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Default Who lives next to a cell tower?

I am looking at a loft space built into the ground on a hill. Its almost perfect for my needs but I noticed a cell tower palm tree behind it. Do you think it would be safe as its pretty much underground or will I be affected. Do the orgonite devices really work? I want this space but im hesitant.
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Default Re: Who lives next to a cell tower?

No, You are not safe. I can't produce the article I read from a local Lake Tahoe publication. I read it four times. A family living next to one(cell tower) in Meyers, California(next to Tahoe) has had extreme physical problems since one was errected one next to their house..including a healthy dog getting tumors quicky after it was put up. ALL family members are getting severe headaches.
Evidently, there is a meter that is used in Europe to gage discharge from these cell towers that is not used in the U.S. The discharge this meter reads gives some carcinegetic reading. ( I don't remember WHAT it reads.)
This family in Meyers had some friends of theirs from Europe come to visit.
The friends brought one of these meters with them. According to the article,the meter went OFF the chart,inside the house,and near the tower.

The end of the article was about the morality of losing their home by selling to it an unsuspecting buyer who has no clue about the discharge, or losing their money and regaining their health Broke.
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