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Arrow 10 Reasons To Refuse To Take A Swine Flu Vaccination

Cruising all the information on various threads of "why not" to take a Swine Flu vaccination I have copied the best reasons and created a Word document flyer for printing and distribution which will plaster the Lower Mainland/Vancouver British Columbia area.
I am hoping that everyone in British Columbia, Canada, United States, etc. will do the same with this information.........


1. Every vaccine is dangerous. Every vaccine has the potential of causing the illness it’s supposed to prevent, and too often has done so.

2. There has not been one forensically proven swine flu death anywhere in the world.

3. The powers that be view a large segment of the population as “useless eaters” who use up resources that could otherwise be used by corporations for profit. They control the UN, which has an official policy of population reduction. WHO is part of the UN and is behind the creation of both the bird flu and swine flu viruses, that is, these viruses are lab-engineered viruses created to reduce the population.

4. WHO released the bird flu virus in Mexico. It will mutate and become lethal. It will kill people in the second wave in autumn. What public health authorities should be doing is such things as distributing colloidal silver, distributing masks, and taking sensible measures to control the spread of the disease.

5. The mainstream media is controlled by powerful corporations owned by the powers that be and is complicit in the agenda of population reduction by putting out propaganda to fool the public into thinking vaccinations are good for you.

6. WHO, governments, and pharmaceutical companies are all controlled by the powers that be, who are motivated only by the official policy to reduce the population and by profits to be reaped by selling the vaccine.

7. An ingredient called squalene adjuvants is a key ingredient in new vaccines intended for mass immunization around the globe. Squalene is a normal substance in the body, but when injected into the body, the immune system attacks it as an enemy to be eliminated. This process can cause a long list of autoimmune diseases, which includes such as diseases as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

8. Scientists become invested in the use of squalene because they have reputations to protect and fees to reap.

9. The timing of this agenda of population reduction coincides with the destruction of the world economy because the powers that be know there will be much civil unrest.

10. Vaccinations are poisons masquerading as protective drugs. They benefit only the bottom lines of corporations that manufacture them and scientists reaping generous royalties.

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Default Re: 10 Reasons To Refuse To Take A Swine Flu Vaccination

Thank you. I would have references for each of these, in little characters at the bottom. Because people are gonna argue.
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