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Default FerFal; Black/Gray Markets in Argentina

A question I have, you have mentioned the black/gray market on a few occasions, but I have a somewhat hard time understanding it. In the US the only thing I can think of with similarity is a flea market, where you can buy some collection stuff(books, dvd's), some home-made stuff(leather belts etc) and a LOT of chinese **** they wouldnt sell in most stores. But never would one find firearms there, much less things like hand grenades. Why doesn't your police regulate and crackdown on some of the more illegal operations? Thanks, best of luck and congratulations with your new child!


I call them Black/Gray markets because they are mostly large fairs, most run illegally (rent of public space) and were a lot of conterfit, illegal and stolen products are sold.

For example in the “Larroque Outlet”, among the usual ****, Chinese yunk, etc. some stands sell stolen and counter fit clothes.

My sister’s father in law runs a transportation business and knows well that most of the merchandize that sometimes get stolen by asphalt pirates ( robberies that occur on the highways, usually away form the city and curious eyes) ends up there.

Some of these markets are like nothing you’ve ever seen.

I've been to a few markets in USA but these are totally different.
La Salada market is a case study, the thing looks like Barter town on steroids. There’s even a railroad ( in use!) running through the market.
When the train comes people move quickly away, move the stands full of merchandize that are over the rails, and once the train passes the space is occupied once again

People come from all over the country to buy stuff here and take back to re sell.

But you dont walk into the "La Salada" market and buy a bunch of grenades or guns. It’s not like Afghanistan were you buy Ak as if you’re buying bananas.

These are improvised ( VERY improvised) open air markets where you can find all kind of things, including stolen merchandize, counterfeit clothes, and such.
You can acquire weapons if you know the right ( well, actually wrong) kind of people, but you wont see any sold publicly.

This is of course illegal and not something you should be doing.
Guns you can legally buy in gunshops, so why do things the wrong way.

I suppose you have to see these places for yourself, they are hard to describe well.

“Why doesn't your police regulate and crackdown on some of the more illegal operations?”

Yesterday they showed a report on TV, on how cops of this same district “Lomas de Zamora” actually run THEIR own little market, selling autoparts of confiscated vehicles!

Cops don’t bust places like “La Salada”, they work extra hours there to make a few bucks.

The European Union once referred to “La Salada” as an icon of illegal commerce.

An image says more than 1000 words. I found this website with lots of pics of, “La Salada”.


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