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Default Marshall Vian Summers

Since there is no thread about this man, I will create one. The experience of Marshall Vian Summers as first hand contactee with an alliance of races in our galaxy who have presented themselves as "Allies of Humanity" is of prime importance.

If what this man says is true, then his message is urgent and also a treasure trove for all of us.

Here is how he present himself:


Here are the first two books he wrote, based on the message received from the Allies:


Here are some interview he made: "The reality of life in the universe"


"Steps to knowledge" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqdIB...eature=related

"Extraterrestrial Intruders" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_4O4...eature=related

"Ethical contact" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_GDm...eature=related

Of course, there are many more interview available on the net, including an interview on coast to coast. Enjoy the message.

Namaste, Steven
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Bleh... I listened to his vids & some of the c2c show. Not feelin it. He doesn't seem to be saying anything we haven't heard before, and is throwing in a very dull, materialistic cosmology vis a vis the et presence. His sources, these "Allies of Humanity" got chased away?? Why should we take them seriously?

This is what bugs me about all these alleged contact stories. the so called good-guys abide by the rules and won't intervene, and the manipulators and exploiters get to go hog wild and do whatever they want. How is this just? If you say we, as humans, must rise up and take responsibility for ourselves and throw off the yolk of slavery, that's fine, being at such a disadvantage will make the eventual throwing off the yolk that much more meaningful, but I just can't see it happening without some kind of catalyst-not necessarily et intervention, but some kind of unveiling, some unmistakable sign that will wake people up. We could use more truth. That would help.

I'm glad you posted about him, I was unfamiliar with the material.
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Greetings to All,

Thank you Steven for posting..again.. on Marshall Summers. The message in the form it was delivered is designed for those who have an affinity with the Greater Community already. In the sacred texts it is said that this message will only call to a few and most others will not respond. And this is expected and natural. The true depth and simplicity of the information can not be experienced until all materials are read, contemplated upon and Steps to Knowledge begun. It is a slow process, but very fulfilling if you actually take the role of student and allow our teachers to "teach".

In the end it seems all we can do is spread the word and let those that can understand join us.
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Originally Posted by Draecon13 View Post
...The true depth and simplicity of the information can not be experienced until all materials are read, contemplated upon and Steps to Knowledge begun...
Indeed. The experience of Marshall Vian Summers is since over 30 years now. And more than ever, his message increases in depth and relevancy to our days. The core of his message is still the same over all these years. To me, all these years of dedication talks for themselves. When you hold a message with your entire Life with total dedication for many decades, or the person is a complete fool, or it is profoundly true.

Also, he does not take the place of a teacher, but rather triggers what is already there sleeping. The real teachers being the angels of our world.

Namaste, Steven
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Thank you Steven,

I was directed to Marshall Vian Summers a few years back and think he is very good at getting the information across
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

You're welcome mntruthseeker. Someone asked on a thread, who are these people, calling themselves "Allies of humanity".

It is mentioned in their briefing that they come from very far in our galaxy. They do not say where they come from, but they say it is for their own safety.

What they mentioned about themselves that I find most interesting is the fact that they have been under the control of a foreign power for a very long time. Today, they are free, but it took them a long time a many great sacrifice to get rid of this outside influence over their homeland and people.

They say it looked like the intervention we are living today, here on Earth. At first it is secretive and after rooting themselves under the apparent power in place, they're offering technological "toys", like the European offered mirrors to our natives. After signing treaties and accepting new technology, the intervention became more and more apparent and progressively, the native lost their own sovereignty.

It already happened within our own history. The Universal Laws are at work and today, we have open the doors for this kind of action to be part of our destiny. But also because of the Universal Laws, we have the means to get rid of the intervention.

Namaste, Steven
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

I met him and his group over 10 years ago when I was trying to move to Boulder, Colorado, but the move did not work out. I took one of his workshops; we also have a common interest in Tai-Chi.

The aspect of self preparation to increase your own awareness is the part that requires discipline and needs daily regular practice (Steps to Knowledge). As usual, the hard part is that which will evolve your being, not the intellectual knowledge.
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

It's nice to know you met him before NL. You are correct in saying that knowledge presented by Steps to knowledge is not intellectual knowledge, but rather a deeper knowledge that is alive, a presence within, something we often call intuition, but which is not only intuition.

