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Default Birds...

I started this thread with the CERN’s LHC Shut Down Again thread in the back of my mind. For those who didn't read it:

And again CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is out of order! This time it had to be turned off, because a bird dropped a breadcrumb (I’m NOT making this up!) in the huge collider, causing the LHC to overheat.

CERN said that the LHC will be repaired quickly and should be back in full use, later this month. It was only last week that CERN started up the collider again, after it was shut down in September 2008.

So birds do cause serious problems with their anti social, unpatriotic behaviour.
Here's another example:

In Holland we have an event called Domino Day. Every year they're breaking new (Guinnies Book) worldrecords how many domino stones can fall, by pushing the first one. I think last year it was something like 5.000.000. All laid out in beautiful patterns, etc. A typical television event thing. Anyway, for 7 days, there are, I don't know how many, 'kids' (students etc.) placing endless rows of (horizontal) domino stones on the floor of a huge hall & in the evening of day 7 (a saturday) the show starts.

A couple of years ago, a bird (accidently?) flew into the hall, causing more than 20.000 domino stones to fall prematurely. That year the record wasn't broken.

Neither the sponsors, nor the network that's broadcasting this event, showed any mercy for the bird (a sparrow) when it was brutally shot out of the air. It came down on a domino field that was nearly finished. Another 7500 domino stones fell, and there wasn't enough time to build the 'field' up again. Poor sponsor! Naughty bird!

So birds cost us a lot of money. In a lot of cases Taxpayers money!
What can/should be done about this 'bird problem?'

Do I hear: "Extermination!"?

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