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Dean Plejaren
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Default Re: Please stop the **** about subscription and money

I second this. It's crystal clear logic.

Since the Forum owners seems to have decided to roll in subscriptions,
i will decide later and see what happens before taking decision.

It's fair though, that we can still lurk in read-only mode...
I could go ahead and pay the smaller forum subscription fee and remain to get the other info free. But what about new people and others who come to the forum I thought it would be better people talk about the information than people can decide to buy it or not rather than see information and decide to contribute on the forum or not.

Only because I value community communication over anything else though. They have already made the decision long ago so can only sit back and watch now.
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Default Re: Please stop the **** about subscription and money

Does anybody know when the subscription fee is scheduled to kick in?

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Flying Pyramid
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Default Re: Please stop the **** about subscription and money

Why am i even posting in this thread?
Becasue you told me to!

Has anybody even read all my postes or any other post posted by those who are here?
I call everyone , EVERYONE to stop and look at them selves.
You don't even see it do you?

Why hasn't anyone other than myself offered your time or help?
I take that back, some of you have freely offered thier time to trascribe and other type of things to help the cause.
But as for most of you, you sit and ridicule anyone who has an idea that either is or is not about money.
Notice only those with money are the ones talking down to the ones without or who choose not to pay.
And the ones who cannot or choose not to pay ridicule those who decide to pay and like the idea.

All of these are seperation.
EVERY single person here is helping the power of seperation.
Yes including myself.

I'll be 100% honest!
On my part i did it on purpose to seperate you with intent!
How do you like those apples!

Can you now sit back and see how much of a grip seperation and programming has on you.
I had a history teacher once that told us of this great war in history and made us study it all week long and on friday tested us on it.
After the last student handed in thier paper, he stood up and ripped up all the tests and said we were all just hearded like sheep.
The war never happened, the studies we did were meaningless.
The test was not to mess with us or program us it was so we understood what true "power" really is.
We studied for that test like no tommorrow because our trusted teacher told us it was true.

I can not give you the answer but i can try to get you to realize the power of seperation. Do you understand that if you damn your brothers and sisters for thier views and beliefs then you too are damned!

If my brother chooses the dark path then let him walk and no man shall stop him.
So if people choose to stay and pay whether they can or can not, or if they leave because they choose not to pay or can not, does this mean we are to take away thier free will?
Does this mean we are to ridicule them for what they choose, for exersising thier free will.
Is this not what Avalon and ALL of this is about?

I myself made one post, one simple post to BILL & KERRY no one else about chooseing a different way to make a consistant source of money and people used it as a way for them to start bashing B&K with thier own dislikes. DO NOT use my words or my threads to spread you seeds of hate.

I for one back Bill & Kerry in thier endevour and evey single person here for what they choose to do with there time and money.

For me and me alone, it is a matter of princapal.
Not seperation, not "i dont want to help", not "i'm poor and i can't pay" nothing other than it at its core is seperation.
"If you pay you can join the fellowship, if you can not then you must read and be confused because you have to wait for someone to ask your question to recieve the answer."

No evil, no BS like that, it just seperates those who will benifit greater from Avalon and us than we will.
Do you understand now?

Are you the kind of person who sends money who has money to feed the hungry or do you go out and feed the hungry yourself?

Who posted this "Become the change you want to see in the world."

For me and me alone, i do not want to leave anyone in the dark. I do not want to join something where my friends can not.
If they want help, i offer it and more.
If they want money, i will offer this as well and more.
If they need certain help from people with certain skills, i offer this too.
But i do not offer seperation of my family.

ALL should be welcome in fellowship.

DO NOT shame, damn, or look down apon those who walk a different path.

And as for Bill & Kerry, i have prayed that they win the lottery.
I still look forward to meeting them someday, i like Bills hat. lol
I believe that most of you read that first post of mine and saw in it what you chose to see and not what it was.

I love everybody and everybody loves icecream.

"Everyone is so ready to die for the cause, Why are they not ready to live for it?" -- Richard Scott Brooks
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Default Re: Please stop the **** about subscription and money

Originally Posted by GregorArturo View Post
I decided not to participate in any of these discussions anymore, and let them go on their own way, but being you're a personal friend who I respect greatly, so I am responding.

First, you just stereotyped the hell of me thinking I'm a pothead, that I don't have a job, and that I have all the free time in the world.

And then also the assumption that I am speaking from purely from my ego, as many of you so think. If that was the case, I would not be speaking to you right now. As my voice is coming from above the ego, on the notion of a fundamental principal. The ego subliminally wants to be seen as separate and to survive. This principal goes beyond survival. Death is but a moment. These ideas live for an eternity. I leave it there, and you will hear no more of me on that regards. Namaste.

Fair enough. I surely wrote that with comedy and seriousness blended together. I definitely didn't mean any personal negativity towards you. I was just letting my honest initial reaction to your first post flow out of me in the moment after I read it. I suppose I could have left out some of the sly suggestions for raising money. lol I apologize for stereotyping.