Steps to knowledge is a serious undertaking work on the self. It takes one year to complete it. One different exercise for each day. It is not a superficial meditation course, but rather a very deep commitment with yourself. Not always easy to follow, but tremendously life transforming for the better.

After that, you are not that easily deceived and rely on the presence within for any situation.

Namaste, Steven
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

hello dear friends,
I think the messages Summers brings are very important. One very great danger we are facing is intervention. Below, I have collected and abbreviated a series of statements in the Allies' message, just to give a short and quick to read idea of what I believe is one of the most important messages we are receiving, in light of what is happening with things like planetary activation organizations, free energy activists cooperating with ETs etc.

“You are the native peoples of the world facing intervention. How will you respond? Will you ignore it or deny it?”

“Human sovereignty must be preserved in this world.”

“Intervention is always carried out for self-interest. History has taught you this. Nature teaches you this. Life teaches you this.”

“… to those people whom it will capture for its own purposes, it will present itself as a benign and spiritual force. But in truth it represents an exploitive and dangerous presence.”

“This Intervention represents the most dangerous challenge to humanity’s freedom and self-determination that you have ever faced.”

“Speak out against it. Receive the gift of wisdom from your true allies, who do not seek domination here, who are not intervening in the world for their own purposes.”

“No one is going to come and rescue you, and those that claim to be here to do so will be your greatest danger.”
“… recognize that those who would visit your world are not here because they are fascinated with you or they are trying to uplift you spiritually or they are going to shepherd you into some glorious future.”

“This is not a visitation. It is an intervention whose purpose is to gain control of the world and the world’s peoples.”
“… they need human labor and human cooperation to serve their purposes here, to mine the world for its biological resources and to use the world for its strategic importance.”
“Intervention is here to cast persuasion over the world, to gain control of the minds and hearts of people. It is doing this by offering people incredible promises of salvation and free energy, promising humanity peace and equanimity, offering advanced technology in order for humanity to become dependent on these foreign powers. And like the foolish natives of so many tribes before, humanity is acquiescing to these promises. Having lost faith in human leadership and human institutions, many people are now turning to the Intervention for guidance…”
“As resources decline within this world, and as economic and political instability increases, the offerings of the Intervention will become ever more persuasive, yet what it is offering is your own demise—the loss of human freedom, your dependence upon foreign technology and foreign power.”

“…It is a seduction, and nothing more. It is like giving drugs to a native tribe in the jungle, who then become addicted and enslaved to whoever provides these things.”

“…Do we have any hope against such a presence and a power?” The answer is yes, of course you do…Races cannot come and take another world by force…If races want to gain influence in another world, it must appear that their presence is accepted and welcomed.…If the presence of the Intervention becomes known to enough people, it can no longer function in secrecy and must withdraw. If your mind and heart cannot be turned through persuasion and seduction or intimidation, then the Intervention has no power over you.”

“And never think that foreign governance of this world would be desirable in any way, for you have no idea of the cruelty and the harshness that such governance would bring to the human family.”

Our real alles, like the ones that sent us the Handbooks of the New Paradigm, and the ones sending us these messages through Summers are only advising us and not inteferring.
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

[COLOR="White"]Marshall Vian Masters has published a book (Part1+2), called the „Allies of Humanity“. It is allegedly a message from a group of Aliens which are restraining themselves to interact with humanity at this moment, because we are not considered ready for an mature contact. They inform and warn us regarding the nature of the ongoing Alien intervention our race is facing. It starts like this:

“...Over twenty years ago, a group of
individuals from several different worlds
gathered at a discreet location in our
solar system near the Earth for the
purpose of observing the alien visitation
that is occurring in our world. From their
hidden vantage point, they were able to
determine the identity, organization and
intentions of those visiting our world and
monitor the visitors’ activities.
This group of observers call themselves
the “Allies of Humanity.”
This is their report. “

Here the main excerpts from it:

"This teaching is a form of Divine
intervention. It does not belong to any one world.
It is not the property of any one race. It is not centered
around any hero or heroine, any one

As has occurred in your world in your own
history, the first to reach the new lands are the
explorers and the conquerors. They do not come for altruistic
reasons. They come seeking power, resources and dominion.
This is the nature of life. If humanity were well versed in
Greater Community affairs, you would resist any visitation to
your world unless a mutual agreement had been established previously.

