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Default Comments on Preparedness

I have read alot on this website so far and it is full of information. I want to bring up something about being reasonable and being prepared. I hope this will touch someone and help some people not to lose their heads over all of this (that won't help anybody).

I would like to vent 4 thoughts and invite others to comment and add their two cents:

1. In the United States, September is National Preparedness Month…Hmmm

September has been designated National Preparedness Month and has been a national designation for several years now. However, the seeming lack of awareness and preparation of the US public is surprisingly and disturbingly low. The Public’s understanding and awareness of current political, economic, and climatic situation has been formulated based on sound bites from the mainstream media. In the recent past, the US Public was much more aware of how to take care of themselves their families and neighbors by being alert, taking personal responsibility, preparing their families for emergencies. The lack of a national campaign to bring about the public’s participation in personal, family, and community preparedness puzzles me. There are good websites for disaster preparation from our government. But, where are the public service announcements that give people a chance to take some personal responsibility for disaster preparation?

2. Your biggest asset at any time is…..YOUR BRAIN
With all of the buzz on the internent and elsewhere, it is easy to get caught up in the seeming “immediacy of the moment” when you read so much about the dire straights in which we find our selves. My own personal saga went a lot like this:

Read ….Re-read…..PANIC!…..Depression…..Stunned Resignation (basically denial)…..Active Resolution (make a Plan).

The point I am trying to make is that everyone must take stock of their current situation and make a reasonable plan based on their current location and existing financial resources. Remember, there is never a time when there is absolutely nothing you can do…. You can always do something. Always.

3. One person’s catastraphe is another person’s inconvenience….
Let’s face it, most of us do not have the monetary capabailities to go and buy gold or to head to the so-called Safe Places of the world. If you think for yourself you may come to the conclusion that for many reasons it would be more reasonable to stay put and plan where you are or you may still consider stowing away to the land of Alpacas. The point is, EVERYONE has a pair of glasses on….everyone has their version or their “vision”…..AND there is lots of “noise” out there. I would challenge everyone to a) be reasonable b) check your information sources c) Track a few predictions to see if they come to fruition. I did and I found I was needlessly panicked over a major “imminent” earthquake to occur off the northwest-central coast a few weeks ago because of someone’s channeled messages from an “inside alien resource”. Do your best to separate the wheat from the chaff.

4. Prepare for the Obvious FIRST
Odds are you are more likely to find your self in a housefire, car accident or natural disaster before a nuclear halocaust. Start by preparing a 3-day emergency kit – you can find all kinds of guidance on the internet. Have a plan, know where your resources are. Have an evacuation and communication plan with your family. Once you have done this you will feel empowered to make other plans, such as for a pandemic, food storage, …even the potentiality of a nuclear, chemical or biological attach. Involve your own community!

These are just some of the conclusions I have made over the course of the last 6 months. I welcome others thoughts or comments.
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