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Default Bill Ryan's Post on project Avalon chat

Ok here is what Bill said on the Avalon chat room:

[02:16] <Bill> Hello, all - this is Bill Ryan here.
<Bill> never been on this chatroom before!
<Bill> She's changed all the passwords. I've asked the forum hosts to let us all have access immediately.
<Bill> To close a forum because of a free speech dispute is a concept that Orwell would have been proud of
<+Karen> yes, this is Bill Ryan
<+Karen> that is exactly what he said in mod chat

<+Karen> And that changing passwords - yes that's a Kerry trait too.
<Bill> There's a very serious situation here. Kerry fires from the hip sometimes without doing her data-checking. She thought that I had asked for the Abraxasinas thread to be closed as a moderator or founder. If we had access now, you'd see that I had been very careful to offer my opinion as a MEMBER - not as a mod or founder - to close the thread
<Bill> It was a personal opinion. Not a dictate.
<Bill> So all was in order. The mods closed the thread - which they had been debating anyway - and I was careful that they should make their own decision.
<Bill> That was not correct. It was my carefully stated personal opinion. I was not wearing a mod's or founder's hat.
<Bill> I was offering an opinion and posted as a member. I stand by that. The mods needed to make their own call. It was not a complex situation.
<Bill> Kerry thought that I'd ordered the thread to be closed. I don't know how she got that impression as what I wrote was really clear. I made it clear because I was aware of the possibility of misinterpretation.
<Bill> But Kerry closing the forum came energetically on the back of the problem she had with the Heather material. That lies behind all of this.
<Bill> I had asked Ben Murphy to be banned as a hoaxer. That's what I DID do. Kerry was outraged at that. I apologized later because I don't think we can prove that he was a hoaxer.
<Bill> And behind all of THAT lie disagreements about how we check and filter the provenance of information, including who we should and should not trust when they come to Camelot with information. THAT's the core.
<Bill> But whether the thread was closed or not is irrelevant. Threads are closed all the time. That's part of the judgment calls mods make every day.
<Bill> The real issues here are about control. That's the generic underlying issue.
<Bill> Kerry will not open the forum anytime soon - I know that. We're setting up a new server and she's going to be locked out so this can never happen again.
<Bill> It's possible the web hosts might give me or RIchard/Gareth the passwords. But they might not, as they may defer to the person who pays them (Kerry). That means the forum would be closed for two or three days until we can transfer the data to another host. Then we reopen with precautions taken that this can never happen again.
<Bill> Kerry is in full destruct mode at the moment. She deleted the Anglo-Saxon Mission video without my knowledge or consent. She did that TWICE - once before it was published.
<Bill> Because Camelot has been infiltrated. Read my 27 Feb Camelot update. Take a look. All the info is there.
<Bill> You think I'd delete my own video when it had received 25,000 views in 36 hours and was all set to go viral?
<Bill> Look at the 27 Feb update. Read carefully. The infiltrator is John (Jack) Burns. He works for Australian intelligence. He's got in very close with Kerry and David WIlcock.
<Bill> He wanted to sack all the volunteers, move Camelot to a central office in Australia, make Kerry a star, have only paid staff, and have him as the co-coordinator. Kerry wanted to do it. I said no way, not ever.
<Bill> You have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. Camelot is being taken down.
<Bill> 27 Feb update on Camelot. On the blog. Read it carefully.
<Bill> The problems are huge.
<Bill> Of course... it's a classic intel ploy, straight out of the book.
<Bill> It's SO obvious.
<Bill> Re Camelot being taken down, I'm going to quit fairly soon and will re-establish Avalon as Camelot 2.
<Bill> I have drafted major statement called BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON PROJECT CAMELOT. I think we're at the stage now where PR and careful political statements won't heal anything - the only thing that works is the truth.
<Bill> No... the only way the forum will be re-opened is either if the hosts will reveal the new passwords, or if we can move everything to a new server. That's under way but will take several days.

<Bill> The entire thing is a sting operation against Camelot. Everything started back in the summer when we were attacked in multiple ways (Rense, Eagles Disobey, etc). Soon after that we were infiltrated by John Burns. Kerry bought his story and so did David WIlcock. He's an agent. I have audio recordings and 100% proof. Kerry will not hear it.
<Bill> David WIlcock has been trying to help... he's a good guy. But he has bought the John Burns story. I tried to warn him
<Bill> If you think that was a fear mongering video, you can't have watched it to the end
<Bill> You think I badmouth Kerry? Read the Camelot blog. I've done nothing but praise + honor her publicly - on the forum, too. But here we have someone who shut down the forum and deleted a video and has been taken in by an Australian agent whose Facebook profile shows they are friends of Gordon Brown and Bill Clinton, and they support the Likud party. Go figure.07:28[02:55] <Bill> Enough already. I'm not going to put up with this anymore. If you care for Camelot, realize that it's being taken down.
<Bill> Do your own analysis. Look at all the facts. Read everything we're written.
<Bill> I have to go - will be back later
<Bill> Would be helpful if people registered her with their Avalon names
<Bill> Thanks, Guys

He entered the chat room to give his side of the story, the various mods gave some info as well, anyone in the chat could read his perspective.

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