What has brought these forces to your shores in
such numbers with such intention are the resources of your

worlds such as yours where life has evolved naturally, without the aid
of technology, are far more rare than you might realize. Others
take great notice of this, of course, for the biological resources
of your world have been used by several races for millennia.
It is considered a storehouse for some.

Perhaps you might wonder why diplomatic efforts are
not established to contact the leaders of humanity. This is reasonable
to ask, but the difficulty here is that there is no one to
represent humanity, for your people are divided, and your
nations oppose one another. It is also assumed by these visitors
that we speak of that you are warlike and aggressive and
that you would bring harm and hostility to the universe
around you despite your good qualities.

You live in a part of the galaxy that is quite inhabited.
Not all parts of the galaxy are so inhabited. There are great
unexplored regions. There are many hidden races. Trade and
commerce between worlds are only carried on in certain
areas. The environment that you will emerge into is a very
competitive one. The need for resources is experienced everywhere,
and many technological societies have outstripped
their world’s natural resources and must trade, barter and
travel to gain what they need. It is a very complicated situation.
Many alliances are formed and conflicts do occur.

Perhaps at this point it is necessary to realize that the
Greater Community into which you are emerging is a difficult
environment and a challenging one, and yet it brings great
opportunity and great possibilities for humanity. However, for
these possibilities and these advantages to be realized,
humanity must prepare and come to learn what life in the universe
is like. And it must come to understand what spirituality
means within a Greater Community of intelligent life.
We understand from our own history that this is the
greatest threshold that any world will ever face.

The forces and groups who are here today represent several
different alliances. These different alliances are not
united with each other in their efforts. Each alliance represents
several different racial groups who are collaborating for
the purpose of gaining access to your world’s resources and
maintaining this access. These different alliances are, in
essence, competing with each other though they are not at
war with one another. They see your world as a great prize,
something they want to have for themselves.

As a result, your visitors do not come armed with great
weapons or with armies or with armadas of vessels. They
come in relatively small groups, but they possess considerable
skill in influencing people. This represents a more sophisticated
and mature use of power in the Greater Community

The visitors are here to gain humanity’s allegiance. They
do not want to destroy human establishments or the human
presence. Instead, they wish to use these for their own benefit.
Their intention is employment, not destruction. They feel
that they are in the right because they believe that they are
saving the world.

People do not understand the visitors’
methods. And they do not comprehend the visitors’ ethics or
morality. People think the visitors are either angels or monsters.
But in reality, they are very much like you in their
needs. If you could see the world through their eyes, you
would understand their consciousness and their motivation.

The visitors are engaged in four fundamental activities in order to gain influence within your world:

The first area of activity of the visitors is to influence
individuals in positions of power and authority.

The second avenue of activity, which is perhaps the most
difficult to consider from your perspective, is the manipulation
of religious values and impulses.
They consider you primitive, and so they feel they can exert this influence and use these methods upon you.
Many people will be selected, but a few will
be chosen based upon these particular qualities. Your visitors
will seek to gain allegiance with these individuals, to gain
their trust and to gain their devotion, telling the recipients that
the visitors are here to uplift humanity spiritually, to give
humanity new hope, new blessings and new power—indeed
promising the things that people want so dearly but have not
yet found themselves.
This “Pacification Program” is
used differently with different religious groups depending
upon their ideals and their temperament. It is always aimed
at receptive individuals.

Let us now mention the third area of activity, which is to
establish the visitors’ presence in the world and to have people
become used to this presence.

