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Default Keith Olbermann's Message to Mankind

I'm not sure how many are following the healthcare fiasco on the major news networks and/or cable, but I find this is the most compassionate, most sensible plea I have heard to date about passing healthcare for this nation. And the best thing about this, he alluded to a buffoon who likes to scare people with her telling us there is the possibility of having a "death panel" added into the works before the Congress passes the law.

I can vouched for Mr. Olbermann when he hit upon Sarah Palin's, what I also consider, buffoonery of a plea to defeat healthcare: just as he had to make the decision about extreme measures to keep his father alive, my sister and I had to make that decision for our elderly uncle as well. We talked with the doctor and healthcare providers before we made our final, healthcare proxy decision. I tell you this, don't be scared of Palin's so-called "death panel" clause in the healthcare bill. If you have an elderly parent and need to make a healthcare decision right now for them, you're going to surely go through a "death panel" decision--without the benefit of a government healthcare mandate because that's the way it is when the elderly are too sick to make the decision on their own. That's what living wills and healthcare proxies are for, so that the family--not government--can make the decision for them in their time of near death.

I recommend highly Mr. Olbermann's commentary. Here it is in written and in video form. Please be truly informed and stop listening to the buffoons who are trying to scare the crap out of us with their "misinformation". Or should I say disinformation?


P.S. Thomas Jefferson and Robert Green Ingersoll would have been proud of you last night if they were still alive today, Mr. Olbermann.
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Default Re: Keith Olbermann's Message to Mankind

I saw it. I too understand what family and compassion is. I also could not understand Olbermans stand against FOX for the last year. He was "driven" with obvious jealously while his numbers tanked. He's one foot out the door at MSNBC right now. Was that I cry for help to keep his job? I absolutley don't believe it was. It was the best thing he has said in two years on his show. I understand the Healthcare Industry,and I understand our shortcomings.

I also understand that an "operating tray" that was made in the US 5 years ago for surgery at 300.00 dollars is now made in Mexico for 350.00 dollars.

HUH??? But I thought? We saved the money to pass onto the consumer by going to Mexico?

NO! We saved money for the corporations!!! They Increased their profit margins!! Now it's nothing more then a bottom line for the next quarter for a return on investment.

I am extremly supportative of Mr. Olbermans cry for humanity. But this new health bill has NOTHING to do with it. ZIP ZERO Nada.

Nafta? Ask GeorgeSr. and JR. and Hillary and Bill about this atrocity.
How insulting.
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Default Re: Keith Olbermann's Message to Mankind

Sorry GenerationIke.. I reread my post and did'nt mean to sound angry about your post. It's not Keith Oberlands message and his sincerity. These overlappings of opinion, political statement and News has really shown how much worse it'd gotten in the last five years. Any MSM.(Main Steam Media)

I apoligize if I sounded rude.
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