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Uriel Andros
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Lightbulb A New Look at 2012, Crust Shifts and How We Might Avoid Another Cataclysm

A New Look at 2012, Crust Shifts
and How We Might Avoid Another Cataclysm

From the dawn of recorded history ancient priesthoods and esoteric societies have carefully guarded a secret considered the very rock upon which all other knowledge was based. This most basic secret has now been public knowledge for some time. It seems like a small thing in some ways, but if your life and the very existence of your entire culture is at stake it becomes very important indeed. That secret is the knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes. In the west it was believed it was first discovered by Hipparchus in the second century BCE. We now know that the Maya had discovered it before that, realized it's importance and built an entire calendar system around it. The Egyptians had known about it for thousands of years and built the Sphinx as a perennial symbol of it and reminder of its importance. (1)

So, what is the precession of the equinoxes? It's really very simple, though some modern writers have managed to confuse it with the wobble of the earth's axis. That wobble causes the changing of the pole star, but that's not how precession works. Each year --- using, for example, the vernal equinox as a marker --- the earth does not quite come back to where it was the previous year on that date. Because the earth's orbit is an ellipse, this causes the ellipse to rotate backward very slowly — approximately 1 degree in 72 years, or one zodiacal sign in approximately 2160 years. (2) What all these ancient astronomers observed was that when the vernal equinox reached the end of Virgo, headed back toward Leo, there was a likelihood of cataclysm. At that point the axis of the equinoxes is at right angles to the axis of the Sun and Galactic Center at 6 degrees Sagittarius. The Maya seemed to have focused on the axis of the solstices, which would be aligned with the galactic axis, rather than the axis of the equinoxes. (3) It's the same thing, just a different way of looking at it and that's where we are right now, the exact alignment having occurred in 1998. Considering that the period of alignment stretches over approximately thirty-six years when the solstice Sun is aligned with the Galactic Center (4) , opening the window for potentially cataclysmic energies to pour out toward the earth. There is nothing particularly special about the year 2012, it's just the point in that period that the Maya chose.

So why all the fuss? Do we know really that cataclysm is on the way? Yes we do – almost certainly. We can look at history for the answer to that by simply going back in leaps of 13,000 years , the approximate time for each half of the cycle.

11000 BC — Final destruction of Atlantis – fourth known crust shift [LaViolette CME]
24000 BC — approx date given by Edgar Cayce for third known crust shift
37000 BC — no record of crust shift [LaViolette CME?}
50000 BC — approx date given by Edgar Cayce for second known crust shift
63000 BC — no record of crust shift
76000 BC — no record of crust shift
89000 BC — no record of crust shift
102000 BC – no record of crust shift
115000 BC -- approx date given by Edgar Cayce for first known crust shift

This correlates with Maya, Hopi and other Native American traditions that speak of four previous "Suns" and subsequent destruction of humanity.

OK, so how is this accomplished. The Galactic Center was called by the Vedics the Throne of Brahma, seat of creative power, of universal magnetism. (5) They recognized a cycle of 24000 years, a number which was probably chosen because it was symbolically pleasing, but that it was divided into two parts as the earth made it's precessional circuit around the sun and twice in that journey had its precessional axis at right angles to the Galactic Center axis.

In the esoteric system to which I subscribe the Galactic Center would be called the Throne of Melchizedek. Among the Dead Sea scrolls is one titled simply Melchizedek that describes how Melchizedek will judge humanity on the Day of Judgment. I think that is a reflection of the same concept as the Vedic one –there is a specific time when a judgment will be made and humanity may be destroyed. But... it doesn't seem to happen every time we are at this crossroads. Why not?

Many traditions that deal with this cycle say that humanity was destroyed because it lost its way, became greedy and forgot how to live at peace with each other and the other inhabitants of the planet – and they overpopulated. These are the charges laid against our ancestors. At some past cycles humanity was doing OK, at other times they needed to be restarted. Those charges apply to us at the present time and I think we cannot easily avoid the destruction that is likely not far away.