However, the Greater Community is a competitive
environment, a difficult environment. Those who engage in
space travel do not necessarily represent the spiritually
advanced, for those who are spiritually advanced seek insulation
from the Greater Community. They do not seek
commerce. They do not seek to influence other races or to
engage in the very complex array of relationships that are
established for mutual trade and benefit. Instead, the spiritually
advanced seek to remain hidden.

However, the requirements to learn about the Greater
Community and to begin to experience Greater Community
Spirituality are tremendous. Never before have human beings
had to learn such things in such a short period of time.
The visitors seek to disable people from having this
vision and this Knowledge within themselves, for your visitors
do not have it within themselves. They do not see its value.
They do not understand its reality. In this, humanity as a
whole is more advanced than they are. But this is only a
potential, a potential which must now be cultivated.
Now we must speak of the fourth area in which your visitors
seek to establish themselves, and that is through
They cannot live in your environment. They
need your physical stamina. They need your natural affinity
with the world. They need your reproductive abilities. They
also want to bond with you because they understand that this
creates allegiance.
The visitors are not here to take your reproductive abilities
away from you. They are here to establish themselves.

They want humanity to believe in them and to serve them.
They want humanity to work for them. They will promise anything,
offer anything and do anything to achieve this goal. Yet
though their persuasion is great, their numbers are small. But
their influence is growing and their program of interbreeding,
which has been underway for several generations, will eventually
be effective. There will be human beings of greater
intelligence but who do not represent the human family.

They are not angels
or angelic beings. They are not spiritual entities. They
are beings who are coming to your world for
resources, for alliances and to gain an advantage in
an emerging world. They are not evil. They are not
holy. In that, they are also much like you. They are
simply driven by their needs, their associations, their
beliefs and their collective goals.

In this, your world could be overtaken without firing a shot, for violence is considered primitive and crude and is rarely employed in matters such
as this. Perhaps you may ask, “Does this mean that there is an
invasion of our world?” We must say that the answer to this is “yes,” an invasion of the most subtle kind.

Your freedom is at stake. The future of your world is at
stake. It is because of this that we have been sent here to
speak for the Allies of Humanity. There are those in the universe
who are keeping Knowledge and Wisdom alive and who
practice a Greater Community Spirituality. They do not travel
all about, casting influence over different worlds. They do not
take people against their will. They do not steal your animals
and your plants. They do not cast influence over your governments.
They do not seek to breed with humanity in order
to create a new leadership here. Your allies do not interfere in
human affairs. They do not manipulate human destiny

It is natural for you
to hope and to expect that other races have outgrown
deviousness, selfish pursuits, competition
and conflict. But, alas, this is not the case.
Greater technology does not raise the mental and spiritual strength of individuals.

Those who are being affected will be influenced
to think that these encounters are beneficial, both for themselves
and for the world. People’s spiritual aspirations, their
desire for peace and harmony, family and inclusion will all be
addressed by the visitors. These things that represent something
so special about the human family are, without Wisdom
and preparation, a sign of your great vulnerability. Only those
individuals who are strong with Knowledge and Wisdom
could see the deception behind these persuasions. Only they
are in a position to see the deception that is being perpetrated
upon the human family.

Therefore, we encourage you not to believe
that the taking of human beings and their children and their
families has any benefit for humanity at all. We must emphasize
this. Your freedom is precious.

At this time, humanity as a whole, we understand, cannot differentiate
between a Greater Community
demonstration and a spiritual manifestation.

Never think that any race in the universe that travels for
commerce is spiritually advanced. Those who seek commerce
seek advantage.

The situation is very grave from our perspective,
and we think it would be a tremendous misfortune if
people were not informed correctly.

The visitors believe firmly
that their agenda is virtuous and for the betterment of your
world, for humanity is not highly respected, and though you
are virtuous in certain ways, your liabilities far outweigh your
potential, from their perspective.

Why do your visitors want your world? It is so very obvious.
It is not you they are interested in particularly. It is the
biological resources of your world. It is the strategic position
of this solar system.

