they pursue. They've generally set their own hours. And since everything is on a barter basis, we've gotten to a great understanding that if you don't fulfill your part of the bargain then it hurts others than just you.

What is meant by that is we are set up on a basis that the government owns everything but the government is not responsible for controlling anything. All the government is responsible is to make sure that the food, for instance, gets from the hydroponic gardens to the distribution outlets, the clothing makes it to the distribution outlets, the furniture, all the things that are needed for people to live and to live well. You understand that you're not living unless you're living well. And when you need something you simply go to a distribution center and pick it up. You need new clothing, you go get clothing. You need food, you go get food. You need furnishings, you go get furnishings. You need books, you go get books..."

Taken from, "Secrets of the Subterranean Cities"

This is another account I read a while ago about a woman who had a series of encounters with the people of Telos ... I have no idea, of course, if this is "true" or not, but the underlying message resonated with me:

"...We are working simultaneously on several levels of existence toward the progress of the soul-self, the physical-self and the preservation of the school ground for those to follow. We are working toward our mass and individual spiritual growth, toward preserving our species, toward protecting and preserving our physical home (Planet Earth), toward getting beyond the duality we created on this Plane and toward reuniting with the Beingness and the Creative Source.

We know there is only one power in the Universe-that which emanates from the Creative Source... There are varying degrees of energy within that power which are identified as negative (black or evil) to positive (white or good). But it is the same line of power-only the intent differs.

We choose from lifetime to lifetime which part of the energy line we feel will best further our spiritual soul-self growth and that of those we have chosen to work with. Once we pass through the rite of reincarnation we leave the protective womb and enter into an arena which is challenging, to say the least. We seldom bring memory forward with us on a conscious level, so we are on our own where our development is concerned..."

Taken from, "Visitor Inside Mt. Shasta"

I have also read that there is a high amount of ufo activity in and around the area of Mt. Shasta. In addition, the mountain is considered to be a holy place by the local Native Americans... Finally, I also have read that Mt. Shasta is actually the location of an underground military base (I heard it in an interview with either Dan Burisch or Alex Collier -- I'm sorry, I can't recall which one). So, that idea obviously strongly contradicts the idea of "Telos."

Does anyone have any thoughts, expertise or experiences on these subjects they would like to share?

Mt. Shasta images:

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