So... what is the mechanism of this destruction? I don't happen to believe in an angry God who is going to cast down lightning bolts to destroy the wicked, or sweep up the righteous into some sort of paradise. We're all in this together. I do think that to understand the mechanism of the destruction requires rethinking how the universe works. It's necessary to let go of the Newtonian mechanistic model of the universe and look at it as a process.

From the perspective of general systems theory the universe is viewed as a living thing in the same way the ancients viewed it. Like any living thing it has means of self-regulating its health and well-being. So we can envision that at certain times there opens a channel -- perhaps not unlike the acupuncture channels in a living body – to assess the health of this particular sub-system we call earth and its evolving intelligence. And if humanity is not operating in a manner that is conducive to the healthy evolution of the planet then the restart button gets hit -- injecting the planet with a dose of medicine to shock it back into proper functioning.

Now, there are people who have different ways of explaining past destruction. Paul LaViolette presents a lot of material suggesting he has studied ancient civilizations, but then rejects most of what they seemed to be saying. He does believe that the earth was hit by a coronal mass ejection about 40,000 years ago and again 13,000 years ago, wiping out many of the large mammals. These dates correlate closely with two of the solstice alignment dates above. But he is primarily concerned with his theory of Galactic Superwaves that come from the galactic center and would devastate the planet and believes some such event might have caused the CMEs 13 and 40 thousand years ago. There is little physical evidence for it so it seems largely just a theory at this point, and even if the theory is correct these superwaves would come at the speed of light and therefore be unseen until they arrived.

Patrick Geryl is another researcher attempting to understand the records left by the Maya and ancient Egyptians, but he starts off in the Introduction of Orion Prophecy with the statement that the Maya believed the Sun's magnetism would cause the earth to topple over, an idea he got from Maurice Cotterell , who based his conclusion not on the Maya but on the writing of Immanual Velikovsky! (6) He should read John Major Jenkins if he wants to know what the Maya believed. He bases his theory in part of the magnetic reversal of the Sun, but that happens at the end of every solar cycle lasting approximately eleven years. He seems to believe that the earth's magnetic field reverses every 11500 years and yet there is no evidence of this. Geologists believe reversals happen on average every 300,000 years, with the last one occurring about 780,000 years ago. Unless more evidence surfaces, Mr. Geryl's theory about this is pure fantasy. One final thing: he envisions that when the Sun's gravitational field causes the earth's core to flip upside down that the earth will continue to spin but that will then be spinning from west to east, causing the sun to rise in the west. This is a misunderstanding of some ancient writings in which it was stated that the sun was rising where it used to set. This was the way they expressed that the zodiacal sign that was once where the sun rose was now where the sun set – halfway through the precession of the zodiac, not that the sun had reversed course. Mr. Geryl uses a lot of mathematics to try to prove his case, but the math is meaningless if the underlying assumptions are incorrect.

Another productive, somewhat esoteric, way to look at this phenomena is to correlate it to the kundalini as it relates to the individual, but translated to a galactic level. John Major Jenkins makes some interesting comments about this. (7) It should be remembered that activating the kundalini energy can lead either to enlightenment or destruction – the same pattern that seems to hold for earth's passing through the alignment with the Galactic Center.

As a point of interest, the nodes of the moon might be an indicator of when to expect this energy flow to manifest. The south node of the Moon is exalted at three degrees Sagittarius, very close to the Galactic Center at six degrees, while the north node is exalted at the opposite position. (8) It happens that the nodes will be in the opposing positions to their exaltations in 2011 – north node reaches six degrees Sagittarius in late February 2011 and three degrees about four weeks later. These might be times to be particularly concerned about. [Note that the nodes move retrograde and these are their sidereal positions, if I've calculated them correctly.]

Since it seems that most times the earth has passed through this position little has happened it would seem desirable to find a way to avoid it this time around, despite the fact that the human situation at present fits all the criteria given by native peoples for past destruction. I think, in fact, that it is possible. I have seen in my meditations a sequence of events that would test humanity in extreme ways to see if it could manage to forego personal benefit for the sake of the whole. I'm not going to reveal what this test is, but I believe the first stage has been put into play.

The Maya believed that this was a time of great evolutionary potential, and I agree with that. I truly believe that this could be a turning point in the evolution of humanity if it has the courage to embark on a new and courageous adventure in living and learning.


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