It is true of intelligent life everywhere that fear can be a
destructive force. Yet fear serves one and only one purpose if
it is perceived correctly and that is to inform you of the presence of danger. We are concerned, and that is the nature
of our fear. We understand what is at risk. That is the nature
of our concern. Your fear is born because you do not know
what is occurring, so it is a destructive fear. It is a
fear that cannot empower you or give you the perception
that you need to comprehend what is
occurring within your world. If you can become
informed, then fear is transformed into concern
and concern is transformed into constructive

A Second Coming, then, is being prepared by your visitors.
The evidence of this, we understand, is already in the

In one part of the world, one particular religious
ideology will prevail; in a different part of the
world, a different religious ideology will prevail.
This is entirely useful to your visitors, for they do
not care if there is more than one religion so long
as there is order, conformity and allegiance. Having no religion of their own that you could
possibly follow or identify with, they will use yours
to engender their own values.

The visitors firmly believe that if they do not intervene in
a timely manner, humanity will destroy itself and the world. This is not based upon truth; it is only an assumption. Though humanity is at risk of self-annihilation, this is not necessarily
your destiny.

Should the visitors become strong
enough to gain complete control of the world, those who cannot
conform will simply be eliminated. Yet the visitors will not
do the destruction. It will be wrought through the very individuals
in the world who have fallen completely under their

To counteract this, you must learn a Greater Community
Way of Knowledge. Any free race in the universe must learn The Way of Knowledge, however it may be defined within their own cultures. This is the source of individual freedom

Indeed, this is not some future prospect but
an immediate challenge. Life in the universe does
not wait upon your readiness. Events will happen
whether you are prepared or not.

We have said before that we cannot save your race through military intervention. That is not our role.

We can only advise.

And we must encourage you not to betray
Knowledge within yourself, the spiritual intelligence with
which you were born and which now holds your only and
greatest promise.

What is needed now is for you to become strong,
stronger than you are, stronger than you have been. Do not
welcome communications with those intervening in your
world until you have this strength. Do not open your minds
and hearts to visitors from beyond the world, for they come
here for their own purposes. Do not think that they will fulfill
your religious prophesies or greatest ideals, for this is a

Your world is very valuable to others. You will need to protect it.
You will need to preserve your resources so that you do not require or
depend upon trade with other nations for the fundamental
necessities of your life. If you do not preserve your resources,
you will have to relinquish much of your freedom and self-sufficiency.

Individually, the visitors have very little will and have difficulty dealing
with complexities. They do not understand your spiritual nature. And they most certainly do not understand the
impulses of Knowledge. The stronger you are with Knowledge,
the more inexplicable you become, the harder you are to control
and the less useful you become to them and to their
program of integration. Individually, the stronger you are with
Knowledge, the greater challenge you become to them. The
more individuals that become strong with Knowledge, the
more difficult it is for the visitors to isolate them.
The visitors do not have physical strength. Their power
is in the Mental Environment and in the use of their technologies.
Their numbers are small compared to yours. They
are wholly reliant upon your acquiescence, and they are
overly confident that they can succeed. Based upon their
experience so far, humanity has not offered significant resistance.
Yet the stronger you are with Knowledge, the more you
become a force that opposes intervention and
manipulation and the more you become a force
for freedom and integrity for your race.

We understand that we challenge many
beliefs and conventions in our presentation. Even our appearance
here will seem inexplicable and will be rejected by many.
Yet our words and our message can resonate with you because we speak with Knowledge. The power of truth is the
greatest power in the universe. It has the power to free. It has
the power to enlighten. And it has the power to
give strength and confidence to those who need it.

We are told that human conscience is highly
valued though perhaps not always followed. It is
this that we are speaking of when we talk about
The Way of Knowledge. It is fundamental to all of
your true spiritual impulses. It is contained in your
religions already. It is not new to you.

In the Greater Community, spirituality is embodied in
what we call Knowledge, Knowledge meaning the intelligence
of Spirit and the movement of Spirit within you. This empowers
you to know rather than only believe. This gives you
immunity from persuasion and manipulation, for Knowledge
cannot be manipulated by any worldly power or force. This
gives life to your religions and hope for your destiny.