I guess I feel that everyone should just go with the flow on this board - if there are fewer people posting then so be it. Lets work with what we have. I think that there are a lot of lurkers like myself who casually contribute and read, I'm certainly not very worried about the direction of this forum. I think that I am in more of an observer mode right now than anything (largely because of health issues), but that certainly doesn't make me a passive waiter and consumer of other people's packaged information that you described in your post. You, Gregor, certainly seem to be in a very active mode and that's awesome. I salute and respect that for sure. I have just learned from personal experience and hard lessons that it's important to realize that everyone is at a very different point in their mental, spiritual and physical developments and no matter how much wiser and smarter you may be than someone, you have to be gentle and humble with that power and wield it well. An automobile with an enormously fast engine and high quality parts will race like a dream but its also much easier to crash and burn with as well. I think that everyone here on Avalon have brilliant minds almost by default because we all know that some very big things are happening here in the universe. It's definitely not always easy to live in the various different awakened stages that we are all at and I had to learn it the hard way by losing a relationship with a great girl who I definitely, unknowingly at the time, condescended to and made her feel belittled a lot of the time by my excessive rambling and lecturing with a hotheaded attitude. You, Gregor, are a fu*king brilliant man, the great majority of the metaphysics that you talk is way over my head. I'll bow to you on that. Take it easy on us simpletons. We definitely all have different areas of interest and expertise.

Message boards always seem to attract a swarm of negativity and less than productive members and they probably always will. I think it's just a less efficient way of communication than face to face interactions because of all of the mindless clutter that accumulates, but message boards also have their benefits because of the globe reaching possibilites of different people to talk to. Pros and Cons for sure. So, I think that maybe some people just have too high of expectations for this board and want it to be perfect or something. I think peoples attempts to want to change the boards content, or change the participation level, or change the members, could all take a good lesson from the movie Fight Club and just cease trying to have so much control all the time. Hear that Avalonians? Let go of the fu*king wheel already and just let the car go where its going to go! I think that maybe the chaotic imperfections are the only option. I agree that it seems like a lot of great members have stopped participating as much and that is too bad, but so be it. Maybe they are holding back a bit and perhaps they will come back in time. I think that inner reflection and thinking is what a lot of people are doing. I'm certainly having fun watching all you crazy *******s go at it. haha Cheers. What, you can't say basta*ds?

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Default Re: Please stop the **** about subscription and money

Originally Posted by Orion Morris View Post
Does anybody know the exact date of the subscription deadline?
Bump. For this question please. I wanna know when to get my last free post in.

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Sideshow Shaman
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Default Re: Please stop the **** about subscription and money

it is surprisingly pleasant to read all the replies here. i was hesitant to post as i did. Because posting such a thread incurs the responsibility of reading replies and responding, if moved. I do not have tons of time to spend here.

The point raised by some IT person here is perhaps most pertinent. Life is full of obstacles everyone is required to come up with a work around or stop progressing. Honestly I could beg strangers for a months subscription in a few hours if I wanted to. It is not hard to figure out ways around, it is a choice. Special hint: nothing is ever overcome by directly fighting it.

Further, repeat this ad nauseam until the words are understood:
"There will be no charge for reading, the information will remain free"

It seems like there are many people that are caught up in the novelty of the experience of connecting. I have seen this pattern before, experienced it first hand once or twice. My advice is to stop riding the emotional roller coaster. Do not invest your "soul" into a website. If that is happening, just observe for a while.

This obsessive posting behavior is also suppressing some lurkers from posting valuable insight/info, IMO. It is a very basic principle, if you are looking to get information from wise people the atmosphere must be proper. Valuable information will most likely not be shouted. We are lucky that so many have come forward as it is. If we really want to excel as a forum, the signal to noise ratio needs some serious attention from everyone. Perhaps a subscription will force that attention.

Personally it is against my principles to even register for a website. i have my reasons. But I might actually subscribe for this place, not guaranteeing that I will post though.
(my) Golden Rule #1: no hard and fast rules.

Even with the monkey-mind running around here, i still think you are all quite interesting. I just cannot keep reading so much.

best wishes

PS, I think the subscription for posting was set to start at the beginning of the next month, fairly soon.
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Dean Plejaren
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Default Re: Please stop the **** about subscription and money

the novelty of the experience of connecting
The 'novelty' is basically one of the most important things in life. Think what life would be like in isolation from anything. We thrive on communication, that is the reason why the internet is so useful to us.

This obsessive posting behavior is also suppressing some lurkers
Who's obsessive and why do you think so? What lurkers are being suppressed and how?

it is against my principles to even register for a website
Technically you would not be here. Why is it against your principles?
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blue ice
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Default Re: Please stop the **** about subscription and money

Don't give up Gregor.....I have been giving free spiritual advice fo rmany years and it should be free....it is money that is creating the negative problems on the earth and on this forum
love you all
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