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Default Re: Declaration of Sovereignty

I think I'm starting to come close to pinpointing what some people are having so much difficulty with right now, where they are having difficulty.

It seems likely that the template we were collectively on, ran out, and we're now largely making it up as we go. If you don't know that, you can carry on with old constructs and ways of looking, thinking, and acting, which reinforce an old template we used to use, and became unhappy with, but which no longer needs to be there.

Arguably, earth is shifting, and we are shifting. For many, that is a given, and for many others, neither that, nor anything else is a given. But I'm assuming it's pretty much a given for the sake of this idea.

If earth is shifting, where's it going? Where are we going? are we or earth going anywhere at all, or are we bringing something new to where we are?

A minor consensus is that earth and it's inhabitants are shifting into something called the 5th dimension, via a transitory place called 4th dimension which is supposed to bridge 3 and 5 to give us a chance to adapt.

These dimensions are described as having certain new possibilities and qualities which are absent, largely, from the 3rd. This thread https://www.projectavalon.net/forum/...ad.php?t=16441 has some descriptions of what these dimensions seem to be about.

If the transitory 4th has the addition of choice rather than reaction, and a new function for paradox, and no more linear time, as we know it in 3D, then perhaps we are now already finding ourselves in transition, and finding these new constructs available to us to some degree, while we accustom ourselves to new ways of interacting with reality. Maybe 4D is already partially manifesting for us, and we need only recognize that and start using the new tools?

Particularly interesting to me, is the new way of looking at and using paradox. Paradox in 3D is restrictive. It's disallowing of change. It says things are linear, they follow in sequence, it's one thing followed by another, and another, and another, etc, and there is prior cause and subsequent effect. That's the way it's always been and that's the way it'll always be. You're born, you grow up, you shrink back, you die, you start again. You have to do something, then you get money. You push someone, they fall. Linear cause and effect. It keeps the polarities locked in their pairs so we can examine how they relate, and co-depend.

Paradox in 4D introduces choice. Time is no longer linear, so cause no longer has to follow effect, you can grow young, you can push someone and they fly. You get to choose what will happen. With non linear time comes the possibility of your past no longer being fixed. With no linear time, there is only now. everything is now, and you decide what to put there, now. Past doesn't dictate what will arrive in now. Past doesn't predict what will be there in the future. So the new function of paradox in 4D becomes "what was true a moment ago, may no longer be true now, and what was false a moment ago, may no longer be false now.

What is of concern, if anything, is that law of attraction, without linear time to act as buffer, can be a pretty harsh teacher. That's if you have your thoughts and emotions focused on what you don't want.

So it's natural that there will be some upheaval while we shift over. We're used to the old ways of doing and looking at things. So we PROJECT and ASSUME that things are the same as they always were.

What if that's not true? What if the slate is blank, and the universe is waiting for it's orders from us? What if it's just keeping the things which seem not to be changing the same, because we haven't told it otherwise?

There is lots of evidence if you look, that people are noticing that things are different in a way that's hard to put a finger on.

It's been suggested that much of the turmoil on our lovely planet right now, is in the death of the old rigid constructs which we have in place which will simply no longer work in the new earth. constructs like linear time, the old controller activities which try to restrict and eliminate our choice. The 4th D is about choice. things that limit or cancel choice, are being cancelled.

Now it's just wrapping our minds around the idea that this is what is taking place, and using the law of attraction to our benefit instead of to our detriment.

You hear the talk of being positive, putting attention on what you do want instead of what you don't want, etc. Be the change you want to see. Are these meaningless platitudes, or astute, meaningful advice. My money is on the latter.

If we just step back from the controllers and their agendas and let them die in peace and dignity, we will short circuit a lot of the chaos and mayhem they may throw out while trying to cling to the game they considered themselves to be winning. (actually they lost the most of who they truly are in the multi dimensional aspects of this game, but that's another topic. Karma)

I say we can select choice, or choose selection. I say we can create, rather than react. I say we can choose to do, rather than be done to.

It's all in the perspective.
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Default Re: Declaration of Sovereignty

We are witnessing the end of an Era and the beginning of a new one. It is not a clear cut, but rather a cross fade between the two.

What some might not see now, they will see it soon. We are at the penultimate step. At the last step, the awakening will be massive, tremendously massive, all coming from within the deepest of the human souls.

No desperate act of violence and control will stop it. No vaccine effect, no barium, nor mercury nor aluminum, no nanochip, no war, no underground facility, no alien attack, no volcano, no tsunami, no Earthquake, no mega-volcano, no psychotronic weapon, no mind control, no disruptive ray into the magnetosphere, no satanic rite, no pandemic, not even the furry of the underworld will stop this massive wave of awakening... It is happening and we are right on time...

Namaste, Steven
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