If humanity should fail in opposing the Intervention, we
can paint a picture of what this would mean. We have seen it
elsewhere, for each one of us came very close, within our own
worlds. Being part of a collective, the planet Earth will be
mined for its resources, its people will be corralled to work
and its rebels and heretics will be either alienated or
destroyed. The world will be preserved for its agriculture and
its mining interests. Human societies will exist, but only in
subordination to powers from beyond your world. And should
the world exhaust its usefulness, should its resources be completely
taken, then you will be left, bereft. The supportive life
upon your world will have been taken from you; the very
means of survival will have been stolen. This has happened
before in many other places.
In the case of this world, the collectives may choose to
preserve the world for ongoing use as a strategic post and as
a biological storehouse. Yet the human population would suffer
terribly under such oppressive rule. The population of
humanity would be reduced. The management of humanity
would be given to those who are bred to lead the human race
within a new order. Human freedom as you know it would no
longer exist, and you would suffer under the weight of foreign
rule, a rule that would be harsh and exacting.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to understand the
nature of conflict in the universe because this will give you
insight into the visitors and their needs—why they function
the way they do, why individual freedom is
unknown amongst them and why they rely upon
their collectives. This gives them stability and
power, but it also renders them vulnerable to those
who are skilled with Knowledge.

Knowledge is the only
part of you that cannot be manipulated or influenced. It is the
source of all wise understanding and action. It becomes a
necessity within a Greater Community environment
if freedom is valued and if you wish to
establish your own destiny without being integrated
into a collective or another society.

We also understand that there are those who believe
that the visitors are here to represent a spiritual renaissance
and a new hope for humanity, but how can they know, they
who know nothing of the Greater Community? It is their hope
and their desire that this be the case, and such wishes are
accommodated by the visitors, for very obvious reasons.

Freedom is a precious thing in the Greater Community.
Never forget this. Your freedom, our freedom. And what is
freedom but the ability to follow Knowledge, the reality that
the Creator has given you, and to express Knowledge and to
contribute Knowledge in all of its manifestations? Your visitors do not have this freedom. It is unknown to them.

Take heart, then. This is a time for courage, not for ambivalence.

Such is the greater reality into which humanity is emerging—
a universe filled with wonders and horrors, a universe of
influence, a universe of competition, yet also a universe filled
with Grace, much like your own world but infinitely greater.
The Heaven that you seek is not here. However, the forces
that you must contend with are. This is the greatest threshold that your race will ever face.

We speak of Knowledge because it is your greatest
ability. Regardless of what technology you can develop over time, Knowledge is your greatest promise.
You are far behind the visitors in your technological development, so you must rely upon Knowledge.
It is the greatest force in the universe, and your visitors do not use it. It is your only hope.

You can download the complete book here: http://www.alliesofhumanity.org/alli...nity-book1.pdf


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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Thanks to you both, Freedive and Bashi . Nothing better than quotes to get a good idea about the content.

Namaste, Steven
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

This is so much in accordance with the information I have received from keylontic sciences! Only keylontic sciences gives more detail about the mechanics and who are the "visitors"

I found this video which is so clear by Max Igan


Humanity is indeed in a critical moment, 2012 marks an aligment in which the crucial decisions/actions for the preservation or loss of our eternal life potential has to be taken! but it is only us that can do something about it. Time is running out...

PS the resources that will be "mined" out of us are rather more than just material, it is really horrific
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
PS the resources that will be "mined" out of us are rather more than just material, it is really horrific
High Star,
have you seen this thread: http://www.projectavalon.net/forum/s...ad.php?t=19401 ?

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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

is it the gray ones do you reckon?
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Thank you for posting this thread, I've been familiar with the Allies Of Humanity briefings for awhile now and it's now to get feedback from Avaloners....
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Originally Posted by lightblue View Post
is it the gray ones do you reckon?
They 'Allies of Humanity' never mentioned specific nations or race. What they did specify is that it is not a race, but an alliance of races drived for economical power. They are composed of several races and their is also other alliances completly in disagrement with their behavior (interventionists) are also composed of the same races.

So, it is possible to say the greys are among them and at the same time, possible to say some other greys are part of other alliances in disagrement with the intervention. When you look at Earth and Humanity, it is very similar here as well.

