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Ravens and Doves
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Default History Channels' Armageddon Week

Dearest Camelot - Avalonites,

Last night's segment of Armageddon Week's docudrama about a fictitious family's trek across the desert from Los Angeles to the wilds of Nevada was not as "fictitious" as some wish it was.

A good portion of my family worked in "deep black" and my earliest memories as a child were of a trek across the desert, through Nevada's Spookyland (my term) and to a place were I saw things that I have kept silent about all my life.

The show on the History Channel is on as I write this. Tonight is about urban post disaster survival. If I had the tech know-how, I would be copying it for a You-tube post, but I'm hoping someone else will.

Tuesday night's show hot VERY close to home. Jordan Maxwell's interview about his experiences in North Hollywood was a god/dess sent of tremendous, joyous closure for me. Once the grid goes down, "The Sun Cult" will be a gigantic player in the spiritual Endgame. There will be a degree of tragic in-fighting, but no blood need be spilt! No blood at all!

Katrina, the Rodney King Riots and other more recent events of civil emergency have been used as dress rehearsal for martial law in large metro areas ("oh, Paul, that was just the National Guard..." I have a DOT for YOU if that is what you think re: the King riots.. a good potion were Military in NG stripes. I must hold back and weigh my words as I have a great deal of respect for those "eagle scouts" still in the alphabet soup. Like James C. implied, there is a "bigger picture." Call me "mind controlled," (yes, I went through that rabbit hole... a very difficult and deadly psychic squeeze unless you have understanding support available).

After 11 years of psychic silence (but perked with the HAPPIEST years of my life as I step-by-step, connected with others and learned about what happened to me... and walked in Jordan Maxwell's footsteps in North Hollywood. From homelessness in the Park to the Arts Committee, I attribute my modest success to the lif

e saving, perfect, symbiotic timing of a Tall Blond, other events and entities that have finally brought me to the doorsteps of Avalon/Camelot/Bluestar and present, kind and gentle company.

One of the patches that you would see my uncle wear can be viewed at my Avalon profile's "Adams Family from Outer Space" album to the far right. My older brother is Highly protective of some of my father's photo's (his CAP Squadron 5 based at Fairfax and Wilshire in the 1940's saw the UFO "Battle of Los Angeles" and Dr. Perner was a very intuitive man.


I'm falling asleep, but must keep myself awake WITHOUT COFFEE after midnight for a brain scan in the morning (I'm not joking about this. I had a full blown NDE four weeks ago and saw the "artificial intelligence" wave. That is a topic for another post, but I'm supposed to try to duplicate my neural condition for the EEG machine like I had weeks ago. Wish me luck!!!!! I have to drive myself this time.

I'm going to post this now and work on the AI thread. So. Cal. Avalonites, please let's keep in touch. We can hook up to go to the Great Gathering (we can WALK to Four Corners in four days if you are prepared and in condition, but co-ordinated Gatherings for thr urban-bound is a MUST).

Got to post before I "time out" or something.

With Love and Respect,

Paul Perner


PS. You may wish to turn the sound on you computer down to about halfway for the above link. The music kind of "leaps out," but it means a lot to me that people listen to the whole song (It's not about religion, but awakening... and I was blessed to meet Ms. Thompson.. and I extend that blessing to Camalot/Avelon.
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