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James Casbolt
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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

Originally Posted by James Casbolt View Post
The Water Spear

The special forces training in the pool are much more that that. In effect they are intiations into the elements, just like the intiations at the PLUME facility in Brazil years ago.
The water training may be level 2 or 3 this process. It included a large pool in a dimly lit building with very cold water. The large pool was connected to another water section at the end, which had a caged top section to stop escape once you are in that section that connects to the end of the pool.
The main pool section used disneyworld ride, type of mechanical effects, I.E sections would open in the side of the pool underwater and mechanical jaws like shark models would come out and break the surface with their mouths open. Sound effects wouild be pumped into the room when they broke the surface of loud animals roars. This would scare the **** out of you, as you would be swimming along in the quite darkness to retrive things from underwater and at the end of the pool and all of a sudden a large great white shark model would pop up next to you with a loud animal roar. At the time I didn't know if it was real or not. The adult soldiers at the edge of the pool would scream at you to keep going and when you got to the end of the pool, they would open up the gate that connects the large pool to the caged water area and command you to swim into it. There would be real live sharks in this section, not too deadly but you didn't know that at the time, all you knew that was a great white had popped up next to you and now you were being forced into dark water in a caged area with shadowy shark figures lurking around in the water. Some baulked at the edge some went in. The whole point was control over the emotions. At the time of greatest fear, I.E when the model great white appeared in the pool, you would have to go deeper into your face to come out of the other side.
The Hive

1991 Fort Bragg, North Carolina- 15 years old

Training carries at this military base. Standard fitness such as long runs and such. Now our training focuses on alien hardware artifacts in classrooms. Each of the teenagers are given a specific artifact that they use from now on. Many of these are types of metal bracelets, also special metal belts and boxes are given.
We are told by our instructor that guns will often be useless against the 'machines' as they will use brainwave manipulating harware that will give you paralysis. The pieces of hardware we have been given will disable their electromagnetic fields that cause this ( as well as doing other things ).
We are being prepared for another mission soon. The instructer tells us in a big american country accent-

"Mission failure will mean being captured by the 'hive'"

"If this happens you will not be killed, you be tortured and reprogrammed"

"It may take us time to find you again, rescue you and deprogram you"

Training is over and we back to our dorms. The next morning we load up into a C-130 type aircraft with our equipment. We fly to the location ( which I think was on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa and parachute onto the ground. An adult Delta Force unit accompanies us. We are to physically position ourselves over the top of an underground AI facility and remote view the location to send back data to command. The area is protected by electromagnetic grids to stop long range RVers seeing in. Scans can only be done by being right on top of it, but this is very dangerous.
US Air Force Space Command and Galactic Federation military ships need the 'open' grid points of the facility to launch a ground penetrating weapon attack at the place.
We arrive in the area at night. A deserted wooded area, but with not many trees. The trees look old and dead. We get over the 'hub' and start to scan but when we do this, the trees start to shake and rumbling noises can be heard from underground. The rumbling sound start to go up the trees and then large round metal pod like devices are shot out of the tops of the trees.
These land on the ground and start to roll towards us giving off a high pitched frequency and coloured energy. Bullets just bounce off them so we start using the artifacts and projecting crackling coloured energy at these pod like devices. This shots them out and stops them but so many are being fired out the trees they are starting to overwhelm us. The adults order us to pull out the area and we turn and run. Myself and a couple of other teenagers are at the back and three pods gain on us. They project their energy fields around us and I feel like I'm running through treacle. My head is pounding and all the energy is going out of me. i know I have to act quickly but I tense up and trip over something on the ground. When I hit the ground, I'm frozen. I'm trapped inside my body screaming to get out.
I see black triangle craft over the top of me and the black leather clad 'robot' soldeirs with the black bike helmet type facemasks turn up and I'm carried off.
I 'wake up' ( hard to describe as I'm not fully concious ) clamped to a table underground in a dark hall. I'm in the hive. This place is basically a factory. Not a human place at all. There are humans in vats of liquid, humans on operating tables cut open with robotics combined in their bodies. Assembly lines of robots on the right hand-side travelling along with on a large belt. At the end some type of machine builds flesh around the metal skeletons.
I see the other two teenagers clamped to tables too. I can't really feel much.
Time passes but time doesn't mean much here. We are wheeled into another smaller room after a while by the black clad 'soldiers'. This is like an operating threatre with a large machine built into the ceiling with several probe like metal fingers coming from the machine. I am injected with something ( to make the pain worse ) and metal fingers cut into my flesh, and enter all the orifices in my body as well. My nerve ending are attacked with electricty. I cannot describe the pain, at the climax, a part of my soul seems to scream and a part of my soul leaves me, but at the same time becomes trapped ( very unnataural and hard to describe ).
I am now under full control of artificial intelligence.
"The future isn't what it used to be Mr Angel"

From the film

'Angel Heart'
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