It is not about bad greys and bad reptilians versus good humans, but rather alliances drived toward economical (human resources) goals perpetrating the intervention trying to 'convince us' to get into their alliance. While on the other hand, other alliances of the same races, or not, totally opposing this kind of behavior upon Humanity. Free evolution of any species is of prime importance for many alliances of our universe. These alliance will come up to us one day, they wait for us to be united and of a certain global consciousness level before doing it so. They might come sooner thought, because of the gravity of the intervention and its impact in the whole.

Namaste, Steven
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Originally Posted by AscendingStarseed View Post
Thank you for posting this thread, I've been familiar with the Allies Of Humanity briefings for awhile now and it's now to get feedback from Avaloners....
You are welcome AscendingStarseed .

Namaste, Steven
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Hi Steven --

I recently lived in Boulder for a couple of years -- i had previously heard of Marshall Vian Summers/the Allies of Humanity on a forum -- i found the Allies books in the Boulder library & read them, learning that the Greater Community Sanctuary, as they call their modest meeting place, is in Boulder, so i went to two of the meetings

the first time, Marshall himself was there & talking; the second time, a tape was played of someone -- i think Marshall -- channeling an ET who sounded like a sophisticated older Eurasian male --Marshall himself was off on some mysterious mission, the object/destination not divulged --

inside the cover of one of the Allies books from the library, someone had written, 'Be warned! This man is a cult leader of the worst kind!' -- i don't agree w/this completely -- however, i will say that the group there does seem to have a kind of worshipful respect for Marshall & for whoever it was talking on the tape -- i felt like i was attending a church service w/the Pope presiding

i agree w/the Allies' assessment of what is happening --as an abductee, i'm always glad to find anyone saying that we on Earth are being messed with bigtime -- but i find their 'New Messages from God' to be not all that new -- also [this is personal] they say Jesus was a myth, & i am a Christian

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Thanks for your experience Wynderer. The only way to begin to understand and know what the New message is all about is to make the effort to read all the texts that have so far been printed. They do not say Jesus was a myth. In fact they acknowledge he was a real person and one who had conveyed Knowledge to his time in a BIG way. His Being is helping others in their emergence to Knowledge. The Teachers say he will not be in this world in physical form again, but he is now an "unseen one" helping at a higher level. What they did mention was that once man gets a hold of the pure Spiritual Teachings with the teacher gone, they often become clouded and sometimes corrupt, with myth and fantasy and heroes. This has happened to all the religions of the world at this time. Marshall is a new messenger for our time. He is a conduit for the New Revelation that is being given to the world at this time. He is not to be idolized or revered, but instead respected and loved for the great service he has been called to perform. All of us have a higher purpose here, and without Knowledge to guide us, we will miss our opportunity, only to try again in another life here later. Marshall's channeled teachings give us the direct route to reclaiming our relationship with Knowledge and expressing it through us to help serve the world.
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

I like the way "knowledge" is said to be the most important thing for humanity to have and develop. Often on this Forum people like to say that Love is the prime thing we need. That's the teaching of Christianity (whose members have historically been far more murderous than those of any other world religion). In Asian religions (which came from Lemuria), Love or karuna in Sanskrit, is the second highest virtue. The highest is vijnana, which means (holistic, undeniable) understanding -- probably very close to what's called "knowledge" in Summers' books. That's what will save us. Take a good, unbiassed look at history. What has "Christian" so-called love done to the world?
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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Originally Posted by wynderer View Post
...inside the cover of one of the Allies books from the library, someone had written, 'Be warned! This man is a cult leader of the worst kind!' -- i don't agree w/this completely -- however, i will say that the group there does seem to have a kind of worshipful respect for Marshall & for whoever it was talking on the tape -- i felt like i was attending a church service w/the Pope presiding...
I thank you Wynderer for your input. I never been to Boulder and I don't plan to go anyway. I only read many books from him and must admit they are extremely profound. On the other hand, I know some people fall into an exagerated admiration for the messenger. Many times, it is not even the messenger intention.

So, I take your information with great joy and welcome it. We have to discern any source, any information because reality is not black and white.

Namaste, Steven
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